Best equipment for a postpartum home workout plan

Best equipment for a postpartum home  workout plan
  • PublishedJanuary 18, 2020

When I had my baby bear, I thought I had time now to do what I wanted but I was wrong. I was committed, focused and I had the push to workout but then things turned the other I got too busy. To what seemed like it would be an easy task, it turned out not. When I was not taking care of my bear, I was getting his clothes done or friends had visited and I had to be there. Being a new mom I also had a support group I had to attend to every Wednesday and I also never wanted to miss my favourite shows. To cut the long story short I failed to fit gym time in my schedule. Though I wasn’t doing the gym, I hadn’t given up on losing weight by exercise. And so, I reverted to doing home workouts. I had to come up with a postpartum home workout plan.

I got a postpartum home workout plan DVD from a friend. But that wasn’t enough. If somebody ever told you that effective home workouts needed no equipment, just sue him because he lied. I had an experience, A DVD labelled no equipment home workouts told me to lie down on a mat. Yet it told me no equipment, what should I call the exercise mat. Here is a list of the equipment you need for postpartum home work out plan to be effective.

  • Workout gears ( Sports bra, Sweat pants or shorts and sneakers)
  • Exercise mat
  • Ab rollers and a knee mat
  • Yoga ball
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebell

What should women wear to work out?

However much it may be a home workout, don’t get thoughts of grabbing an old sweat pants, an oversized t-shirt or an old pair of sneakers in your wardrobe for a workout. Get workout gears they will boost your mood, remind you of the workouts and of course protect you from injury. Here are the must-have workout gears.

Sports Bra

A normal bra will be of discomfort as you work out that’s why you should own a sports bra. It will even make you look serious when you hit the road for jogging or a visit to the gym. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Yoga pants.

Working out in a random sweatpant will make you look so amateur. Although it may look sporty or with a Nike logo, it may not deliver. It won’t let you stretch fully and when you do, it may be prone to tearing. When you sweat, it may look as if you peed in them. And so, getting yoga pants will work the magic out without the worry of tear or discomfort. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Running shoes.

Don’t substitute running shoes for a pair of old sneakers you own. Because they will never do the job right. Running shoes are of comfort and flexibility. They will protect you against injury as you work out. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Athletic shirts.

Sometimes a sports bra alone won’t work. That’s why you will need an athletic shirt to help you work out with confidence and style. Check out the athletic shirts latest prices from Amazon.

Workout gloves

These will give you a firm grip and protect you from bruising your palms as you work out. I guess you wouldn’t enjoy scratching your baby with bruised palms. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

What is the best at-home workout equipment?

Working out at home will not need a lot of equipment but these few will come in handy to give you fun and effective workouts. And also its comfortable lying on an exercise mat rather than the carpet. If you have chosen home workouts then invest in them to get the best results.

Exercise mat.

Whether you are doing cardio or yoga, the exercise mat will be of need as it gives you comfort. It will be of much comfort and convenience than the carpet. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Ab roller and knee pad

This is the equipment you will love as it gives a flat tummy. The knee pad is to protect your knees from injury as you work out. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Yoga ball.

With plenty of yoga poses that need a yoga ball, it’s the equipment you should own for effective workouts. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Resistance bands

These will help you increase your strength and stability which is essential in your postpartum workout plan. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Skipping rope

If skipping is among the workouts that you have planned then you should own a skipping rope. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Workout guide

Whether it’s an experienced friend or a guide bought from Amazon, you will need it. Check out prices of some of the postpartum home work out guides on Amazon.

How to do postpartum home workouts effectively

Ensure you have fully healed

No matter how much you may want to lose weight, don’t start before you are fully healed. The healing time is about six to eight weeks. And first, get checked by your doctor before you start postpartum workout plan. Don’t risk your health in the chase of losing weight.

Start out slow

Always do simple warm-ups as you start home workouts. And don’t push yourself too hard as it may cause injuries. Start with light workouts then increase gradually. For the start, take a simple 10-minute walk.

Always keep hydrated.

Always have on you a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Water is lost during workouts as sweat. It should be replaced don’t wait till you feel thirsty.

Keep track of your progress

In this era where your smartphone is like an assistant, get an app that can help you record your workouts, track the progress and remind you to work out. Seeing your progress will make you motivated to do postnatal workouts effectively.


Rest during the workout and ensure you get enough sleep to keep your body refreshed, strong and fatigue-free. And don’t do workouts all week round, get resting days like 2-3 days that are workout free just resting.

Get support

Ask a friend or your partner to support you as you do the home workouts. This will increase your motivation and help you hit your target and dream body faster.

Ensure a good and healthy diet

Good workouts but with a poor diet will give you poor results. Have a balanced diet and don’t starve yourself.

Have a set of workouts to follow

Don’t get your workouts from the head. Get a DVD, magazine, mobile app or workouts from YouTube to guide you as you do your postpartum workout plan. This will increase your effectiveness and productivity. And caution to the workouts you choose, they must be from a reliable source for effectiveness and safety.

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