Best face yoga exercises for women in their 30 s

Best face yoga exercises for women in their 30 s
  • PublishedApril 17, 2020

Face yoga exercises: Most women across the globe look older than their chronological age. One may be younger, however, if they show signs of aging even in their early form, people may consider them older.

Poor nutrition, mental stress, lack of adequate sleep and an emaciated face are some of the factors that add years to one’s age. Sometimes obese people look older because of the sagging skin in their faces and the wrinkles or lines brought about by the sagging skin.

 Dry skin which makes the skin lose the elasticity and exposure to strong sunlight all lead to early wrinkling.

Facial experts claim that instead of surgery and anti-aging creams, there are other remedies that lift and tighten your skin muscles naturally. These are called face yoga exercises. Face yoga exercises are recommended by skincare brands, spas, and gyms as a natural way to gain that youthful appearance.

The face yoga exercises in this article include; cheek plumper, jaw stretch, manual face lifter, forehead smoother, temple lifter, eye firmer, get cheeky, giraffe neck, puppet face, surprise me, baby bird, and craw’s feet exercise 

What are face yoga exercises?

Face yoga exercises can be defined as daily practices or specific movements to stretch the muscles of the face in order to boost circulation, lift your skin and tone the facial muscles in order to combat aging and enhance a youthful healthy look.

According to a study published in JAMA Dermatology, it was established that middle-aged women looked about 3yrs younger after a few months of facial exercises.

How do face yoga exercises work?

As a matter of fact, our faces have many muscles that lie dormant. These muscles become weary as we grow older. With face yoga exercises, these muscles are stretched and strengthened. This increases blood circulation all around your face, giving room for the regeneration of skin cells and eventually making the face tonner and tighter.

Face exercises also relieve your face from the strains of facial expressions all through the day. Engaging these muscles relieves the tension, making your face younger and relaxed.

What exercises are best for your face?

Now that you have learned what face yoga exercises are and how they work, below are some of the exercises you can incorporate in your daily routine in order to attain a youthful look.

1. Surprise me


face yoga exercises

This targets your forehead. It exercises the muscles of your eyes and the forehead to counter the effect of having a tough face.

How it works.
  • Open your eyes wide open to expose the white region of your eyes
  • Hold this position for some time until your eyes kind of bring teas.
  • Repeat as much as you can

2. The puppet face

This targets the nasal labial folds or muscles to give you round cheeks.

How it works
  • Smile with the teeth wide open
  • Place the fingertips between the nose and the lips
  • Press the fingertips into the muscle and lift the muscle up
  • Hold the pose for some time
  • Lower the muscles to the start position 
  • Repeat for as long as you can

3. Get cheeky


face yoga exercises
Image by M W from Pixabay

This firms the cheek muscles so that they don’t become thin and hollow. It will lift, tone and give you plump cheeks

How it works
  • Take a deep breath through the mouth
  • Puff the pressure from cheek to cheek like a frog
  • Then release and repeat.

4. Baby bird

This targets the kin and neck muscles so that they don’t sag

How it works
  • Press the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth
  • Smile and swallow the chin still pointing at the ceiling

5. Giraffe neck

The neck is one of the first areas to show aging signs because the skin around it is thin. Therefore stretching the neck muscles smooth the jawline and mouth area

How it’s done
  • Touch your collar bones by the fingertips
  • Tilt your head backward and tighten your lips
  • As you tilt the head back, extend out your lower lip and place your fingers on the collarbone
  • Bring the heat to the start position and repeat 

6. Forehead smoother

This uses acupressure to relieve tension in the forehead. It removes wrinkles as well as smoothing forehead lines.

  • Place your two fists on the forehead
  • Apply pressure using middle and index finger knuckles
  • Keep the pressure constant as you slide the fists to either side
  • Repeat this for at least four times

7. Jaw stretch

This tightens the jawline and the neck to cut excess face fat and prevents fine lines.

  • Tightly fold your lips to one side until the neck is stretched
  • Turn your head to the side and lift up at 45 degrees angle
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds until you feel the stretch in the neck
  • Repeat once and switch to the other side.

8. Manual facelift

This targets your nasolabial promotes circulation in your face to enhance a healthy complexion.

  • Place your palms on your temples
  • Lift the sides of your face by pushing the palms up and back
  • Make an “O” shape with the mouth and drop your jaw
  • Hold the pose for few seconds and repeat

9. Cheek plumper


face yoga exercises
Image by Esther Merbt from Pixabay

The cheek plumper will work out your muscles to give you a lifted and plumper appearance.

  • Tightly close the lips
  • Suck your cheeks in and hold the pose for about 10 seconds
  • Repeat for as much as 5 times

10. Temple lift

This targets the sagging skin and folds around the eyes.

  • Lift one arm above your head and place the fingertips on your temple
  • Place your ring finger on the corner of the eyebrow
  • Press down to lift and drop the head towards the shoulders
  • Hold the position for some seconds
  • Repeat on the other side

 11. The eye firmer

face yoga exercise
Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

This targets the crow’s feet near your eyes

  • Form a “V” with the finger and place them on the eyebrows
  • Without tilting the head, look upwards
  • Raise your eyelids to form a squint
  • Relax and thereafter repeat for six more times
  • Shut your eyes and squeeze them for at least 10 seconds 

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How long should we practice face yoga in order to see results?

According to research, one has to practice face yoga for 30 minutes every single day for a minimum of 20 weeks in order to see results. You, therefore, need to be focused, committed and consistent in order to look fresh and younger.

Do face yoga exercises really work?

My answer is yes, face yoga exercises can tone your face muscles. Like any given form of exercise, face yoga exercises need consistency and commitment in order to see results.

Several studies have been conducted and the results have come out in support of these exercises. For example, in the study at Northwest University, 27 women between the age of 40 and 65 years were subjected to 30 minutes of daily face exercises for a period of 20 weeks. The 16 women who completed the 20 weeks period appeared 3 years younger.

What are the other benefits of face yoga exercises?

The common face yoga benefits include;
  1. Face yoga boosts self-esteem and confidence. When your face looks good, you feel better and can face any kind of audience without fear.
  2. Facial yoga reduces dark circles and eye bags. 
  3. Facial yoga helps to eliminate the double chin
  4. Strengthens the muscles in the face
  5. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  6. Increases blood circulation enabling the formation of new cells
  7. Yoga firms and tightens the facial skin
  8. These exercises relieve tension in the face and the neck
Bottom line

Facial yoga exercises lift your skin and tone the facial muscles in order to combat aging and enhance a youthful healthy look.

However, face yoga exercises require a lot of patience, commitment, and consistency. One has to practice these yoga exercises for 30 minutes every day for about 5 months.


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