Best natural fat burners; Everything you need to know

Best natural fat burners; Everything you need to know
  • PublishedMarch 31, 2020

It doesn’t matter what type of weight loss dilemma you might be faced with, the best natural fat burners will come handy on your weight loss mission. This article goes through the best natural fat burners, the downsides of what you ought to look out for, and other tips on how you can lose weight.

The problem we have with many fat burners on the market is that most of them pose potential long term negative effects to our bodies. The fact that you are not seeing the effects in the short term doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

This is why opting for natural fat burners or even other means to cut down body fat, might be the best long term solution. In this article, you will discover some of the best natural fat burners out there.

The best natural fat burners on the market include; caffeine, protein powder, soluble fibre, for example; Glucomannan, Yohimbine. All which can greatly improve your metabolism and then eventually burn down fat.


Why should I opt for the best natural fat burner?

Some of the best fat burners include Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, protein powder, soluble fibre, Yohimbine and others. All these fat burners will help the body burn more fat by either increasing metabolism or reducing hunger which is a step in the right direction for weight loss.

These natural fat burners aid to burn a bit more calories every day which gradually increases weight loss. However, they are not a replacement for the diet and exercise approaches to weight loss.

People will gain a lot from them when included as a part of the balanced healthful diet and not totally relying on them to produce some sort of magic.

Why opt for natural rather than the other fat burners

Nothing beats natural. Most of the other fat burners on the market are not even tested and have not been tried. Most have very severe long term negative effects on the body.


What is the best natural fat burner?

Fat burners are a contended matter around the weight loss spheres.  Most fat burners have not stood for their words and promises, and on the other hand, some have grown to be loved for their results.

Not to mention, the regulations seem not to touch these food supplements leaving the final consumer exposed. Before diving into the best natural fat burners, let’s first get aquatinted with the terminologies.

Natural fat burners are basically food supplements, derived from natural ingredients meant to boost metabolism and by great margin quicken the weight loss process. Here are the best natural fat burners on the market;

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a substance commonly in coffee and green tea. Due to its properties, caffeine has become a must find ingredient in almost all commercial fat-burning supplements.

Researches and studies have all confirmed the effects of caffeine on metabolism and fat burning in the efforts to lose weight. One does not need to first buy a supplement in order to enjoy caffeine benefits. It’s readily available in coffee, and to a less extent found in green tea.

2. Green Tea Extract

This is a form of green tea that comes with all benefits of the tea in either powder or capsule form. This extract contains EGCG and caffeine the two compounds that are essential for burning fat in the body. To enjoy the benefits get the green extract from the store and take at least 3 cups of the tea per day.

3. Protein Powder

Wherever you search about weight loss, you will realize the vital role played by proteins in the process of cutting extra fats. Increasing your intake of proteins will definitely improve metabolism and thus facilitate burning fats.

This will also have a control on your appetite by helping you feel full. These protein supplements may include; casein, soy, egg, whey and hemp protein powders. Still, though, it’s important to choose the low-sugar supplements because the calories count a lot in the efforts to lose weight.

We have written an article about the best protein powders for weight loss which you can access here.

4. Soluble Fiber

With the two types of fibre available i.e. soluble and insoluble, the soluble fibre servers best the purposes for weight loss. This fibre not only absorbs water in the digestion process but also aids to burn fat by cutting down on your big appetite, reducing calories intake. Try glucomannan or psyllium husk to get the benefits of soluble fibre.

5. Yohimbine

From the bark of a tree found mainly in central and West Africa, Yohimbine is found. It’s got fat burning properties that are vital to weight loss. This has also shown to reduce appetite. However, more evidence and research are needed to tell the full potential of this supplement. On the down side, it has also been linked to some side effects making it not ideal for one’s health.

Other fat burners other than natural fat burners

Other fat burners in the market that might lack substantial evidence to back them and could be associated with side effects are;

  • 5-HTP
  • Synephrine
  • Green Coffee bean extract
  • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)
  • L-carnitine.

We have written a solid article about weight loss supplements. Find it here for more information.

How long does it take for fat burners to work?


natural fat burners

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

You could have just started using fat burner supplements and you are not sure how and when they start to work. This happens to everyone on their first time experience with a new activity or practices that have to yield a certain result.

When it comes to noticing the effects of the supplement in action; this could be happening immediately or after a short while. As it all sets in you could start to notice a few changes such

  • Temperature rise, caused by the increased metabolism rate
  • Certain alertness and awakening of the brain –this is due to the stimulant properties like that of coffee
  • Some may have an appetite change
  • Twitching.

However, when it comes to the ultimate goal (the real change in the weight). Then that’s hard to tell and this is because of a number of factors like

  • Differences in body types and reactions.
  • Other activities that you do
  • Exercise routines

Your body is unique which means you may assume a time frame until you start using these natural fat burners.

What are the side effects of fat burners?

On several occasions, fat burners pose strong claims on the kind of results someone will experience after use. Some side effects of fat burners are minor and others are severe like those that affect the heart, liver, and other body aspects. Here is a walkthrough ;

  • Liver damage; there’s a great risk of liver damage from the ingredients of the fat burners
  • There are high chances of hypertension and fluctuations in blood pressure
  • High dosage of the fat burners can cause anxiety and at times headaches
  • To the obese people, fat burners can affect cardiovascular health and worst case and heart attack.
  • Most of these fat burners can cause stomach issues such as diarrhea, constipation and nausea.
  • They can also cause insomnia and affect your good night’s sleep.
  • There are chances of noticing behaviour changes in the consumers of fat burners like mood swings and irritability
  • They can lead to death. Deaths have been reported from consumption of random fat burners, please carry out some form of research before you start using these fat burners.

Are fat burners worth it?

By now I assume that you are really serious about weight loss and are looking for a quick and fast solution. I would advise sticking to eating the right foods and exercising but this isn’t what you are looking for.

As you could know by now, fat burners are supplements that “claim” to speed up the metabolism –making the body burn more calories thus lose weight with little effort. These products have been attached to health problems like heart attacks and liver damage.

The sad note; they are not regulated meaning that they can go without questioning if they don’t meet the said demands (or claims). So you have to think more than twice before using them.

That said, are they worth it? Some people have actually benefited and gained from fat burners but you have to take serious caution on what you are pushing down the throat. The protein powders are more effective and could help with weight loss. However, the choice is up to you to try the fat burners or not.


Forever Super Slim is not liable for any damages that could arise from the consumption of fat burners or any other supplement after reading this article.

Are the best fat natural fat burners thermogenic safe?

The desire to lose weight normally comes with unnecessary pressure. Many start to think that by taking some pills, they can cut down the extra fat without any need to exercise. This is a wrong line of thought.

The term “thermogenic” refers to heat-producing. Normally the body will generate more heat when burning calories. So the supplements that improve metabolism or are involved in fat burning are also termed thermogenic.

Most of the thermogenic fat burners contain compounds like caffeine, green tea, capsaicin, Garcinia cambogia, Yohimbine, and Bitter Orange. All these substances can improve metabolism, raise fat burning and decrease the appetite but the result is significantly small. However, if these supplements are added on top of a proper diet and regular exercises the impact on weight loss could be a lot different.

Thermogenic supplements have side effects such as constipation, headaches, and may increase blood pressure. These have been linked to severe inflammation which could lead to surgery.

It’s of great importance to always keep in mind that supplements are not regulated the same way as medication and food.  It’s highly advised to take serious caution and consult your doctor or medical personnel before any action.

Other frequently asked questions from all over the world

best natural fat burners

Frequently asked questions at Fss

What should I drink before bed to lose weight

It’s usually said that the first change towards weight loss is an improvement in one’s digestion. Having an efficient digestive system with a few changes in one’s diet can successfully achieve weight loss as well as better metabolism. Here are a few drinks to consider taking before bedtime;

1. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon has got antioxidant and antibiotic properties. The tea has a number of health benefits which include an improvement of the body’s metabolism, thus making it a wise choice before your bedtime. Try it out with honey to have the best feel of this great tea.

2. Soaked Fenugreek Water

The Fenugreek seeds are well known for their aid to weight loss to such a great percentage. Drinking this will help you lose weight and also enable you to have a strong metabolism. Take this at least half an hour before bed.

3. Grape juice

Take a glass full of this juice and burn off fat while sleep. The carbohydrates in the grape juice bring about insulin secretion and the antioxidants present can cause burning fat. All which make it a good drink before bed.

4. Chamomile Tea

It’s rich in calcium, potassium, and flavonoids which aid bodyweight loss and detoxification of the entire body. A cup of chamomile tea before bed can reward you with health benefits as well as give you good sleep.

5. Kefir

From fermented milk, we are able to get Kefir. To aid digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals, this drink increases the healthy bacteria levels. Also, it improves sleep and boosts exercise performance.

6. Cucumber-Parsley Juice

The health benefits from cucumber and parsley include aiding weight loss. Have a glass of this juice before bed to help you reach your weight loss goals.

7. Aloe Vera Juice

If you are looking for complete nourishment of the body, then drinking aloe Vera juice will best serve that need. It’s said to be of help with irritable bowel syndrome, and will also act on parasites in your body. Try this juice and you won’t regret it.

8. Turmeric Milk

This milk is helpful in boosting metabolism and soothing digestion hence aiding weight loss. Turmeric milk has got antioxidant properties, which deal with the harmful toxins giving smooth digestion. Try out this milk drink whenever you can.

What homemade drinks burn fat?


natural fat burners

Coffee has caffeine which burns fat

Majorly a balanced diet and fibre-rich foods are vital to burn down belly fat, but let’s not underplay the importance of drinks in achieving your weight goals. Here are some homemade beverages that you can have to burn fats;

1. Green Tea

This tea contains catechins which are amazing at kicking belly fat, and thus having this beverage at home regularly expedites weight loss and the burning of the belly fat.

2. Cinnamon Water

Increase your metabolism and achieve your weight loss goals with this beverage. It also metabolizes sugar which would have turned into fat and eventually fatten the belly. Have this water preferably when warm and honey to benefit from it.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar with Warm Water

Give your digestion a good start with this beverage in the morning keeping the PH levels in the stomach balanced –preventing a fat belly. For your weight goals; this beverage suppresses your appetite which is key to weight loss. You can actually have this on an empty stomach.

4. Pineapple Juice

This is the best aid to burning belly fat. Pineapple juice has an enzyme referred to as bromelain that metabolizes protein and burns off extra belly fat.

5. Peppermint Tea

This tea will quicken the digestion of foods and avoids the accumulation of fats in the belly.

6. Celery Juice

This beverage will relieve bloating –a known cause of belly fat, and also will counteract water retention thus helping the body keep the water it only needs.

Foods that burn belly fat

To streamline your belly bulge, you might have to cut the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. However, you also have to incorporate fat-burning foods into your meals. Here are foods that can help to burn that belly fat;


Oatmeal is high in fibre which will keep your stomach full and cut craving for a quick sneak. Picking plain oatmeal is better because others usually have sugar added.


Studies and researches have pointed to the power of this fruit to burn belly fat. No matter the way you take them, the blueberries usually maintain their nutrients.


Monounsaturated fats are a key compound of Almonds –giving it the power to burn away belly fat. They also will help you to control the unnecessary eating since they contain vegetable protein and fibre in them.


This fish is a source of proteins that will provide you with lots of energy and burn down calories when digested.


This food type will definitely affect your appetite and when taken will keep you full for most of the time. This is mainly because of its low in calories and high in fibre.

How can I lose belly fat in 3 days naturally?


natural fat burners


Let’s say; you have an upcoming event or function, and losing weight is not an option but a must. What do you do? Well, I will tell you what to do. The first thing is; count the cost. You have to think about whatever you are going to do to lose weight that fast. If it poses strains and life threats, then it may not be worth it. Not for even that one event!

Anyhow, I understand that a one-time action process to quicken weight loss will not definitely cause any health issues. In any case, please consult your doctor before embarking on this plan.  Here is a 5-day plan that you can follow to lose weight;

1. Consistent exercise routine

A physical exercise plan is key to shed off the unwanted weight within a short spell of time, and the fastest way to have weight loss. Put aside an hour each day for the next 5days to achieve substantial change. With all the great choices from the pool of exercises, vigorous running and biking will cut off a great deal for you when done rightly.

2. Have a big breakfast

It’s a misconception to many that skipping meals will help burn off that extra fat. That’s very wrong. There’s no meal as important as your breakfast. This big breakfast will kick start your metabolism process -an action vital to burning calories.

Having made the decision to have breakfast, then you have to choose the right foods. Cereals, Egg whites, and juice will be a good start. The proteins will give you the necessary energy for the exercises activities.

3. Know your calories Count

The equation to solve in many weight loss efforts has always been achieving a calories deficit –where you take in less than you burn. Then knowing your calories count becomes essential in determining how much you have to eat and burn off in exercise.

So if you normally take in 3000 calories per day, then a reduction of something like 500 calories would assist to lose almost a kilogram a day depending on the person. A selective food consumption cut off, will bring about a result in 5-days.

4. Add fat burner

The protein powders and Glucomannan are some of the fat burners that have been proven to work.
The extra ability of one of the two fat burners in your plan will expedite the weight loss.

5. Have water more regularly

Water has a lot of benefits from boosting metabolism to detoxifying the body. All which are essential to weight loss, and it will also keep you hydrated and energetic during the 5-long plan. Push yourself to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

6. Cut carbohydrates from your meals

For this plan to work, avoid the consumption of carbohydrates as much as possible. When we eat carbohydrates, the body stores them as fat and later fuel as energy. To simply put it; the fewer carbohydrates you eat, the less fat is stored for fuel, and then no extra fat will be present for weight gain.

Instead of carbohydrates, opt to have fruits at least every meal to keep you feeling full. Please, limit the eating of processed foods and sugars as well as carbohydrates.

We have written an article on how to lose weight faster naturally. You can check it out here

Does caffeine burn fat?

Most commercial fat-burning supplements, if not all, add caffeine due to its ability to increase metabolism. Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that will increase your energy levels as well as keep you awake. This activeness and alertness would be helping you execute other tasks in your life.

Caffeine can stimulate the nervous system through an increment of the blood levels of the epinephrine hormone to cause a breakdown of fats. This is an essential aspect of weight loss. Caffeine may not be effective in the long run because most times our bodies become tolerant to it’s effects.

Therefore, weight loss fight and burning of fat its advice to use caffeine only for a short period of time to have the best benefits from it.

Is apple cider vinegar a fat burner?

Apple cider is added to yeast and the fermentation process gives apple cider vinegar. The main active component of the apple cider vinegar is Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid.

The Acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar has got several benefits and among them is weight loss. It aids weight loss by; decreasing insulin levels, burning fat, lowering blood sugar levels, improving the metabolism, subduing appetite, and reducing fat storage in the body.

Regardless of its benefits, it’s advised to consume moderate apple cider vinegar as it can damage your teeth and bones. Apple cider vinegar encourages the feeling of fullness thus reducing on the calories intake and studies have indicated its impressive impact on body fat loss hence could be termed a fat burner.

Does lemon water slim you down?


natural fat burners

Photo by Francesca Hotchin on Unsplash

Lemon water is simply a beverage obtained or got from the mixture of fresh lemon juice and water and either taken hot or cold depending on preference.

The first thing for sure; lemon water is very low in calories which makes it a good drink while on a weight loss fight. Meaning that replacing your soda intake with a glass of lemon water can have a great impact on your weight eventually.

Besides, lemon water is another way to keep one hydrated which is a vital component of good health. Hence then drinking lemon water can help someone to stay hydrated thus reducing the water retention and increasing fat loss.

Still, drinking lemon water can increase the rate of metabolism through the enhancement of the mitochondrial function and thus inducing thermogenesis. Lemon water is usually recommended in weight loss efforts as it aids satiety and fullness without an extra addition of calories and leading to weight loss.

Therefore lemon water is low in calories and drinking it could aid hydration, boost metabolism, increase weight loss and slim your body.

With all this information at your disposal, don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know what stood out to you in this article.


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