7 Researched best sports bras for running

7 Researched best sports bras for running
  • PublishedFebruary 6, 2020

During and after an intensive body exercise, you may feel exhausted, tired or comfortable, and most probably with sweat all over your body. Those who exercise on a daily routine will agree with me that; the clothes one puts on for a workout, for example, the best sports bras for running, has a great impact on how he or she feels during and after exercise. So many factors can determine how comfortable the workout and the workout gear can be, including whether the best workout gear is chosen for the right exercise and the fabric in which the workout gear was made.

Having inappropriate bras to give you maximum support during the running exercise, not only do they make you uncomfortable, but can also break your workout.  Poorly fitting bras make unnecessary and painful rubbing and deprive you of the support you may require to perform well at the gym or in the field.

In this article, we bring you the best sports bras for running that will give you a comfortable feeling during and after exercise. these include; panache wired sports bra, the 2(X) IST micro sports bra, padded strappy sports bras for women, CW-X soft cup running bra, ultra-fun racerback sports bra, Freya active core sports bra, the lululemon enlite bra and the Asics zero distraction sports bra.

What are sports bras?

According to Wikipedia, a sports bra is that which provides support to breasts physical exercise. Strongly built than regular bras, they minimize breast movement, reduce the discomfort, and minimize potential damage to chest ligaments. Majority of women put on these sports bras to reduce pain and physical unease brought about by breast movement during exercise.

Is it necessary to wear sports bras for running?

Well, it is necessary to wear the best sports bras for running. As a matter of fact, the breast has no muscles and neither connected to any muscles in the body. During body exercises, the breasts move irrespective of the woman’s body movements. The breasts are only supported by the skin and ligaments called the cooper’s ligaments. When the cooper’s ligaments and skin are stretched they may not return to their original shape. This can cause breast pain and breast sag. The best sports bras for running are therefore needed to support and limit breast movements during exercise.

What differentiates between a sports bra and a regular bra?

I am pretty sure this is a common question to most women out there. Well, just like me, before writing this article, I could not differentiate the two. You probably have been putting on a sports bra as a regular bra or a regular bra for a sports bra. Most of the time women put on the wrong type of bra. As a matter of fact, certain bras are specially designed for particular uses or specific reasons. For example, a sports bra is mainly for working out according to its design and the features it entails. Let us at a few differences here.

The sports bra appears to reduce the apparent size of the breasts because it’s designed to hold it tight and firm. On the other hand, the regular bra appears to maximise the breast size or give it shape and appearance. That is cleavage for big breasts.

The sports bra minimizes the movement of breasts during exercises by pressing them against the chest, to make them as small as possible. Regular bras, on the other hand, relax the breasts and push them up a little beat to appear larger and nice looking.

Sports bras are usually made of stretchy polyurethane fabric while regular bras are normally made of lace, cotton, nylon and an underwire to give it shape.

How do I choose the best sports bras for running?

Having a good sports bra for running is important for your comfort. Since running is a high intensive exercise, you may have to choose a unique bra to have maximum support. Here are a few guidelines you can look at to help you choose the best sports bra for running.

Do personal shopping

When you do shopping in person, is very easy to first try on the bra for fit and comfort, before actually buying. As a matter of fact, running speciality stores have bras designed for runners. When you visit the store in person, chances are high that you will definitely have the perfect fit.

Try different sizes

Trying on different sizes of bras can help you to know your perfect size. Your size may surprisingly not be your cup size that you normally put on. If the bra has wrinkles or bunches then it may be too big for you. The perfect bra must snugly fit however not giving you a hard time to breathe.

Look out for the best fabric

The best fabric for the bra is the moisture-wicking fabric. Fabrics such as cotton stay wet when you start sweating. Fabrics such as; Coolmax and Dri-FIT are good for you. These prevent chafing and provide a comfortable feel.

Check strap width and cup make

Wider shoulder straps which are adjustable are good for women with larger chests. With a wider strap, the pressure is distributed comfortably. Bras with individual cups for each breast are also comfortable. They hold the breasts firmly in one position.

Look out for the seams and underwire

Carefully inspect the bra you decide to try on. fabrics with rolled or covered seams help to prevent the chafing. For the case of underwire bras, make sure the underwire is fully covered to avoid making indentation or grove into the skin.

Test out the bra

Carry out some jumping jacks or jogging to test the bra support before you actually pay for it. During the up and down jumping, the bra should limit breast movement.

Carry out the frequent replacement

It should be noted that with time, the elasticity of the bra and weight of the individual changes with time. Therefore do not hold onto the bra forever, however, perfect it maybe. Always replace it after about 72 washes.

What are the best sports bras for running?

Let us look at some of the best sports bras below.

Panache wired sports bra

  • This bra is 48% polyamide, 38% polyester and 14% elastane
  • The bra has a hook and eye closure
  • we can easily hand wash
  • It has underwire to provide the maximum support that is needed
  • It has mesh panels at the shoulder and the bust to encourage airflow
  • The bra has wide cushioned shoulder straps

The 2(X) IST micro sports bra

  • This bra is 84% nylon and 16% spandex
  • The bra is machine wash
  • It is comfy and will keep you cool in case the exercise is heated up
  • pull on closure
  • cut out x back detail
  • The micro sports bra provides the maximum support that the runner may need


padded strappy sports bras for women

  • the bra is 92% nylon and 8% spandex
  • removable padding provides extra support and coverage
  • It is a perfect fit for medium-impact activity in the gym.
  • It’s absolutely wire-free and seamless
  • highly stretchy and provide great comfortability.
  • pull on closure

CW-X soft cup running bra

  • CW-X holds you up to give maximum support.
  • It has an airy full-mesh back,
  • very soft and in fact, it feels like a second skin.
  • stretch mesh channel and each cup for moisture evaporation and comfort

Ultra fun Racerback Sports Bra 

  • the bra is 88%nylon and 12% spandex
  • hook and eye closure for custom fit and easy on-off
  • it provides great support for gym exercise, running, jogging, training and cycling
  • this bra has removable pads that provide full coverage for your breast, reducing bouncing during exercise
  • it has adjustable stretch straps with racerback to give extra support

Freya active core sports bra

  • the bra is 73% polyester, 23% nylon and 4% elastane
  • hook and eye closure
  • they are hand wash
  • it has double fabric that provides firm support while the mesh panels provide cool comfort
  • the firm flat bottom
  • uses CoolMax fabric to wick away moisture and feel soft, keeping you comfortable and dry
  • the firm flat bottom band provides anchorage around torso ensuring that the bra does not slide up

The lululemon enlite bra

  • the bra is designed for run
  • the added lycra fibre helps to retain the shape
  • the under band allows zero distraction

 Asics zero distraction sports bra

  • racerback in mesh for breathability
  • the bra has adjustable straps with hooks at the back for easy wearing
  • it has inner padding to reduce bouncing and increase compressive support
  • tight fit
  • the bra is 74% polyester and 26% spandex

What is the best material for sports bras?

Like we said earlier in this article, the bra material or fabric is crucial for comfortability during the running and other body exercises.  Apart from being the best fit, the right style, the fabric should highly be considered when going for bra shopping. Designers consider a variety of factors when choosing the fabric for the bra.  These include elasticity, the weight of the fabric, texture, and moisture-wicking features. Below are some of the commonly used fabrics for the best sports bras.


This is a synthetic fibre that is commonly combined with polyester and nylon to make a lightweight compression. Its high degree of elasticity makes it the best for structural support.


This is a synthetic fibre that is commonly used because of its elasticity, wicking features and the softness.


This synthetic fibre is mostly combined with nylon and polyester. It has a high degree of elasticity and this makes it reliable for bra structure.


This is a highly elastic fabric that is best for a close-fitting sports bra.


This is the most comfortable bra material because of its natural soft fabric. It gives relaxed breathing and can be put on like a regular bra. However, it has slow-drying properties.

The bottom line, therefore, should be that; the best fabric for the bra material should have elastic, durable, lightweight and moisture-wicking properties.

Is a sports bra good for heavy breasts?

The primary function of a sports bra is to hold the breasts in one position and minimize their movement during a high intensive body exercise like running. This is, therefore, a very good and big function when it comes to women with larger breasts. Let us look at some of the best sports bras for larger breast in the next section.

How can I choose a bra for heavy breasts?

Since larger breasts require quality support, underwire bras with broad straps are preferred to other types. These provide the required amount of support.

The broad straps evenly distribute the weight over the shoulders so that the straps don’t make a groove on the shoulders and the skin.

The underwire holds the breast in one position during several exercises.

What are the best sports bras for running larger breasts?

Large breast like we have discussed in the above section requires quality support and comfort. Let’s look at some of the examples of bras for larger breasts on the market.

Enell maximum control a wire-free sports bra

  • The front closure for this type of bra provides a snug fit.
  • It has moisture-wicking properties in case of sweating.
  • 90% nylon

Mirity racerback sports bra.

  • This is one of the cheapest and durable sports bras for larger breasts.
  • It has wider straps and an in-built bra.
  • Mirity has moisture-wicking fabric to keep the body dry
  • It’s available in a variety of colours.

Freya women’s active underwire sports bra

  • This type of bra can fit sizes between 28D to 38JJ while kept comfortable and supported.
  • The back hook-eye closure at the back
  • Adjustable wide straps enable the perfect fit.
  • Freya bras support the runner without spillage.
  • the bra is hand wash
  • the bra is 69% polyester, 28% nylon and 3% elastane

Anita women’s momentum sports bra

  • It is made of 50% polyester, 35% polyamide, and 15% elastane
  • This type of bra ranges from size 30B to 46E
  • supports low-impact exercises like walking.
  • It has a four hook back enclosure
  • The adjustable straps provide comfortable extra support that is required.
  • hand wash
  • The fabric can manage the moisture

 The lululemon elite bra

  • the bra is designed for run
  • the added lycra fibre helps to retain the shape
  • the under band allows zero distraction

Is running bad for your breasts?

As a matter of fact, running does not shrink the breasts and neither does it make the breasts to sag. Running does muscles toning as well as tightening. This helps to give the breasts more support. Therefore because of the natural ageing, breasts will eventually sag regardless of what one does.

Can sports bras flatten your breasts?

A tight-fitting sports bra is key to having your breasts flattened. For better flattening, you should consider putting on a sports bra that is actually smaller than your actual size. However, it is not advisable to wear a sports bra for too long if it is tight. Most chest bindings do not require more than 8 hours.

How long does the best sports bras for running last?

like any piece of cloth, the life of a bra is determined by how much or how often it is used. There is no specific time to which a bra may be used. However, it is advisable to change it whenever the body size or shape changes and the change in the elasticity of the bra itself.

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