Best stylish gym bags for women below $50.

Best  stylish gym bags for women below $50.
  • PublishedMarch 16, 2020

When you make the gym a priority, you must make it worth in every action you take. From the sports bra, yoga pants and shoes you wear to a luxury gym bag that will make you stand out. Gone are the days when you would use the same stinky bag from high school for years. Getting a nice gym back will help increase your confidence, performance, and hygiene. But how do you choose the best gym bag among the many bags for women on the market?

In choosing the best gym bags for women, you should consider a few qualities to help you pick the right bag for you.  A gym bag with a separate shoe compartment, spacious space and elegancy must all be in one bag to make you stand out.

The best gym bags for women.

1. Skyllup 5-in-1 Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment Bundle + 2x Wet Bags + 2x Microfiber Towels 

If you want the best gym bag to stand out among other women then choose the bag from Skyllup. It has an elegant design that is unique. This bag comes with an adjustable divider that helps to separate clothes and other belongings.

No worries about your properties mixing up as you carry them. Gone are the days when you mix shoes with clothing all of which give off a bad stench. The bag has a separate compartment meant for shoes only.

It is meant for every sport from boxing, swimming, baseball, tennis, gym and a lot more. The bag can also be used as a weekend bag, travel bag, and overnight bag. Wet bag compartments give you the opportunity to separate sweaty sports gear from fresh clothes you may want to use after.

2. HOKEMP Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment Travel Weekender Duffel bag For Men and Women

It is made of a waterproof, high-quality tear and water-resistant nylon fabric. The bag comes with a separate built-in compartment with air holes to keep the bag fresh. It is large enough to carry the most essential items for your favorite sports or gym. Lots of trending colors to choose from so that you never run out of style.

Made for all sports like basketball, football, and other activities like traveling, swimming, camping and a lot more.


3. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper

This bag has a cute pattern that makes it stand out. It looks elegant and has a good cause behind it. Kindfolk donates $1 for every unit sold towards fighting against slavery and sex trafficking worldwide.

Kindfolk’s bags are made using man-made leather which means it is animal-friendly and still stylish.

The bag is huge to fit two small mats or any combination of straps, towels, workout gear, and other accessories.


4. Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment, Travel Duffel Bag for Men and Women Lightweight

The bag comes with dry and wet compartments for separation storage. It has spacious storage for dry and clean clothes plus other gym accessories. It also has shoes and water pockets design for your convenience of carrying them separately for convenience and hygiene. This bag has different carrying options; over the shoulder, behind your back or the bag’s dual handles.



5. Everest unisex-adult Gym Bag With Wet Pocket, Red.

This is a bag with a lot of spacious space in case you are the type of person who carries lots of accessories for workouts. Comes with large side pockets for water bottles, phone, and other accessories. An adjustable shoulder strap up to 50 inches to make it carrying at your convenience

It can be used for all sports like football, soccer, basketball and most of your favorite sports. It is also great for the gym as it can accommodate all your gym accessories.


6.unitron world Gym Bag for Women Men Duffle Bag for Women

A great bag to carry all gym gear and accessories to the gym or sports. It has moderate storage and best suitable for people who don’t carry so many things to the gym. The bag has a separate shoe compartment to separate it from your other workout gears.

It is made from cationic fabric that can sustain tough wear and tear making it long-lasting. Its water resistance ability makes it even for workouts during rainfall or sports near beaches and water.


7.Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

The under armor bag will make you feel like you are working out like a pro. It is made of polyester which is durable and easy to washed. Its material can even be washed using a machine. The Under armour bag comes with spacious space to carry most of your gym accessories.

It has convenient handles for carrying it around; shoulder strap or the double handles that are handheld.


8. Under Armour Women’s Undeniable Duffle Gym Bag

Elegance, fashion and pro workout experience all in one. The bag that you won’t lose among gym bags as it is so unique, cute and elegant. This Under Armour bag for women delivers a highly water-resistant skin made of polyester and elastane. It is tough with spacious space to accommodate all your gym gears and accessories.

Double straps that are handheld and a shoulder strap to carry the bag along to your workouts. The spacious space in the bag can accommodate your workout gears and accessories.


9. Work to Sport Commuter Gym Bag for Women Carry On Weedender Bag.

An all-purpose powerful bag for various sports and gym. This bag combines style and durability. The stylish appearance, tear resistance, stain resistance and an easy to clean material made from PU-coated Nylon fabric. Its design makes it multipurpose for travel, workouts, work, and a lot more activities.

It has various compartments with a separate shoe compartment which means your stuff won’t mix. Wet and dry compartments separate your wet fitness toiletries from other items as you work out. Lots of compartments meant for mobile phones, power banks, and a lot more gadgets or accessories.

It offers comfort and convenience with a one padded shoulder strap which can be worn cross-body if you don’t need it as a shoulder strap. Additional hand double held straps for your convenience as you carry the bag around.

10. Gym Sports Backpack for Women with Shoe Compartment, Dry/Wet Separation Pocket

A backpack changes the rules of the game from traditional gym bags that are worn on the shoulder or handheld. If you are looking for something unique, then grab a gym backpack. It is stylish yet handy to accommodate all your gym gears and accessories.

A separate shoe compartment makes the bag worth having. Because nobody would like the smell from the shoes to spread to other items in the bag. Being water resistant makes the bag safe storage even when it rains.

The design makes the bag multipurpose and perfect for various sports and occasions, like travel, school and casual.

The bottom line

When you are to own a gym bag, think about the purpose, number of items you will carry and your style. Pick a gym bag that has a separate shoe compartment to avoid mixing stuff up.

You will not be able to check the durability of the bag while shopping online but always check the reviews and ratings. A good bag should have 3.5 and above ratings.

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