Best weight loss apps that help you shed extra pounds.

Best weight loss apps that help you shed extra pounds.
  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2020

Weight loss apps offer a number of benefits to your weight loss journey. They offer what a dietician, trainer, and doctor would have offered in a few summarized steps. By just installing an app on your phone, home, gym and all kind of workouts can be simplified. Weight loss apps will help you ensure proper diet and offer a reminder or commitment to lose weight.

Weight loss apps such as calorie trackers, motivational apps, workout reminders, and a lot more apps help you achieve weight loss. Many offer free subscriptions and most with optional premium upgrading for added features. And they are aimed at making your weight loss journey easier.

Best free workout apps for weight loss

1. Strava running and cycling.

Price: Free

Usage: Running or cycling

Device: Android, IOS

  • It is a top-notch running tracker with pretty interesting features that make working out fun.
  • Gamified and competitive features make the app fun to use.
  • The app records your running or cycling speed, distance and time took while exercising which helps you keep a detailed progress chat.
  • The ability to race against your friends to top the leader boards makes the app motivating and fun when used with friends.
  • It connects to your smart wearables to give you better workout experience.

2. Adidas running (former Runtastic)

Price: Free with an optional premium upgrade.

Usage: Running

Device: Android and IOS.

  • Easy running tracking with inbuilt tracking, ability to track and analyze your running patterns.
  • Audio coach to guide you and to keep you motivated as you are on the track running.
  • Plenty of options to choose from whether daily, weekly or monthly goal-setting to suit your workout routines and goals.
  • Join or create a group with friends or strangers to run with and join plenty of free running & training events offered by a community of fitness experts.
  • Unlock many interesting features with the premium membership to get the best out of the app.

3. Keelo

Price: Free with premium subscription.

Usage: Home workouts and gym

Device: Android and IOS

  • Keelo combines cardio and strength training to provide a full-body workout that can be done anywhere be it a beach, gym, office or home.
  • It offers a personalized workout routine to ensure you work out all body parts for effectiveness.
  • The Keelo app keeps the progress of your scores, achievements and overall progress.

Best free workout apps for weight loss

Overall weight loss apps.

These are the apps that will provide you with an overall weight loss experience. With features like calorie counting, motivating messages, progress keeping, and a lot more features.

4. Weight watchers.

Type: Overall weight loss program

Device: Android, iOS, and Windows

Price:  First 3 months free

  • Weight watchers is a company that assists people in their weight loss journey.
  • The company offers a broad approach towards weight loss with plenty of weight watcher studios around the United States.
  • You are able to track your food activity and intake, chat with a live weight watcher coach and find restaurants with weight watcher-friendly means.
  • With Weight Watchers, you are able to earn rewards when you complete tasks and these points can be redeemed for cool stuff to keep you motivated.
  • You are also able to scan packaged foods using the app in order to find their calories and nutrients information.
  • The app offers audio workouts to give you the feeling like you are training with a live coach.
  • The ability to connect with other members helps you keep motivated and give you the feeling that you aren’t alone.

5. FatSecret

Type: Overall weight loss app

Device: Android, IOS and Windows

  • Fat Secret offers a support system to its users towards their weight loss journey.
  • It allows you to keep track of your food intake acting as your food and calorie dairy.
  • With a large collection of healthy recipes to choose from when preparing a weight loss diet meal.
  • The app also provides you with nutritional information brands, supermarkets, restaurants that support weight loss.
  • Fat Secret shows you your daily calorie intake and also has the ability to display your monthly calorie averages, which is helpful for monitoring progress.

6. Noom weight loss app

Type: Overall weight loss app

Device: IOS, Android and Windows.

  • Noom weight loss app offers 3 main functions.
  • Setting weight loss goals and keeping progress.
  • Tracks your calories and food intake acting as a daily log dairy.
  • Keeps record of your exercises and day to day weight loss activities.

Calorie counters

Keeping a record of the foods you eat can be difficult without the right tools. Calorie counters are able to keep your daily food intake and calories.

7. MyFitnessPal

Type: Calorie counter

Price: Free but with a premium optional version.

Devices: Android, IOS and windows

  • keeping track of the foods you eat is known for accelerated weight loss since you are able to monitor your diet. MyFitnessPal app keeps track of the foods you eat and their calories. With over 5 million foods in its database and healthy recipes makes you able to choose from a wide range of variety.
  • The app learns from your eating routine to give you a better experience which means the more you add foods to your log the more it becomes easier.
  • By adding your recipes and food, the app makes it your own database for easier tracking of the food you eat.
  • MyFitnessPal breaks down the food you have eaten into calories and nutrients giving you a wider picture to help you keep your diet in line with your weight loss plan.
  • The app is so flexible being supported on all systems which are android, IOs and website. Furthermore, it is able to sync with other apps to give you a better experience.
  • All kinds of diets are also supported on the app let it be Atkins, keto and all types of diets.
  • The app has this cool feature of the bar code scanner that makes it easier to input nutrient and calorie information of packaged foods.
  • Support and motivation through the forum where you get to meet other dieters and discuss food matters.
  • It has the premium version that lets you explore more by opening useful features making the app much more useful.

8. Lose it

Type: Calorie counter

Price: Free with a premium optional version.

Devices:  Android, IOS and Windows

  • Another calorie tracking app is loss it that acts as a food and calorie diet.
  • Basing on your weight, height, goals, and IBM, Lose it is able to make you a personalized calorie intake recommendations to help you lose weight a lot fast and simpler.
  • It is simple to navigate around the app and to input your data of food intake. With a wide database of foods on the app, there is so much to learn concerning foods and calories.
  • The bar code scanner on Lose it makes the entry of packaged foods a lot more easier.
  • Lose it has an option of following daily challenges of which they can help you have a new goal and keep you motivated.
  • Upgrading to premium gives you more freedom and interaction around the app. With this, you can set more goals, track food intake better.

9. My Net Dairy

Type: Calorie counter

Price: Free

Devices: Android, IOS and Windows

  • My Net Diary is a calorie counter app that will get your diet planning rocking.
  • By asking a few questions, the app is able to get you started with your personal calorie target.
  • The app is able to track your food, nutrients and calorie intake. With the ability to provide detailed information about the food you eat, diet planning is made easier. Knowing about the foods, also makes you make proper decisions.
  • The bar code feature lets you scan packaged foods much easier letting you know how many calories you take every time.
  • Staying on track is much easier by using the app to track your daily progress. You will be able to receive feedback and advice to keep you motivated.

Motivation apps

These are the apps that will reward you when you complete tasks or lose weight. Most apps pay you money or give you discount codes in various shops to use when you are shopping.

10. Healthy wage

Type: motivation app

Devices: IOS, Android and Windows.

Reward: Prize money

  • Healthy wage pays you up to $10k as prize money when you stick to losing weight.
  • Getting started is easy by answering a few questions about you to set personal weight loss goals according to your current weight and the desired weight.
  • It is fun betting on yourself and playing along to lose weight. It should not scare you as long as you are committed to losing those extra pounds.
  • The healthy wage app has the option of inviting your friends or family so as you can have a common goal of losing weight and earn big together.
  • It is fun and an easy way to keep you motivated to workout.

11. Sweat coin

Type: Motivation app

Device: IOS, Android and Windows.

Reward: Cryptocurrency.

  • Sweat coin is paid to you for working out through running or walking.
  • Install the app on your phone, connect your smart wearable device and start walking.
  • Sweat coin earned is used for shopping in selected stores.
  • Though the sweat coin earned is not globally accepted by its worth it since you just earned it by walking or running to lose weight.

12. Diet Bet

Type: Motivation app

Devices: Android, IOS and Windows

Reward: Cash

  • Diet Bet is an app that will motivate you to work out since it pays when you complete the challenges.
  • Join other weight loss motivated people who are willing to lose weight.
  • You can either create a game or join one to earn and have fun as you lose weight.

Weight loss challenge apps

These will offer daily, weekly or monthly challenges where you have to complete different tasks in order to be checked.

How do you choose a good working weight loss app?

Choosing a good weight loss app can be tricky with thousands of apps on the market. Here are a few guidelines on how to choose a weight loss app that meets your needs.

  • Think of its purpose and what you want it to deliver. Choose an app that will suit your needs. If you are looking for a pedometer input that in your search and you will get a nice app for that.
  • Always check the reviews of the app before you install it. An app with plenty of positive reviews is a nice app, a lot of people can never be wrong with reviews.
  • Don’t upgrade immediately to the premium version of the app but rather first spend a few more days using the app. If it delivers and you think you need to upgrade it, then go for it.
  • With apps that don’t offer free versions and have to be bought right away, spend time reading the reviews and make deeper research so that your money doesn’t go to waste. Apps that have a refund system can be the best choice for tryouts just in case they don’t give you the results you expected.
  • For apps that offer weight loss workouts, they should offer videos or GIFS showing how the workouts are done and not just text. With videos, you will be able to work out effectively and in the right way.

Do weight loss apps really work.

Since there are many different apps each with various uses, I would say weight loss apps do work.

Most apps are able to track your progress, remind you to workout, give you work out ideas and other apps help with the diet. More so, some weight loss apps can be used as pedometers saving you the money you would have spent while buying a pedometer.

Depending on what you choose and what the app is meant to do most apps will deliver. Although some may open premium features when you purchase them.

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