9 Best weight loss blogs for women 2020

9 Best weight loss blogs for women 2020
  • PublishedAugust 28, 2020

The internet can be a hard place to find information if you are surfing along without direction. With millions of weight loss blogs on the internet today, finding one that provides reliable information can be quite hard.   

With my years in the weight loss industry, I have stumbled on weight loss blogs that deserve a shout as they have reliable and useful content.   

  1. Forever Super slim.

If you are a woman and you are looking for a quality weight loss blog, then end the search, discard the rest of the blogs on this page. I am proud to put our blog top of the list because of the quality of content we add on a daily basis. 

We have a dedicated team who work hard all day to create informative and helpful content. Our content is generally about weight loss for women. No offense to the gents, you can still use the information but hey, this was made for women. 

Forever super slim is very easy to navigate, which makes it very easy to find what you are looking for. If you are one of those disgusted by stuffed up websites, then this will definitely do. 

Areas covered: 

Weight loss in general, weight loss after pregnancydiets, workouts, exercise equipment, weight loss-friendly foods. 

2. Healthline

Healthline is a gigantic blog where you will find information about many areas majorly covering health. Healthline, (formerly founded as is a giant source of information, which means you could find yourself lost whilst on their blog. You can use the search bar to type exactly what you want. 

I understand ‘jack of all trades is master of none’, not the case for Healthline. They actually cover weight loss absolutely well. Their approach is more scientific as they kind of explain weight loss from a scientist’s perspective. 

If you are the one who just wants a solution without knowing the cause, then Healthline may not be for you. It will actually give you all the science. Quite good for those open to learning. 

Areas covered: 

Diets, foods for weight loss. An overview of the general weight-loss diets and foods that can help you easily select a weight loss strategy to follow.  

With an army of writers and experts, reliable information is guaranteed.  

3. Diet Doctor. 

The Diet Doctor provides all information you will need about low cabs and The Ketogenic diet. This blog has all you need on low carbs diet from recipes, meal plans, variations, dos, and don’ts that will help you follow a Ketogenic and low carbs diet. 

Do you believe in testimonials? Do they make you feel much motivated? This blog has to around 250 stories to inspire you, videos to follow, and a paid plan you can follow with information, support, videos, recipes, and podcasts to help you get weight loss while following a keto diet. 

Areas covered 

Ketogenic and low carbs diet. 

  1. Shape.

best weight loss blog

Without a personal trainer, workouts can be hard to master. However, Shape will get you covered with well explained and executed workouts for women. 

Shape offers more than workouts as it is a large website that covers what one may need in order to lose weight. 

Areas covered: 

Shape covers fitness, healthy eating, weight loss, and a shop with a lot of weight loss merchandise such as gym bags and yoga mats 

  1. Womens health magazine.

best weightloss blog for women

Launched in 2005, Women’s health magazine has been around sourcing information on the latest health, fitness, lifestyle, weight loss, beauty and trends. Women’s health is trusted by many and has won multiple awards with its expert written content by a team of trained journalists and editors. A printed magazine is also produced ten times a year by this website. 

Areas covered: 

Towards weight loss, women’s health covers weight loss diets, workouts, trends, celebrity gossip and recommendations of workout gears and equipment. 

  1. Cosmopolitan.

With a big team of writers and editors, Cosmopolitan provides a lot of information on matters such as health, politic, lifestyle, collage, food sex, beauty, fashion, and many more. 

For weight loss, the Cosmopolitan will get you covered with workouts and healthy eating for weight loss. 

Areas covered: 

Weight loss workouts that are well explained with easy instructions and tips on how to execute perfect workouts. This blog will also get you covered with the diet needed to stay healthy and lose weight. 

  1. Weight watchers.

best blogs 2020

Though not necessarily a blog where you will read a lot of information concerning weight loss. This website has a weight loss plan that is followed by many. In case you are looking for a weight loss plan to follow and a group of people to socialize with on matters concerning weight loss, try weight watchers. 

Should I call it a franchise, as weight watchers are in various states around America. Even when you are outside America you can still enroll to the online program where you will have virtual coaching and information related to weight loss. 

Areas covered. 

Weight watchers provide what I call a full package towards weight loss. When you join Weight watchers, you are assessed to identify the weight loss plan that will work for you. A lot is included such as food trackers, recipes, and rewards to keep you motivated.   

On matters concerning workouts, one on one virtual coaching will get you covered or directions to a workshop where you will meet other members who are just as weight loss motivated as you are.  

  1. Very well fit.

This blog can fit your weight loss puzzles together. Having won multiple awards and with over 6,000 pieces of content.

This content has been compiled for over 20 years by a team of more than 100 healthcare professionals. It includes dieticians, nutritionists, and personal fitness trainers.

With these, I think you are in safe hands. From workouts, diets, healthy eating, and lots of articles about weight loss, you will get lost in this blog. 

Areas covered: 

Very well Fit will answer your questions on diets, nutrition, and workouts. In addition to content, Very well Fit has tools that will help you with weight loss.  The tools include Recipe Nutrition Calculator, Weight Loss Calorie Goal, BMI Calculator, Body Fat Percentage Calculator, Calories Burned by Activity, Daily Calories Burned, and Pace Calculator. 

  1. Self.

Self has content that can get a woman losing weight in comfortable ways. On almost every question concerning weight loss, Self will get you covered.  

Areas covered:  

Self has information on weight loss and fitness workouts that will get your body burning calories. Many websites fail to give proper instructions on how to execute certain workouts. Try Self for some weight loss workouts and foods. Additionally, self has a beauty section that will help you look cute. 


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