The best workout gear for women with style.

The best workout gear for women with style.
  • PublishedNovember 20, 2019

Working out will be much fun with gears. These are the attires that will be of convenience as you workout and make you stand out.  And chances of injury are reduced as the gears are meant for your protection. Gone are the days when we would use a random sweatpant in the wardrobe, a pair of sneakers and an oversized t-shirt from your hubby. With the right workout gears, you aren’t afraid of hitting the gym in style. Its just workout by it’s your chance to show off your style. Whether you are jogging outdoors or hitting the gym the best workout gear for women should come in handy. And if you are single, dressed in cool workout gears jogging through the hood, guess what?

best workout gear for women
Image by Elfahret from Pixabay

But as we talk of the best workout gear for women what comes in your mind? Do you picture looking like those Nike or Adidas models? To gain such looks it would cost a lot if you are to order a full Nike or Adidas workout gear as seen on the model. I wouldn’t want you to spend a lot or get disappointed in gear yet we can choose the best workout gear together that can make you stand out among other women. I like being unique, I mean looking good but with a unique outfit.

The reason why I don’t go for brands.

I am a lady who likes to look great yet my budget for outfits isn’t so huge. I never go to a brands shop talk about Nike and others. But rather I spend lots of my free time on online shops trying to get the best outfit that doesn’t cost a fortune and is unique to make me stand out different. The big brands have got a name, do lots of advertisement and have classy shops which I feel all the expenses are turned to me as I buy something. I refused to fall, the victim. I don’t decampaign them but I hope you get my point.

What is the best workout attire?

I would say the best workout gear or attires are those that serve their purpose well and make you stand out among other women. Its all about style and comfort. Being able to work out comfortably, breasts firm no sagging clothes to distract and that classy feeling. But workout gears are in categories according to body parts and use.

best workout gear for women
Image by Fabiano Silva from Pixabay

And choosing the best workout gear shouldn’t be hard. Its a matter of considering your size, style, workouts and budget. When it comes to the best workout gear for women, there are thousands of gear out there.

Sports bra.

I find comfortability in working out in a sports bra. It makes me work out more knowing my breasts are firm and in position. You might be asking cant my usual bra help me when am working out? No! In fact, when you try out the sports bra, you will know the difference and feel the comfort. And its really weird working out or jogging while in a normal bra, you will get unwanted attention. So grab a sports bra that matches your size and preference. Here are the latest prices from Amazon.

Yoga pants.

A cute yoga part will make you stand out. Never grab a sweater pant from your drawer just because it looks sporty thinking it will deliver. First thing, it will make you look a real amateur and like a loser. A second you might not feel comfortable.I got an embarrassing experience once when I used a grey sweater pant. As I worked I started sweating and it looked as if I had peed in my pants. People looked and it was like they were talking about me. Maybe they weren’t even paying attention to me but that feeling made me very disturbed. I swear I didn’t manage to hit my target I just stormed out the gym. And so grabbing a nice yoga pant will make you stand out and give you the flexibility you need. Check out the latest prices on amazon using this link.

Athletic shirts.

In some moments, a sports bra might not be applicable. Like time back then when I had a big belly.Fine its a gym everyone has come to cut fat but having belly fat made me look a starter or a lazy one. I had to hide it with oversized shirts. But I hated them when I sweated and they started sticking on me and eeeew, it made me very uncomfortable. With whatever reason you may want an athletic shirt maybe to hide stretch marks or fat choose that one that doesn’t fit so much and it’s a little loose. Check out the latest Amazon prices here.

Running shoes

The one reason you should own running shoes other than using your old pair f sneakers is flexibility and comfort. I am the stubborn type of girl and who has a low budget. That’s why I always learn by experience. Sneakers will make your feet hurt while running and very sweaty because of the poor aeration with them. Running shoes are different not a waste of money like how you may say of a soccer-like captain armband. The sole and design of a pair of running shoes make them serve their purpose. Don’t think twice just buy them, you will need them as you workout. Here are the latest prices from Amazon

Workout gloves.

They may not be ones you might consider as you workout. And I won’t be pushing you to buy a pair if you don’t see their need. Workout gloves come in handy when you don’t want to bruise your palms during a workout. And they give a better grip than a plain hand which may be sweaty and slippery. Own a pair you will feel complete and your performance will increase. Here are the latest prices from Amazon

Gym bag.

It’s a must-own. A gym bag will not only add onto your style but it will be of great convenience having all your belongings in a single place. Coming from the gym shouldn’t be a reason not to look cute after. With the gym bag, you carry extra clothes, your water bottle, makeup and a pair of shoes which aren’t your runners. Plenty of gym bags are on the market with plenty of designs, check the latest Amazon prices here.

Phone armband.

This is one of the best gear women should own. Whether with a pedometer or your mobile phone, the armband will be of great use. A mobile phone is something you should carry to track your progress, play some music or even guide you home. With plenty of yoga pants having no pockets, too tight that the phone will make you uncomfortable, an armband comes in. Here are the phone armband latest prices from Amazon.

Beanie cap, cap or hat

To whatever that matches your design and preference you should have a headcover. This will prevent your hair from going to your face, keep out dirt in case you are hiking or jogging in mountains. Some beanie caps have heads on them and a torch just in case it gets dark and you have to locate your way home. Here are the latest Amazon prices.

Long-sleeved sweatshirt.

When winters hit, it shouldn’t be an excuse to quit working out. If you have a long-sleeved sweater shirt that can keep you warm as you workout. And talking of cold, always go out prepared to have jackets on you and workout with a partner or be communicating with people at home. Safety first lady hope you feel me. Here are the latest Amazon prices.

Knee and elbow pads.

Some workouts are extreme so have protection on you. Cycling as a  form of workout can be a little risky it’s good to have your elbows and knees safe in case of anything. I know you are careful but even the best-built planes have parachutes on them. So don’t skip these guards. Check out their latest prices on Amazon

Other best workout  gear for women

  • Sports shorts
  • Ponytail headband.
  • Workout socks.

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The bottom line, choosing the best workout gear for women shouldn’t stress you up. Its a matter of considering your workout plan, size, style and budget. But apparently, I can not define the best of gear, choosing the best will depend on you. The most important is choosing what makes you feel comfortable, matches your style and that gear which won’t leave you in debts. And if you know of somebody who should read of this article please share and leave a comment about your workout stories. Let me know  I am talking to some ladies out there. GIRL POWER.

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