How to choose the best workout gloves for women

How to choose the best workout gloves for women
  • PublishedFebruary 24, 2020

Our skins as women are very soft I guess we are blessed that way. Every woman would love to have that gentle touch in her palms which is impossible if you have blisters and dead skin caused by the gym.  Lifting weights or bar pull-ups in the gym bring blisters to our skin and the only solution to avoid them is by wearing gloves.  Workout gloves for women will change your overall gym experience and health. But not every glove out there will deliver good results.

Choosing the best workout gloves for women will require following a few guidelines. In case you don’t know the uses of wearing gloves during workouts just continue reading on.

Workout gloves will protect your hands from injury during workouts, provide comfort, give a firm grip and improve performance as your workout. That’s why you will need the best workout gloves for women since your hands are precious.

How do I choose a workout glove?

Choosing workout gloves can be a little tricky with thousands on the market. When choosing the best workout gloves for women have these few guidelines in mind and not just look for cute looking gloves. Of course, you will need workout gloves that will look smart on you but also those that will deliver the purpose they are meant for.

Follow these few guidelines to choose the best workout gloves for women.

It should perfectly fit.

Workout gloves that are too tight will make your palms numb since they will prevent proper blood flow. The same goes to work out gloves that are too loose as they will be more likely to offer a poor grip and chances of slipping off are high.

When choosing workout gloves, choose those that aren’t too tight or too lose for effectiveness during workouts. These should be able to allow free movement of your fingers in a comfortable manner.

Consider sweat absorption and a perfect grip.

These two may not be related but workout gloves that don’t absorb sweat are more likely to offer a very poor grip and may slip off during workouts.

When choosing workout gloves for women, choose those that have a perfect grip in order to have full control over your workouts.

Choosing light padded workout gloves.

Avoid workout gloves with thick padding as they will take away the feeling of you being in control of your workouts. A light padding will give you a natural feel as you exercise.

Consider the workout gloves fabric.

The fabric of the gloves will determine their durability and effectiveness. Gloves that are made of leather and neoprene material have a good sweat absorption material which makes them comfortable and non-slip off.

But with the competition being high, other materials are also being improved and it won’t surprise you to find gloves that are durable and comfortable yet aren’t made of leather.

Leather also is known to last longer compared to other synthetic materials that gloves are made of. Choose workouts with a hard yet flexible fabric that will protect you against blisters.

Avoid gloves made of nylon as they are most likely to slip off when your palms sweat.

Choose gloves with wrist support.

Workout gloves with wrist support will protect your hands from injury around the wrist. Gloves that come with wrist support will also help to tighten the gloves around your wrists to avoid slip off even when you sweat.

Best workout gloves for women.

SIMARI Workout Gloves for Women with Wrist Support

  • The SIMARI Workout Gloves protect your palms from bruising with an addition of the wrist support to protect your arms from spraining.
  • They are more breathable with a backless design made of LYCRa to keep your hands dry and comfortable.
  • Simari workout gloves are suitable for women who do weight lifting, pull up, exercise fitness and general workouts.
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Viomir Ultralight Workout Gloves for Women

  • Padded Weight Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support.
  • Anti-Slip Training Gloves for Powerlifting, gym training, Crossfit, Pull-ups, exercise, Fitness, and general Workouts.
  • Made with high-quality microfiber to allow for a comfortable workout with a breathable mesh fabric on the back keeps your hands dry.
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RIMSports Gym Gloves

Contraband Pink Label 5387 Women’s Design Series Paisley Print Lifting Gloves

  • Stylish design with a soft feel for style and comfortability.
  • Made with vegan microfiber Amara leather and a lycra top. The gloves feature a flexible synthetic Amara leather palm with silicone. The lycra used on top doesn’t absorb sweat and is capable of releasing excess heat easily.
  • These workout gloves come with medium padding to provide a balance between protection and grip.
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ProFitness Ventilated Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

  • Made of Neoprene, these gloves feature anti-slip silicone padding with an added leather split palm for protection and ultimate comfort.
  • These gloves come with wrist supports to protect by reducing pressure on them and increasing blood flow.
  • The gloves come with an anti-sweat design that wicks sweat away, keeps the hands ventilated, dry and flexible as you work out.
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What is the use of gym gloves?

Guaranteed protection. Safety is important when working out. Wearing gym gloves will protect your palms and wrist against injury. Workout gloves with wrist support will safeguard your wrists from strain and blisters on your palms.

Improved grip. Wearing workout gloves for women will give you a firmer and controlled grip. Sweaty hands are known to be slippery but wearing gloves will provide a firm grip even with sweaty palms. This will give you a controlled feel of your workouts and protects you from injury caused by slipped exercise equipment.

Better performance and workouts. Since your hands will be free from blisters and wrist strain, you will work out more effectively. And with a firmer grip, you will be able to lift heavier weights to achieve your workout goals faster.

Comfort: Working out in gym gloves makes lifting of weights comfortable compared to lifting with bare hands. Sometimes weights are cold especially in winter and therefore wearing gloves makes lifting more comforting. The more the comfort, the more effective workouts are.

How do you get the smell out of workout gloves?

Workout gloves will stink if kept or cleaned poorly. Sweat, built-up bacteria, body oils, and dead skin don’t give off a good smell if they remain in your gloves. This will make you hate them and make your workouts horrible due to the smell. But something can be done to prevent and remove the stench from your gloves.

  • After workouts, don’t put your work out gloves in the gym bag right away, let them first get fresh air and dry off the sweat.
  • Always workout with clean hands. Hands carry a lot of bacteria and by washing them, your sweat will not smell so horrible. If possible wash off the body lotion off your hands before a workout.
  • Wash your gym gloves once in a while and follow directions according to the fabric or material of the gloves. Don’t wash them regularly as this will tear and wear them much faster.

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