Bulletproof diet review; Is it the most successful diet?

Bulletproof diet review; Is it the most successful diet?
  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2020

If you do a quick google search just like I did a while ago, you will find that there are very many diets out there. If you are a woman looking to lose weight ( could be a man, no offense), you might be left wondering what actually works best. This bulletproof diet review will help you answer the most common questions about this diet.

We have dedicated quite some time to look into diets and we have a dedicated section on this website which you can access here, it will help you narrow down much quicker, to probably what could work for you. Fast-forwarding;

What is a bulletproof diet?

The bulletproof diet is said to help you lose about 0.45kg of your weight every day, giving you energy and focus. The diet concentrates on food high in fats, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates, as well as doing what we call intermittent fasting. This diet is marketed and promoted by a company called bulletproof 360, Inc.

The bulletproof diet was created by Dave Asprey an entrepreneur turned biohacker in 2014. A biohacker is a person who employs science and technology to his or her lifestyle, to make his or her body function more efficiently.

Dave weighed 300pounds in his mid-20s and he felt at some point that he was not in control of his health. It took him over 15 years to lose weight and regain his health through his bulletproof diet.

Why we have done this bulletproof diet review.

First and foremost, at forever super slim, we are really passionate about weight loss for women especially weight loss after pregnancy. We have been through google search volumes and found out that the words ‘bulletproof diet’ are googled 9,900 times a month. Now, for us, this is an alarm. So many people are actually looking for answers about this popular diet.

Also, interestingly, the words ‘bulletproof diet review’ review are googled 480 times a month, which also means many people are looking behind this diet. This is the biggest reason we created this review; to answer the most popular questions people ask about this popular diet.

A little disclaimer

Dave Asprey ( founder or creator of the bulletproof diet) did not make us any money to make this bulletproof diet review. In fact, this review doesn’t have any sort of affiliation to bulletproof 360, which means we don’t get any money from their products through this article.


How does the bulletproof diet work?

The bulletproof diet is an upgrade or modified form of keto diet where the aim is to get 75% of the calories from fats, 20% from proteins and 5% from carbohydrates.

The foundation of the diet is starting each day of the week with bulletproof coffee. This is believed to suppress hunger while boosting energy and mental clarity.

It involves eating foods high in fats and low in carbohydrates for 5-6 days a week and having a refeed of carbohydrates for 1-2 days. The purpose of the refeed is to avoid the side effects of long term keto diet such as constipation. This puts the body in ketosis state where the body burns fats for energy instead of carbohydrates.

It also involves intermittent fasting whereby you abstain from food for specific periods.


Does the bulletproof diet really lose weight?

Like many other similar things, this bulletproof diet review may not be taken as gospel truth but should be a guideline to help you make smarter choices on whether the bulletproof diet is good for you or not.

As a matter of fact, the best way to enhance weight loss is to follow a reduced-calorie intake for a sustained period.  There is no single based diet for weight loss. Research shows that high fat intake and low carbohydrate intake like in the case of a keto diet can help you lose weight faster compared to other diets.

The impact of the bulletproof diet, therefore, depends on the volume of the calories you eat and how long you can sustain that number. Keto diets fill you and make you eat less which eventually helps you lose some weight faster.

However, as we all know, you cannot reduce weight entirely depending on food intake. Reducing calorie intake is very important for one seeking to lose weight.

Another concern is that for the bulletproof diet to work effectively, the diet has to be followed for a long period of time. This is a big problem because people may find it hard to follow in a sustainable manner.

You may also read this guide on how to lose weight faster.

How do I start a bulletproof diet?

The bulletproof diet gives you more data on the way you perceive weight loss and healthy weight. The diet shows you the right kind of food that you need to nourish your and mind as well as giving you more energy. This lays a foundation for resilience and performance.

With a bulletproof diet, you don’t necessarily have to jump on to the diet at once. Start small and make progressive steps. Employing a few but progressive bulletproof steps will make a difference in your life. Below are simple steps that will enable you to manage the starting point of a bulletproof diet.

Begin by eliminating sugar

Eliminating sugar from your diet will make the rest of the steps easier once you cut on your sugar intake. Stick to bulletproof approved sweeteners.

Replace sugar with the right fats

Bulletproof fats like grass-fed butter, Grass-Fed Ghee, Brain Octane MCT oil, avocados, cocoa butter, and olive oil will help you to reduce craving.

Limit fruit consumption

Limit fruit consumption to about 1 to 2 savings a day. Fruits contain a form of sugar called fructose. In excess, this form of sugar can be as dangerous as too much sugar.

Switch to organic fruits and vegetables

Some fruits or vegetables have residue. This may come from either pesticides or insecticides.

Stick to gluten-free grains

Gluten-free foods are healthier and low in calories.

Switch to grass fed-meat and wild-caught seafood

Grass fed-meat such as beef, lamb, and bison plus wild-caught fish provide a clean source of proteins

Remove homogenizes, pasteurized and processed dairy products

These contain casein and lactose which are known for causing inflammation and digestive distress.

Cut off synthetic additives, coloring, and flavoring

The ingredients of all these components may contain toxins.

Cook the food slowly and carefully

Cook your food slow and at low temperatures at about 320°F. As we are all aware that cooking at Very high temperatures may change the chemical composition of some foods.

What do I eat on a bulletproof diet? / Bulletproof diet food list.

Like any form of diet, there are guidelines to follow for effective results. According to Dave, you are required to replace the toxic diet with the bulletproof diet, cook in a specific way, as well as promote certain products. Below is a list of bulletproof food that Dave suggests for this regimen.


Coffee made from bulletproof Upgraded coffee beans, green tea, and coconut water

Oils and fats

Bulletproof Upgrade MTC oil, fish oil, palm oil and butter


Lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, and zucchini


Strawberries, avocado, blackberries, and raspberries

Spices and flavors

Sea salt, turmeric, rosemary, and bulletproof Upgraded vanilla


These include among others sorbitol, mannitol, and stevia.


Yams, cassava, white rice, sweet potatoes, and carrots


Bulletproof Upgraded collagen protein, bulletproof Upgraded whey 2.0, pastured eggs and salmon

Nuts and legumes

Coconuts, olives, cashew nuts and almonds


Organic grass-fed ghee, organic grass-fed butter, and colostrum

Cooking methods

According to Dave, food has to be cooked properly to benefits the nutrients. The Dave recommended cooking methods include;

Raw, uncooked or slightly heated

Baking at or below 320°F (160°C)

Pressure cooking

However, Dave discourages what he termed as kryptonite cooking which involves deep-flying, microwave foods, stir-fried and barbequed types of cooking

Dave recommended products

Bulletproof coffee

For better results, you have to start each day with bulletproof coffee instead of having breakfast. This helps to suppress hunger, give you more energy and mental clarity. The beverage contains Bulletproof-brand coffee beans, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter or ghee.

What are the benefits of a bulletproof diet?

According to bulletproof brand, bulletproof diets have so many benefits.

A diet rich in vegetables has benefits such as;

Reducing heart diseases like heart attack and stroke

Reduces the risk of some cancers

Increase bone density

Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity

Lowers risk of kidney stones and high blood pressure

A diet low in refined carbs has the following benefits

Help you lose weight

Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

May reduce blood pressure

May prevent metabolic syndrome

Bulletproof diet boosts cognitive function this is the ability of man to perform different mental functions related to learning and problem-solving.


Why is a bulletproof diet bad?


The bulletproof coffee is low in nutrients

Dave recommends replacing breakfast with bulletproof coffee. Although this coffee is rich in fat and provides you with energy, it is lacking several nutrients. Therefore you actually replace a nutritious breakfast with a wrong substitute.

The bulletproof diet can be expensive

The organic products and grass fed-meat recommended by Dave are expensive compared to their counterparts, although they contain more nutrients.

Conflict of interest

The highly-priced products that Dave recommends are his own becomes very difficult to convince an individual to fall this diet.

The bulletproof diet lacks sufficient scientific evidence.

Asprey discourages the regular consumption of fruits claiming that fruits contain sugar and that they may promote inflammation and diseases. As a matter of fact, fruit consumption is associated with weight loss.

Bulletproof coffee may raise your cholesterol level

Since coffee is high in fat, they may be a likelihood that it may increase the cholesterol level of the user.

What is the difference between a keto diet and a bulletproof diet?

As a matter of fact both the keto diet and bulletproof diet advocate for high fat intake and low carbohydrate intake.

There is, therefore, no significant difference between a bulletproof diet and a keto diet. A bulletproof diet is a cyclic or modified version of a keto diet. Like we discuss in our first paragraph, a bulletproof diet involves eating a keto diet (high in fat and low in carbs) for 5 to 6 days a week.

Can you workout on a bulletproof diet?

Body exercise is the foundation for your resilience and energy levels. With the right body activity, the body gets sufficient energy to carry out more important tasks ahead like reading, attending meetings and so on. Therefore regardless of what diet you may pick on, regular body exercise is paramount to provide you with extra energy.

Does bulletproof coffee make you lose weight?

According to Dave, in order to have significant bulletproof results, you have to start each day with bulletproof coffee instead of having breakfast. This helps to suppress hunger, give you more energy and mental clarity. The beverage contains Bulletproof-brand coffee beans, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter or ghee. The feeling of fullness helps to reduce calorie intake throughout the day and this will eventually help in the weight loss process.

Do you drink bulletproof coffee on an empty stomach?

Bulletproof coffee is effective when taken on an empty stomach in the morning instead of a heavy breakfast. More so it should be taken prior to any exercise session as this will give the body more energy and endurance.


As mention above, this bulletproof diet review may not be taken as gospel truth but could paint a picture for you if you are looking to choose this diet. The bulletproof diet is a low carb diet that emphasizes saturated fats to be bulletproof. As stated earlier in this article, it is a cyclical keto diet and will help you lose weight within a short time. However, Dave does not provide sufficient scientific evidence to back his assertions. This  Dave diet sidelines many healthy foods and rather promotes expensive self-brand supplements. This, however, raises many questions.


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