The best home butt workouts for women

The best home butt workouts for women
  • PublishedMarch 17, 2020

This article brings you the home butt workouts for women. Fast forward; most of the fitness and swimwear models on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and many more; encourage us to embrace our bodies. We, therefore, cannot deny the fact that a peachy butt is a current fashion or style.

But putting aside what is trending, did you know that a strong butt is wonderfully good for you?

Instead of focusing on just to look like those famous fitness models, embrace the fact that strong and muscular glutes burn up calories, improve metabolic rate and give support to most of the body parts like the knees, pelvis, and the spine to be in alignment.

According to Cat Woods founder of Ballet Sculpt and yoga, barre and Pilates instructor, a strong butt enables you to walk, run, jump, dance and climb for life.

The home butt workouts for women include; Frog pump, Hip thrust, Curtsy lunges, Side lunges, lateral squat walk, side-leg deadlift, Glute bridge walk, Squat jump, Step-up, Chair squat jumps, and the Bridge.

Before looking at the butt workouts for women, let us look at the simple anatomy on the muscles of the buttocks.

The (gluteal muscles) is the general name given to the group of muscles that make up the buttocks. These include;

1. Gluteus minims

Found underneath the gluteus medius. It helps you flex and internally rotate the hip.

2. Gluteus maximus

Itis the largest muscle of the buttocks. It connects the side of the sacrum and femur. It is responsible for extending and rotating the hip joint.

3. Gluteus Medius

This is smaller and found partway under the gluteus maximus. It joins hip bone to the sides of the upper femur.

All the above these muscles along with other smaller support muscles provide great support to the pelvis, hips and a great role in the whole body movement. This explains why there is a great need to work out and tone these muscles that provide your body support.

What are the best home butt workouts for women?

We, therefore, enlisted several favorite exercises that can give you firm glutes. Let us look at these in detail.

1. The bridge

  • This targets your glutes, back, and abs.
  • Lie on the back with your head facing straight up.
  • Bend the knees and lift the hips so that the body is at a straight line all the way from head to knees
  • Hold the position for a few second and lower down slowly to the starting position
  • Repeat the exercise for as much as you can

2. Chair squat jumps

  • Site on a bench with your upper body straight and feet hip-width apart
  • Jump up straight with both your feet off the floor
  • Land on the feet, and slowly squat to sit back to the chair

3. Step-up

  • Stand in front of the bench of chair
  • Step on the bench with your right foot and step up, to engage your right glute by a lift.
  • While holding the left foot in the position, straighten the right leg to stand tall.
  • Lower back to the original position, pushing the hip back and bending the right knee.
  • Repeat the exercise using the other leg stepping on the bench.

4. Squat jump

  • Squat with your feet wider than shoulder-length and thighs parallel to the floor
  • Hold your hands together in front of your chest
  • Jump into the air as you swing the arms behind the body
  • Straighten the legs and land back to the original position.
  • Repeat this up to 15 times.

5. Glute bridge walk

  • Lie facing up with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor and arms on the sides.
  • While lifting the hips, squeeze your glutes until the body forms a straight line all the way from shoulder to the knees
  • Keeping in this position, step the right foot a few inches forward, and followed by the left foot.
  • Reverse this foot moved back to the feet positions
  • Repeat the entire exercise 15 times.

6. Single-leg deadlift

  • Stand straight with the legs together
  • With your body weight under the left leg, extent the left arm outside to balance your body
  • Extend your right leg straight back behind your body, until the leg is parallel to the ground and the right and almost touching the floor
  • With the left heel firm on the ground, push back to the original position
  • Repeat the exercise but this time using the right leg on the floor and extending the left leg
  • Repeat this 15 times per leg

7. Lateral squat walk

  • Stand in a squat position with feet shoulder-width apart and hands clasped in front of the chest.
  • Engaging your abdominal muscles, step left foot out to the side, followed by the right
  • Reverse the steps to return to the start position
  • Repeat the exercise 15 times

8. Donkey kick

  • Start with your arms, feet on the ground and wrist under your shoulders
  • Keeping hips level and right leg bent at 90 degrees lift right toes towards the ceiling until the thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Reverse to return to the start position
  • Repeat this 15 times

9. Hip thrust

  • Support your back on the bench so that your shoulders are at the edge
  • Use a height where the chest and the knees are in the straight line
  • Pull the feet inwards towards you in order to be right below the chest
  • With the knees bent, push your hips high up from the ground through the heels
  • Repeat this for at least 15 times

10. Frog pump

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent pointing outwards and your feet soles together
  • Squeeze the glutes and push your body up to form a straight line from neck to knees
  • To activate the glutes more, bring your feet closer to your butt as you lift your hips

11. Curtsy lunges

  • Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Take a step back to the side, so that the back leg crosses behind your front leg, while your hips are still pointing forward.
  • Keep your weight on the front leg and push the heel of the front foot to the ground to get back up
  • Repeat on the other side

12. Side lunges

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart
  • Lift the left leg and step to the side, pushing your hips back
  • Push through the heel of the bent leg to go back to the start position
  • Repeat on the other side using the right leg

What is the best workout equipment to tone your butt?

Much as we can tone, lift, and tighten our butts using our bodyweight exercises such as deadlifts, hip thrust, and lunges, we can make these exercises more effective by incorporating exercise equipment.

Try these pieces of equipment below to add more intensity to butt workouts for women.

1. Set of 4 resistance band loops

Special features
  • It is made of latex and tested before shipment to ensure quality.
  • Versatile it can work in yoga, Pilates and other workouts home gym.
  • Fit for anyone because they come in 4 resistances Red (15-35 lbs) + Black (25-65 lbs) + Purple (35-85 lbs) + Green (50-125 lbs). This makes them perfect¬† for beginners
  • These come with a 24 month back promise.

2. SPRI Ultra TonerFigure 8 resistance band

Special features
  • This is meant to strengthen arms, chest, and shoulder and back with a single arm and double arm exercises
  • The soft rubber handles provide a comfortable grip
  • It is light and easy to travel with. the band can be kept in a gym bag or suitcase
  • this band is made out of a high-quality grade and used for commercial gyms and clubs. It can work 100 times a day and 100 times a year.
  • Versatile in a way that it can work for all types of fitness plus it can help to isolate target muscles more effectively.

3. Apex adjustable kettlebell weight

Special features
  • It is a complete set to include all that you need for muscle building and weight lifting. This all-in-one set Comes with a 15lb weighted handle, 4 non-weighted removable spacer disks, and a 5lb bottom plate.
  • It is made of cast-iron and reinforced with a powder coating. This makes it reliable and long-lasting.
  • Versatile in the way that you can adjust the weight of the kettlebell between 20 to 50.
  • The u-bar handle gives a firm facilitates precise contact of the hands and the bar.
  • Ideal for various exercises including; lifting, toning, and strength-training exercises or for Use with circuit training and bodybuilding.

4. Small Pilates ball

Special features
  • It can easily be inflated. It can be inflated with a hand pump. The hand pump is included in the pump
  • This small ball can hold air for up to 6 months.
  • ¬†Made of high-quality PVC material, it has no strange smell at all.
  • It has an anti-burst coating that can sustain up to 600 lb of pressure. It allows you to do any pose without concerns.
  • Come with an extra needle for convenient pressure adjustment. If you feel the ball is too tight, you can deflate the ball with the needle according to your demand.
  • It has a 12-month guarantee

5. All pro Weight adjustable Ankle weights 5-lb pair

Special features
  • 5-lb pair ankle weights
  • weights are adjustable up to 2.5lbs per ankle
  • padded against the ankle and the heel to protect your tendon
  • The flaps are cushioned to protect the ankles to allow full movement
  • premium quality for fitness, health, and wellness

6. Balance stability disc

Special features
  • It is a professional grade and comes with a pump
  • 13-inch diameter for stability and balance
  • The spikes provide maximum grip
  • offers lifetime warranty
  • improves balance, coordination, and flexibility

Does running tone your butt?

Running for example splint running increases resistance in the running workout. Various ways to include sprint running include; running up hills, stairs and pulling a tire. Splint running puts the pressure on your glutes since you are pushing your body weight up a hill. This builds muscle mass and overall body power, making your butt muscles (glutes) bigger.

Does walking tone your butt?

According to a review in by Muriel Velez, former fitness consultant at blink fitness (2011-2016), fitness or fast walking not only increases stability and lower body strength but also influences the shape of your backside. Fast strolls are all you need to do in order to cause a change in your buttocks muscles.

Walking up hills, upstairs or an inclined treadmill will add the right resistance that you need in order to have perfect results.

To increase your walking speed, stand straight, bend the arms at 90 degrees, look straight ahead of you and swing your arms quickly the moment you start walking.

As you walk, try to squeeze your butt and aim at walking a mile in about 15 minutes for effective results.

Apart from the butt workouts for women, we also, wrote an article about the workouts to tone your legs.

Bottom line

As a matter of fact, all the butt workouts aim at toning the gluteal muscles in your buttocks. Strong and muscular glutes burn up calories, improve metabolic rate and give support to most of the body parts like the knees, pelvis, and the spine to be in alignment.

However, much as these workouts are effective to some degree, spot workouts are not an effective way of toning the body muscles. It is important that you focus on exercises that aim at toning the entire body muscles. This ensures a healthy body weight.


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