Does drinking water help you lose weight?

Does drinking water help you lose weight?
  • PublishedNovember 23, 2019

We have all been told that drinking water is healthy. ”Water is life” is a quote I have been seeing as I have grown though I don’t know the quote’s origin I really agree to it.

It is said you can go days without food and still live but without water it’s different. Water is like fuel to the human body to make it function. Apart from the comfort and quenching thirst, water has many health benefits too.

Talk about the effect of clear skin, improved digestion and lots more health benefits. Generally, being well hydrated is very good for the overall body. But most times a question echos in my mind, does drinking water help you to lose weight?

I wondered then I made deeper research and asked on experts. I realized losing weight was not one thing like a switch to turn the whole process on. But quite a number of dos and don’ts in order to achieve a slim body.

Many measures are said to be working like reducing your protein intake, avoiding late-night snacking and starving yourself, missing some meals. They do work, but what if a better alternative was just in front of you.

Imagine a calorie-free drink that acts as a natural appetite suppressant, helps in burning fat and does a lot in reducing your overall liquid intake of which some liquids may not be weight loss friendly.

Water may be the best drink, it’s way a lot cheaper, can be easily got and most important of the many health benefits associated. And drinking water will help you to lose weight.

does drinking water help you lose weight

Does drinking water make you gain weight?

Absolutely no, here is what you should know.  In order to gain weight, you should take in calories more than your body can burn.

Water being calorie-free, it’s impossible to gain weight by drinking water unless when mixed with additives that have calories. Actually, drinking water will just help lose weight and stay healthy.

How does drinking water help you to lose weight?

Drinking water helps in many ways of burning fat.

  1. Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant

Taking a glass of water before eating, will reduce your food intake by a big portion. Drinking water will fill a very big gap in your belly thus making you eat smaller.

Water taken prior meals will make you feel full just after eating a few portions of food. That feeling of fullness will send a message to your brain to stop eating. Water will have made you full, curbed your food intake and reducing your appetite.

In many occasions, our body sometimes misinterprets thirst for hunger. When your body feels dehydrated, it sends signals which may be wrongly interpreted.

Instead of taking water, you eat instead and this just increases weight. But for people who regularly hydrate by taking water tend to lose weight by avoiding unnecessary snacking.

  1. Drinking water reduces overall liquid intake.

Many drinks are full of calories, so by substituting taking liquids like soda, juice with drinking water instead, could save you from many calories. Water is calorie-free which makes it one of the best healthiest drink.

Water quenches thirst and this will help you get rid of drinks like soda with lots of calories. So by replacing high-calorie intake drinks with water will change a lot of your weight.

  1. Helps to stay hydrated in workouts.

does water help you lose weight
Image by zuzyusa from Pixabay

For effective weight loss workouts, hydration is a major key. Water helps the body to keep moving during workouts. As you work out and sweat, the body loses body fluids.

Even a 2% reduction of the water body can make you feel thirsty and uneasy. So by staying hydrated with water, much can be achieved during workouts. Believe me, drinking water will help you work out in order to lose weight.

Water helps organs to function and muscles, joints to flex and move as you workout.  So by staying hydrated as you workout will decrease chances of injury.

Water can get rid of fatigue, muscle cramps and increases productivity making you work harder and longer which will in the long run help lose weight. And always stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after a workout. It’s a better option of taking water than sports drinks during a workout.

  1. Drinking ice cold water helps to lose weight.

does water help you lose weight
Image by Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay

Drinking ice-cold water will help you with weight loss. The body will take an extra step while trying to warm the ice-cold water to match the required temperature by the body.

In this so, it will raise your metabolism thus burning more calories which will help to lose weight.  And ice-cold water tastes a lot better than water at room temperature this is an advantage.

How much is enough water to burn fat?

There’s an old saying kind of culture of drinking 8 glasses of water per day. It’s a good one but………It would be improper if I said it is wrong but its closely related to being wrong I would say.

Since everybody has an amount of water she’s required of. It can be a good goal anyway in your journey of drinking water to help you lose weight. This all due to many factors.

  • Body size and weight
  • Body activities
  • Age
  • Health status
  • climate

With all the above factors, 8 glasses of water by 8 pm would be less for a very actively involved person or a person of a bigger body mass than a smaller one. And for a smaller person, living in a cold environment, 8 glasses of water may seem too much. It’s best to consult your doctor or maybe get an app that can get you the right amount of water in a day.

How to take the required amount of water in a day.

does drinking water help you to lose weight
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Drinking water is so much boring to many people that’s why many opt for soda, juice and other sweet beverages. And others may fail to remember to take water. Here is a list of things you can do to hit your water intake target.

  • Get a water drinking reminder app.
  • Carry a water bottle with you to work, school or visit.
  • Add flavour to your drinking water to give it a better taste. (lime, mint, ginger)
  • Always take a water bottle every time you workout.
  • Use an app that can track your drinking progress.
  • Keep it a habit of refilling your bottle immediately when it’s out of water.
  • Abid by the rule of one-to-one as you drink alcohol.
  • Reward yourself for hitting your daily, weekly and monthly water drinking goals.
  • Eat foods and fruits rich in water like watermelons
  • Dilute sugary drinks with water.
  • Make it a habit of drinking a glass of water before your daily activities like before watching tv

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Other benefits of drinking water.

  1. Water is great for the skin keeping it moist and healthy. Try to believe someone who says water is antiageing since it keeps the skin healthy and free from cracking, getting broken and free from wrinkles.
  2. Saliva and mucus are formed from water. Keeping your body hydrated helps create saliva which is very vital in eating and digestion. The importance of mucus is to trap dirt from going into your body through the nostrils.
  3. Water is needed in excreting out body wastes. This is through sweat which carries toxins from the boy when you do vigorous exercises or exposed to warmer temperatures. Passing out urine and faeces also highly depends on your water intake. The less water you take, the more difficult it will be during your time in the toilet.
  4. Water is very vital in digestion of food. That’s why you will experience constipation and indigestion when you take less water throughout the day.
  5. Water is the fuel that drives the body. Being dehydrated will cause uneasiness and decrease the body’s ability to perform at full potential. Always carry your water bottle as you workout to avoid dehydration.
  6. Water is good at fighting hangovers.
  7. Water forms 90% of your blood. That’s why whenever you feel dehydrated, you feel the body broken.

Here is a detailed article for other benefits of water apart from weight loss

In conclusion, I hope I have answered the question of ”Does drinking water help you lose weight?”. I would greatly advise to take water and make it a habit due to its many health benefits.

Try to substitute with all the unhealthy drinks you have been taking like sodas and juices with a high-calorie count. Carry a bottle with you, but it should be a nice bottle not to attract unnecessary attention.

Don’t fear to start, just do it for only 21 days and it will become a habit and bang jackpot you will be forever super slim with the help of water.

But get me right, water will help with weight loss but don’t give up on working out.

Taking water, workouts and a proper diet will give you the desire body weight. If you know of a friend or family member who should read on this article feel free to share it. It will help a lot.


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