Habits and foods to avoid to lose weight faster.

Habits and  foods to avoid to lose weight faster.
  • PublishedMarch 9, 2020

Almost every diet plan out there for weight loss has ”eat this, leave that”. Losing weight requires dropping some foods and habits while adapting to others. This is like the general rule every diet plan is based on while being made.

There are generally unhealthy foods you need to avoid in order to lose weight in almost every diet plan. These types of foods most times have a high number of calories or sugars that are easily digested. Sometimes, they are low in nutrients and will not help you reach your body’s nutrient requirements.

In summary, foods to avoid to lose weight are those that have a high-calorie count and have fewer nutrients content.  While habits to avoid are those that cause you to overfeed, skip exercise and those that are generally unhealthy for weight loss.

What should you not do when trying to lose weight?

Underestimate or overestimate your calorie intake and burning.

Most nutritionists and health personnel suggest having a strict regulation on the number of calories one takes in order to lose weight. It’s then essential to have calories deficit to lose weight. Many have had it crammed and always aim at reducing their calorie intake. But this fact has been found to be lucking by most researches whereby the calorie deficit will vary from one person to another. Therefore it’s very important to know how much calories you are meant to take daily than going ahead to overrate or underrate yourself.

When you consume plenty of calories and burn a few, you may not lose weight. The same applies to consume fewer calories than your body requires yet you go on and still burn them through exercise, it will make you ill.

The best approach is knowing the number of calories you are entitled to take and those that you can burn in order to achieve weight loss. The average woman will need about 1400 calories in order to lose a pound of weight in a weeks’ time. For men, it is 2000 calories in order to lose a pound of weight in a week’s time too.

Weight Scale Reality

After a period of sticking to a particular routine to curb weight loss, we at times feel it’s not paying off as it should be. In most cases, we rush out to the weighing scale to get a feel and put a number on the amount of weight we have lost in the due process. However, numerous things contribute to weight change and as such using the weighing scale number as the final representation of that change isn’t ideal.

Weight can vary during the course of the day depending on one’s intake of liquids and foods. It’s actually possible to have a constant measure on the scale due to your loss of fat but with a lot of water weight. In all, other factors can affect the weight scale, like varying fluids intake and muscle mass gain; hence you should not base on it a lot.

Break yourself with  workouts

Regular exercising will have a positive effect on your metabolism, and the reverse is true. But that doesn’t mean you should spend the whole day in the gym. Too much exercising is not productive and is related to health constraints. Overworking out may cause wear and tear, probably induce injuries. Therefore, it’s more rewarding to stick to a more moderate exercising schedule for a longer time frame than an exhausting one.

Always give yourself resting time. You can have a  workout schedule of 5 days a week leaving the other 2 days for resting. This will give your body time to heal and weight loss will be effective with rests.

Sticking to the same routine or diet.

I know of a friend who got a workout routine from a qualified trainer. It worked out for the first few weeks but then she hit a plateau. This was due to doing the same workouts over and over again. Our bodies can get used to workouts if we don’t change them. This is the period you feel that you are completing reps and sets without feeling difficulty or resistance and am boring. Yet for workouts to be effective, they must be challenging.

Also using the same diet plan that involves the same type of food, will get boring and ineffective for weight loss.

With diet and workouts, they should be spiced up, changed for fun and effectiveness.

Foods to avoid when trying to lose weight

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Drinks Rich in sugars

Beverages such as Sodas can go under this umbrella. These are strongly attached to heavyweight gain with other unhealthy effects. Most of these drinks are rich in calories and as well not termed to be full-filling to the body. Hence when on the journey to lose weight, let’s do away with these drinks.

White Bread

White bread contains a lot of added sugar which obviously will compromise your weight loss campaign. When taken often, it can sky rock your blood sugar levels, weight gain, and then obesity. Being made out of refined flour, white bread is low in fiber which is essential for weight loss. Therefore, it’s advised to pick from other alternatives of bread that are made out of whole-grain flour.

Candy Bars

Among foods to avoid to lose weight are candy bars. Candy bars come along with a lot of added sugar, oils, refined flour which are all basically unhealthy. It’s a lot of calories and sugars packed in a small package, consuming a few bars will add quite a number of calories yet they are not even satisfying and have low nutrients content. Hence you should avoid these candy bars regardless of their appealing look.

French Fries and Potato Chips

 foods to avoid to lose weight Volume

Boiled whole potatoes are very healthy and a must-have on the meal when losing weight.  But it’s not the case with potato chips and French fries. The French fries and potato chips are high in calories and very appealing to anyone to eat many of them. These are unhealthy and contribute to weight gain over time.

Fruit Juices

They at times are found in restaurants, supermarkets, and on streets with limited content of the whole fruit. During their preparation, a lot of sugar is added, and it’s said that they constitute as many calories and sugar as sodas. That’s right, fruit juices can be a calorie bomb due to the many types of fruits that may be added while preparing the juice. Instead of having these fruit juices it is healthy eating the whole fruit.

Baked foods

Baked foods should be included on the list to avoid in order to lose weight. The food bracket includes cookies, cakes, which are usually high in sugars and a type of fats known to be trans fats. Trans fats are harmful and associated with diseases. Most baked foods are also made from refined flour which is low in nutrients and was stripped of the fiber. The fiber is responsible for adding bulk to the food making you feel satisfied longer. But with the fiber out of the foods, they are not long time satisfying which can cause overeating.

With these high calories intake foods, one is likely to get hungry very fast which won’t give in a good result for weight losing people. In case you are searching for something sweet, you could try the dark chocolate that’s of less harm.

Which fruits should be avoided for weight loss.

Fruits are generally healthy and you will hear doctors and nutrition experts recommending the eating of fruits. But some fruits don’t qualify in the list of healthy fruits due to the high number of calories or great amounts of sugar present in them. Here are some of the fruits you should avoid for weight loss;


This fruit has got general health benefits but contains fats and sugars which don’t add up to weight loss. Therefore, if you love enjoying grapes, then at least you should expect to gain some weight on a short spell of time.


Including bananas here violates their health benefits but the fact is they come with a lot of calories and natural sugars. Meaning excess consumption of bananas could result in weight gain.

Dry fruits

These could include prunes, and raisins which have got more calories than a substance of water in them. Hence it’s very necessary to have a very limited number of these fruits to control weight gain


Though avocado is a great source of healthy fats, its rich in calories too with a 100gm of avocado containing about 160 calories. Therefore consuming unreasonable amounts of avocado will cause a weight gain. But this doesn’t mean to kick it out of your diet rather consume it at moderate amounts.


Mangoes are part of the tropical fruits i.e. pineapple and mangoes with an effect on weight loss that is not easily noticed. Due to their sweetness, they are said to have some high rich calories hence its wise not to eat many of them.

Habits to avoid when trying to lose weight.

Strict Diet

Several times when people set out to lose weight, they often tend to skip breakfast, if not even lunch; with a thought, that supper (or dinner) will add up the needed calories. But this practice has health consequences like disturbance of the metabolism and hence making weight loss harder to achieve. This practice is different from what nutritionists advise people to follow where someone goes about eight hours without eating to allow the body to use up all those fats for energy.   Hence it’s important to crosscheck the hours without eating.

Products Labelled “DIET”

Don’t fall for most of these kinds of products, such as low-carb or low-fat, in the supermarkets and stores as they have added sugars that cannot help you in weight loss. These products tend to increase the appetite of the consumers, then hunger, and lastly weight gain.

Often eating /irregular eating a day

Eating from time to time pushes the body to release insulin which lowers the sugar levels in the blood. This act of insulin has a negative impact on the body which may include a risk of heart disease. Therefore, please regulate your meals very well. Three big meals would be ideal but an alternation can be considered.

Physical exercise minus healthy feeding

Having healthy meals regularly is as vital as the routine exercising because all that adds up to a balanced healthy lifestyle. The benefits of routine exercise are unquestionable, from streamlining your metabolism to a strong immune system. But having these activities with a meal lucking some nutrients say carbohydrates may cause some health problems like a decrease in inflammation. In weight loss, we tend to leave out carbohydrates, but these should be taken at a very limited amount not to miss out on its benefits.

Fats Avoidance

On the contrary to what most people would think, we actually need fat in our struggles to lose weight. This would actually help us fight the burning desire to eat. But we ought to know the kinds of foods which are rich in the type of Fat we need. Avocados and nuts are essential to help in this field and set away from the vegetable oil.

Can you eat bread when trying to lose belly fat?

Numerous researches on nutrition and weight loss recommend that anyone seeking to lose weight can effectively achieve it when they limit or regular their carbohydrate intake. This is a sure way to cut on the body fats more so when avoiding sugars, white bread, and other similar foods. This practice, when added to increased consumption of foods rich in proteins, will surely give you the intended results. With regards to bread and belly fat, one should first examine the kind of bread they are going to consume before eating because white bread has a higher calorie intake and should be avoided than the other grain breed which has no effect to weight again.

Bottom line

With all this in mind, it’s upon you to choose the best practice and routine that will win weight loss for you. There are many tricks to kill a bird hence don’t dare restrict yourself on another person’s routine just because it worked for him or her. You are different and your uniqueness to weight loss will win it for you as well. Please, leave us a comment to tell us to know how this has been impactful to you.

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