The best women’s home gym equipment below $50

The best women’s home gym equipment below $50
  • PublishedFebruary 8, 2020

Working out with a low budget is sometimes tough. With gym subscriptions being expensive yet sometimes you even fail to attend. And it leaves you with the option of working out at home but wait this is also not easy. It comes with challenges of space, for instance, the trend mill is meters long and wide which might consume a lot of space in your house. And the prices are really high at most times like above $1000. Seriously all these may make you want to quit workouts. Hold on, don’t quit just yet because I have been where you are with limited space and a low budget but I have managed to turn things around and acquire work out home gym equipment below $50.

If you are going to create a simple home gym with equipment below $50, here

What gym accessories do I need?

As a woman, gym accessories you will probably need are some few then workout gears. When I talk about gears, I referring to what you wear during workouts. Let’s say from yoga pants, sports bra hope you get my picture. And these shouldn’t cost you a week’s pay. Do you believe there are workout gears below $5o yet they are really amazing and deliver? Let’s see of the gym gears you will need that don’t cost a fortune.

Waterproof headsets.

Running in raining or hard exercises that make you sweat will expose your headsets to moisture. And if they aren’t waterproof, you may be buying new ones every 2 weeks. And so, getting water-resistant headsets will save you from the expenses.

Water bottle

You will need a water bottle to make you stay hydrated as you work out. Staying hydrated as you work out will increase effectiveness and make you reach your workout goals faster. Don’t fear to own it may be a lot cheaper than you think. Here are the latest prices on the Amazon listing.

Water-resistant cell phone armband.

We always carry our phones during workouts so as we don’t miss important calls and also play music as we workout. Also when you use your phone as a pedometer, it must be on you. Whether in the gym or outdoor, you wouldn’t like your phone to get wet with sweat or rain. And so, getting a waterproof armband will save your phone from bad weather when you carry it along. Check out the latest prices on the Amazon listings

Sports bra

This is one of the exercise gears that will give you comfort as you work out. It can’t be substituted with a normal bra as you will uncomfortable all the time as you work out. For workouts like skipping, your breasts will be moving up and down for every jump you make. That’s why you should own a sports bra if you want to enjoy and benefit from your workouts. And also a sports bra can be worn alone as a top as you work out which isn’t the case with aa normal bra. You can get a sports bra as low as$6 dollars on Amazon

Yoga pants.

Never grab any kind of sweater pant you have in your wardrobe. First thing you will attract unnecessary attention. Secondly, a random sweater pant is very prone to tearing if you trying stretching out. In addition to that, when you sweat while in a random sports pant, it may not be able to absorb the sweat and then make you uncomfortable like you peed in your pants. And so, grab a pair of sports yoga for comfort and effective workouts. It makes you even stand out, that’s the necessary attention you may want to attract. You may not believe how cheap yoga pants are on the Amazon listings.

Workout/athletic shoes

Steeping on the treadmill or doing squats will require firm steps on the floor. Putting on any pair of sneakers that aren’t meant for workouts will cause harm since they may not be flexible and fit for workouts. Athletic shoes will give you a firm grip as you do exercise.  Athletic shoes are designed to provide your feet with the proper aeration and absorb sweat to give you comfort. You will be amazed knowing you can get good workout shoes below $50 on Amazon.

Workout gloves.

Whether you are lifting weights or doing pushups, you will need a firm grip and protection from the floor or weights. That’s when workout gloves should be involved in. You will feel more motivated and comfortable while working out in gloves. Sweaty palms are common during workouts and these can increase your chances of injury if your palm happens to slip off the floor or bar as you work out. Save yourself from injury and bruised palms that may be caused by holding onto bars and lifting weights. workout gloves don’t cost so much on Amazon listings.

Athletic shirts

I have stretch marks that at the moment I feel shy to show off. So, owning an athletic shirt helped me workout with courage and I wasn’t afraid.  For whatever reason a sports bra may not be applicable, an athletic shirt will help you work out. And they don’t cost a fortune on Amazon check out their price listing on Amazon.

Long-sleeved sweatshirt.

During cold weather, you may prefer a long-sleeved sweatshirt to work out in a sports bra alone. It will help you stay warm and fully absorb sweat as you work out for comfortability. Here are the latest prices on Amazon listings.

Gym bag.

This is a must-own as it will help you keep your workout gears in one place and organized.  And I think you wouldn’t like going back in sweaty clothes back home. So, a gym bag will be able to keep your spare clothes, waterbody, a mobile phone, your makeup and spare shoes. And gym bags are built with good aeration to keep the bad smell away. And they don’t cost much on the Amazon listings.


Most times, you may want to keep your hair protected or head covered. This is more important when you are working outdoors while jogging or hiking. A cap, beanie cap and head sock will work out in these situations. Owning a headgear is something you wouldn’t consider but keep it just in case you may go out hiking in the mountains. And they don’t cost beyond $50 dollars on Amazon.

Knee and elbow pads.

You will find the purpose of these two when you go outdoor cycling or maybe rock climbing too. But with whatever workouts that make you prone to injuring your knees and elbows, you need to be on the safe side and own the knee and elbow pads. Here are the latest prices on Amazon listings.

Workout socks

These aren’t so essential but if you are involved in workouts like running whether on the treadmill or outdoor, you will need these socks to keep your feet safe from injury and the bad smell out of your shoes as the socks absorb sweat as you exercise. Here are the latest prices on Amazon listings.

What is the best home gym exercise equipment?

Yoga mat

With plenty of exercises that can be performed on a yoga mat, it’s a must-have. The yoga or exercise mat offers the best alternative as a home gym equipment than working out on an itchy carpet or hard floor. And you will be surprised by how much you can get one from the listings on Amazon.

Ab carver wheel

For those who want to spice their tummy workouts with equipment, the ab carver wheel will do the work. Russian twists, sit-ups and many tummy reducing exercises can get boring that’s when you try out the ab carver wheel to bring the heat in that tummy fat. Some ab rollers come with a knee pad on Amazon and they won’t cost a fortune. Here are the latest prices on Amazon.

An aerobic step.

If you among those who want to race their hearts beating fast, then you should own an aerobic step. It will help you in doing different kinds of cardio and will increase your metabolism hence burning that body fat. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

Skipping rope

Getting your body fired up by doing some quick jumps is a fast way to bring your body sweating that fat out. And probably the most important equipment you will need here is the skipping rope. Some come with weighted handles to double the workout and gain more.  Don’t underestimate skipping as a 10 minutes skipping session burns almost the same calories as 30-minute jogging. And skipping ropes aren’t expensive and if you are on a low budget, the skipping rope will do the trick here. Here are the latest prices on Amazon.

Medicine ball

Though it may seem old school owning and working out with a medicine ball, it’s still effective. With plenty of various exercises that can be performed using the medicine ball yet, it’s not expensive. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

Cuffed weights.

These are tied around the ankles or wrists to give extra weight as you work out. These can be used while running, brisk walking, arm circle exercise and many more. They will add more weight onto your workouts especially when you get used to the workouts and you need a challenge. Here are the latest prices on Amazon.

Pull up bar.

Can be used for strength training that’s why it shouldn’t miss in your home gym equipment. The good thing about the pull bar is that you use your bodyweight to workout. The pull-up bar can also be turned and used for other exercises like sit-ups, push up and dips. The price is good obviously you can own one under the price of $50. Here are the latest prices on Amazon.

A dumbbell set and stand.

Who says women don’t use dumbbells? Dumbbells are used by women for various exercises and the results are really amazing. Toned arms are easily earned by the use of dumbbells whose exercises easily get rid of arm fat quickly. Here are the latest prices on Amazon.

Balancing ball

It will add effect to your workouts if you involve the yoga ball. Like the name, it can be used for yoga and to gain body stability.  Stretching gets easier with the yoga ball as well as tightening the core muscles. And so own one to spice up your workouts. Here are the latest Amazon prices.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are effective at burning fat while increasing muscle strength. They also provide flexibility and boost your stamina. Resistance bands come in different sizes and elasticity allowing you to wake those lazy leg muscles and help with toning too.

What do you need for a workout?

For a low budget, these are the essential equipment that will help you work out yet they don’t cost much. But I can say, exercise alone cannot help you achieve weight loss that’s why I wrote an article for you about weightloss diet planning for women. It will help you set a weight loss diet plan which will deliver results. With a proper diet plan and a well-set home gym equipment set, you will achieve weight loss faster.

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