The best guide on a home gym setup under $2,000

The best guide on a home gym setup under $2,000
  • PublishedApril 7, 2020

Have you ever waited in line not to buy the recently released iPhone but to be the next to use a gym bike? Then this guy can’t get off and is working out for hours as if his life depends on it. Maybe a tap on the back from somebody as you workout ‘’ mate can I use there’’?  Plenty of bad experiences can happen at the gym.

Gyms come off to be crowded, expensive or you may fail to get time to go to the gym. Many reasons can be a setback to working out in a gm like dealing with people of different kinds at the gym. Owning a home gym can be a solution.

Now you got reasons and the desire to set up your own gym. But what will it cost in terms of money and time for a beautiful and effective home gym setup?

Here are some of the major key points you should consider.
home gym setup
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Consider the purpose. Are you a strength trainer or you are setting up the gym to lose weight? Putting these into consideration will help you buy the right equipment.

Space matters.  Take an example of a treadmill which is about 64 inches long 28 inches wide on average. If you have a small space set for the gym, then you should consider leaving out the treadmill and getting small gym equipment.

Your finances should be put into consideration. Setting up a home gym can be expensive if you choose expensive gym equipment with some reaching even to $10k on just one single treadmill.

How much does it cost to set up a home gym?

A home gym setup can cost as little as $1,000 and as much as $20,000 or more depending on your needs and price range.

An average home gym setup costs between $1,000 and $2,000. With this price range you can assemble a home gym that caters for cardio, strength training, weight lifting and general weight loss.

The cost will depend on the type of equipment chosen.

The best gym setup is not the one that costs a lot, it is the one which will serve multi-purpose to cater to everyone at home. And it is not always that the most expensive gym equipment that is most effective but that doesn’t mean you should choose cheap ones either.

Choosing average gym equipment will give you comfort and suit within $2000. Luxury gym equipment tend to cost much, have cool features but they are also expensive.

Luxury gym equipment provides more comfort and almost the same workout results. Therefore, don’t fear to buy gym equipment with an average price as they will deliver successfully.

Here is a list of things that aren’t gm equipment though they are essential in the gym.

  • Lighting: to bring more light into the gym in case you are to work even in the nights.
  • Floor: for comfort and protection of your house’s floor from weight damage.

Home gym setup under $2000; Our recommended equipment.

With only $2,000, you can have a perfect gym set up that can be used for different exercise routines and workout styles.

Here is my handpicked home gym equipment with a total of less than $2,000.

1. Dumbbell set.

With plenty of exercises you can do with dumbbells, they are a must-have. Generally, dumbbells can be used in training and toning the whole body with a matter of switching through exercises.

Hex shaped dumbbells with a black rubber coating are the most comfortable and last longer.

Examples of exercises you can do with dumbbells are goblet squat, dumbbell clean, farmer’s walk, bent over row, dumbbell bench press, setups and many other exercises.

Tronet Rubber Dumbbell Set 5-50, Barbell Set Hex Rubber Dumbbell
  • The set has pairs of 5, 10, and 20 lbs dumbells. The 30 and 50 lbs option contains 1 dumbbell.
  • Built with welded metal handles and thick, hexagonal -rubber shaped weights for comfortability and durability.

2. Treadmill.

A treadmill can complete your gym and make it look classy. Working out on a treadmill can help you burn between 80-500 calories in 30 minutes.

You can learn how to choose a good treadmill that will last by reading an article I wrote.

Treadmills come with different levels and intensities allowing you to choose through walking, jogging or running.

Goplus 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill with Incline.
  • This treadmill has a folding mechanism to help you fold and unfold it in case of limited space.
  • Supports up to 220 pounds and has a speed of 0.5 70 7.5 mph.
  • A big running belt gives you an awesome experience.
  • It comes with a screen that shows stats as you workout.

3. Stationary bike.

A stationary bike can tone your lower body and help you burn lots of calories too. In your home gym setup, don’t exclude workout equipment for the lower body.

You can burn around 200-300 calories in just 30 minutes while exercising on a stationary bike. Here is how to choose the best stationary bike.

ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary with Heart Rate

  • This exercise bike can support up to 330 pounds.
  • The belt system delivers a smooth almost silent and stable ride.
  • With an adjustable seat, the exercise bike fits almost everyone.
  • Heart rate sensor and pulse monitor measures your pulse and pulse as you workout.

4. Ab roller.

Don’t forget this belly toning gym equipment. It is one of the best belly fat burning gym equipment.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

  • This ultra-wide ab roller gives a great workout experience.
  • With inbuilt resistance and ergonomic handles help to maximize results of ab roll-out exercises.
  • Supports up to 300 pounds.
  • The handgrips are angled to activate arm and core muscles. The handles are also removable for easy transport and storage.

5. Fitness adjustable bench.

This bench will allow you to do lots of workouts since it is adjustable. It is a must-have as it is so multi-purpose with endless workouts that can be done on the bench.

Red Folding Sit up Bench Slant Board Multifunction Bench Board

  • This practical workbench provides a safe and convenient various workouts.
  • Adjustable height can help you challenge various training difficulties and positions.
  • Comfortable cushions provide more support for your spine and back as you work out.
  • Easy folding makes storage an easy task in case of small gym space.

Exercise step platform.

You can use it for cardio and other aerobic workouts. With adjustable height, it is used for different aerobic exercises.

6. Medicine ball set.

Your home gym would be incomplete if it lacks a medicine ball set.

Choosing a rubber shell medicine ball set will give you an easy and firm grip.

Exertools TOTL Medicine Ball Set and Vertical Ball Rack
  • Various sizes make workouts interesting and fun.
  • These medicine balls have a textured surface for easy grip and comfort.
  • Two-tone easy to see pattern makes the ball great fo exercises.
  • The set comes with a rack to hold them and keep them in order.

7. Powe tower.

The power workout equipment will allow you to do strength-building exercises like pull-ups and dips.

It doesn’t occupy a lot of space yet different exercises can be done on it.


Homefami Dip Station Chin Up Bar Pull Push Home Gym Fitness Equipment

  • It consists of a sturdy steel frame and a figure-eight base that is capable of supporting up to 330 pounds.
  • The armrest is tilted inward at 19 degrees to prevent the arm from slipping during workouts.
  • Five height-adjustable pull-up rods can be adjusted according to your preference and need.
  • It is a multifunctional dip station that supports knee raise, push-ups, dips and pull-ups to target your arms, core, shoulders, back and chest.

8. Yoga ball.

Spice up your workouts with a little yoga or focusing workouts. The yoga ball completes your gym with plenty of exercises that can be done on it.

Yoga balls can be used to do core strengthening exercises, relieving back pain, improving balance and posture. Here is an article on my handpicked best yoga balls.

Yoga Ball Chair

  • It comes with a base that stops the gym ball from rolling during workouts.
  • Anti-slip material offers a stead workout of no worry.
  • Its durable, anti-burst and can stand up to 2,000 pounds of static weight.
  • This bundle comes with inflatable base, Ebook, mini foot pump, measuring tape, spare air stopper plug and plug removal tool.

10. Weight plates and bar set.

It will never be a complete gym if weight plates and bars are missing.

Rubber coated weights can be your best option with 2-3 bars of different sizes.

With these you can do a lot of exercises like floor press, weighted sit up, overhead lunge, bench press, deadlifts and many other exercises.

Topeakmart Barbell Weight Plate Bumper Stand, Powder-Coated Steel Frame

  • With a total capacity of 3oo pounds.
  • Powder-coated steel frame material is resistant to sweat and moisture which helps to prevent rust.
  • The comes with a bumper plate rack for storage of the weights.

11. Kettlebell.

Kettlebells are sometimes underestimated but they offer great workout results.

They can be used for swinging, carried in between legs while doing squats or giving you the extra weight as you do lunges.

Rubber coated kettlebells are comfortable and last longer.

Century Strive Soft Kettle Bells

  • Soft padded exterior for comfort.
  • Foam grip handles to prevent bruises in the palms.
  • Neoprene shell.
  • Various weights to choose from.
The Bottom line;

With these gym types of equipment you stay within your budget while getting great workout experience. You might necessarily choose exactly the same gym equipment I choose, but whining that price range you will be able to get good gym equipment according to your preference.

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