How to hide belly fat; 15 tips we think you will love

How to hide belly fat; 15 tips we think you will love
  • PublishedApril 3, 2020

Is your belly starting to protrude outwards? Are you one of those people who’s so conscious about the shape of your body? Or a friend (or an acquaintance) is one of the two. Worrying all day will instead increase the belly fat. So don’t that. Positivity, on the other hand, can win this one challenge for you. You can look your best in that dress for the upcoming event. Still, you can look good in clothes. How is all this possible? This article explores the tips to assist you with how to hide belly fat. This will achieve the desired look and much more. Read on to discover all this.

There are a number of tricks you could probably try out and end up hiding your belly fat. How to hide belly fat can be as easy as setting the right posture and taking every detail of your dressing and clothing very important. This can never be the solution to weight loss but rather a way to appear slim. Read on to have a deep understanding of how to hide belly fat.

Understanding why your belly is so fat.

There is a need to know why you have a fat belly in the first instance. Then we shall dive into how to hide belly fat and eventually cutting down on the fat.

Belly fat is the fats that accumulate around the abdomen and this being Visceral –surrounds the organs, and subcutaneous –sits under the skin. The latter is the main cause of why the belly is so fat. However, it’s not the reason why people gain and develop belly fat. They are many reasons and these include lack exercise, poor diet, high-stress levels, age, and hormones. Taking the necessary changes in the different aspects of lifestyle can aid to lose the belly fat for most people. In most cases, the belly fat is caused by overeating and limited or no movements in someone’s lifestyle. For example, we walk less, don’t take stairs or exercise whenever necessary. The energy imbalance will give way to weight gain.

Additionally, as we get of age, our metabolism slows down and our body fat gradually increases. When we have this extra fat, its redirected to the abdomen. Congenital traits are another way where you are genetically prone to gain weight in the abdomen than other parts of the body. Hormones and stress can as well cause belly fat accumulation.

Ways on how to hide belly fat

Don’t be intimidated by the big belly. Don’t lose your peace and worry all the time about the big belly. Luckily there are ways you could embark on how to hide the belly fat. This, when done properly, can improve your personal confidence. Hiding a big belly is cut down to two aspects i.e. the clothes to wear, and the body posture to keep, giving a slim appearance.

Keep the right body posture

In rare cases do you find people who take their body posture so seriously on all occasions? This is mainly so because most people don’t know and cannot tell that the details behind your sitting and standing in a particular manner can amount to a lot more than they can imagine. Someone with a poor posture can sink and loosen the abdomen muscles further thus blowing up the bulge than what it is. This should not only be a way to hide your belly. However, good posture is such a real healthy practice as well. Therefore, try to sit with your back straight, stomach pressed in a bit and the shoulders relaxed. This will portray a slim body.
For the details on the clothes to wear to hide big belly fat. Skip to the section “What to wear when you choose the way of hiding belly fat?” in this article.

What to wear when you choose the way of hiding belly fat?
The Dark Colours Hide Belly Fat

No matter the cause; genes, poor exercise, diet habits, age, or probably hormones. Anyone will struggle to lose the extra weight around the waist. This is mainly because of the physical look. For all who are so conscious about the fat belly, try these to streamline things for you.

Flattering Clothes should be your choice

On the clothes to wear, try to avoid tight clothes, then take on dark colours like Black, navy, charcoal, and brown to send the right picture. Go for those clothes that will bring out the best features in you for instance when wearing pants; you ought to have the pant mid or high-rise the waistline, and the tops should be with draping, pleats, or frills, and jacket or cardigan can be a good try, and body shapers underneath, or going with a dress/shirt with a waistline

Go for the right accessories for your outfits

The neckless should be big enough to catch attention away from the bottom areas. Better to chose that big tie to match your clothes and for ladies, try out the purse with long straps. A pair of suspenders can do well, and a hat would be a good choice to add more length to your general appearance.

Learn hide belly fat in a dress

Wearing the right dress pattern, undergarments and accessories will help boost your confidence. On that note, you have no reason to worry yourself sick when with a fat belly and you would like to wear a tight dress for whatever occasion. Here are some tips that you could find useful in such a case;

The dress should be of the right fabric and print

It’s very important to start with a dress which makes you feel comfortable hence try out like so many dresses. This can be until you land on the right one with the right style and fabric.

With comfort achieved, now then put in mind the colour of that dress. Always go for dark colours like black, navy, and charcoal. This is because of their ease to hide most of the indicators of fat like wrinkles.

Vertical stripes always take the attention of the on-looker from up-to-down. This gives the illusion of tall and lean appearance. Still, it’s better to choose a dress with narrow stripes to give out the best effect. In case the vertical stripes don’t fall in your tastes and preferences, choose a dress with small designs. For example, a small flowers pattern which makes the concentration to one spot difficult. The on-looking person cannot focus on a specific part of your body. This hides the belly fat for the onlooking person.

Your undergarments should fit you properly

You don’t want your undergarments to spoil the party for you. Have the right sizes of the bra and underwear which fit you exactly well and thus not forming lumps and dimples that are not needed. I would recommend trying or going for high-waist underwear that will keep part of the extra belly fat in proper check without the unwanted bulges and panty lines. It could be quite difficult considering your weight, but try to fit into shapewear (or body shaper) before putting on that dress. Go for the shapewear that matches your right size and a smoothing bodysuit is the best option.

Accessories draw attention when looking

A belt on the waist is a good option to highlight the slimmest area when you draw attention to it. Putting other factors into perspective, drawing attention to the neck can be a good way. Wear a beautiful scarf in a complementary colour around you’re the neck to attract the attention upper wards. Good neckless or other jewellery will divert attention at any day to the upper parts of your body. The other way could be a fitting jacket or cardigan with/in a complementary colour that will give you a good thinner look overall. Lastly, the stockings and shoes should have a matching colour to the dress creating a long and lean figure from top to bottom.

Walk with confidence

Walking anyhow or in S-shape gives off an impression of someone is heavy (or big weight) hence it’s important to move with the chin up, shoulders back and relaxed, and the rear tucked in to give the illusion of low-weight body. When you get to stand or sit, always keep the right posture to avoid the appearance of the fat body. Keep the back straight and shoulders back and relaxed more like the same when walking. Try out heels that will draw the attention away from the belly making your legs look longer and body thinner with the eyes on the legs and shoes.

Learn to hide belly fat in jeans

Do not feel insecure when picking out your jeans for whatever function or occasion. Here are some of the tips to guide you get a comfortable and as well feel confident in your pairs of jeans.

Pick the right jeans

Trying out different sizes is the best way to find the right size. Try to avoid loose-fitting jeans. The right size will give you the preferred comfort and confidence. Place your attention now on the colour of the jean. For slimming looks, pick dark colours which won’t draw any attention to the stomach section work best.

Go for the mid-rise or high-rise jeans that tend to support and cover the belly. The fabric of the jean most especially around the belly section should be firm and secure to support the stomach area, and they should end at the ankle to give the right length look. Take note whenever trying on the different jeans. Still go for the jeans with the zip fly and simple pockets that draw the attention to how well-fitting the jeans are more than to the belly fat.

It’s in a few cases that you find jeans that will fit into all your preferences as a consequence have your jeans properly fitted by a professional to give you the best feel when wearing them.

Add some style to your jeans

There is no wrong on wearing a body shaper underneath the jeans to slim your stomach the more. For that reason go pick out a body shaper comfortable enough and is targeting the stomach area. The top you choose should be the fitting one and of the best colour to match well with the jeans. In case you are spoilt with a variety to pick from then try the tops with an asymmetry aspect which bring out that flatter jeans. The tops should touch the hips and the upper part of the thighs to hide the stomach section, and tops past that length downwards appear baggy, avoid them. It may look catchy to wear a belt but it draws more attention around the stomach section. Avoid putting on a belt.

Colours that make one look slimmer

Fashion tips on how to look slimmer can actually shade off more pounds –on your physical look for you without any diet or exercise. Therefore here are a few tips to note;

Flattering colours

These colours will compliment your undertones and instantly give you a thinner look in a very easy way. Black is the best colour for this job and a reason for everyone hiding belly fat to have clothes in this colour. It will give you the slim and elegant looks that you need. Other colours you could have are purple, blue, and brown which can hide the flaws giving that slimming illusion. When putting on flattering shade for instance black, gives confidence that’s unique not to mention the slimmer look it gives you. When putting on dark colours don’t pair them with a light top because this will literally cut the body in half more so when you are of short height. Instead, stick to monochromatic colours all through.

Lighter colours

These may not help in the look for a slim body for instance white, and khaki which can add some pound and as well give the illusion of a larger frame. Also note a white blouse might not be ideal if the point is to camouflage a large chest. The khakis will as well not do if trying to disguise wide hips instead go for a deep coloured blouse plus dark pants with thin vertical pinstripes.

Exciting colours

We all have colour preferences; don’t get stuck in dark colours with your desire for a slim look. The bright colours tend to draw a lot of attention to the part they are worn. Hence it’s better not to put on bright shirts when the point is to hide belly fit or bright pants if you have wide hips and big bottom.

The upside & downside on how to hide belly fat

Belly fat and weight losses are struggles many have and most abandon during the course for different reasons. The recommended and proven ways to lose weight and belly fat is Dieting, Exercising and perhaps surgery –even though we don’t advocate for this at Forever Super Slim. Over time people have tried out other ways to give them the same like hiding the belly fat with clothes and body shapers. These have got their pros and cons and here are some that you should note before experimenting with these ways;

The upside;
Some of these ways are easy to adhere to for example putting on certain dresses to hide belly fat, which doesn’t put a lot of effort on the user to see the whole thing through.
For instance body shapers, they are said to give instant results of the body shape that you want without the too much burden of other slimming methods.
What better way to boost your self-esteem than a fix on your physical appearance. These ways have a way of escalating your personal confidence and feel good about yourself.
The Downside;
Most of these ways may be quite expensive to follow through. For instance, when it comes to buying new clothes that hide your belly fat and the body shapers are all expensive.
The idea of hiding the belly fat may tend to bring in relaxation to the grand struggle of weight loss and it turns out that the person is actually of more weight than before she/he starting the hiding escape.
Not all people will be able to fit in the clothes and other stuff that is recommended for hiding belly fat. Normally the people doing this are of a heavier size, so there’s a big possibility of having difficulty when putting on.
Not all people are comfortable with the colours and designs recommended for hiding the belly fat. Some could abandon it because of tastes and preferences don’t align with the recommendations.
How to control the accumulation of belly fat

Fat stomach, or belly fat as many refer to it, is not only a bad physical look, but it’s also connected to type-2-diabetes and heart disease. For that reason losing the belly fat comes with a lot of benefits for one’s health. By just using a common tape, you can know the belly fat around the waist. If you find out that you have a lot of excess fat around your waistline, try out some of the strategies here below;

Stop the consumption of sugars, or limit the intake.

Some of us may not be very conversant with this, but with Forever Super slim we are all about bridging the information in the arena of weight loss.

Sugar constitutes glucose 50% and Fructose 50%. During metabolism, a small amount of fructose can be metabolised by the liver. This simply implies that when we eat a lot of sugars, a lot of fructose gets to accumulate in the liver and eventually turned into fat, thus leading to excess fat in the belly and liver. Therefore, staying away from sugar-rich beverages like fruit juices, and sugary sodas can have a positive effect on your health and weight loss i.e. loosening the belly fat.

Take more of proteins rich foods

Foods rich in proteins will definitely check your cravings by a huge margin which results in eating a few calories per day. Proteins are a weight loss aid which makes them a must-have in your armoury when battling a fat belly. Having a regular diet comprised of proteins will cut weight for you. Still, proteins will keep you from regaining the weight. It’s usually stated that people who eat more of proteins have less belly fat than those who actually eat less of it. Make an effort to eat foods like fish, whole eggs, fish, and seafood, legumes like beans, dairy products, nuts, and meat. These foods will boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and as that power to reduce belly fat.

Stay away from Carbohydrates

Limiting or cutting on your consumption of carbohydrates will have an effect on your appetite, and hence you will lose fat. Like what most studies have found that low-carb diets will give better results to weight loss than low-fat diets will. This is so due to a fast reduction of water weight giving the person having the diet quick results. It’s also associated with health benefits, for instance, reducing the risks for contacting type-2-diabetes. Therefore, try to food foods like white bread, candy, sugar and in the reverse increase, he uptake of proteins in your eating which will help in getting rid of the belly fat.

Fibre-rich foods should always be on your shopping list

Fibre foods can aid in the weight loss efforts but keeping a sober mind that all fibre foods are not equal. The body seems to need more of the viscous fibre which has an impact on weight loss since it gives one a feeling of fullness when taking in a meal. In a period of time, soluble fibre can reduce the harmful belly fat. Among the best ways to have fibre, eat vegetables, legumes, and fruit. You can also try taking fibre supplements which can all reduce the belly fat.

Physical Exercise should not be taken for granted.

Exercising is a lifelong habit everyone should do to enjoy the fruits that come with it like avoidance of certain diseases. The benefits of exercising supersede its efficiency in weight loss. Belly fat reduction can bring about benefits such as a reduction inflammation, lower blood sugars. Do this to benefit from a wide range of advantages attached to it. You should not aim at weight loss for a particular area of the body. Whereby exercising that concerned part, for instance, the belly. This may not yield your expected results and then end up frustrating yourself and abandoning the entire efforts. You can engage in activities like walking, swimming, running etc. These will give you results over a period of time.

Hiding the big belly fat is a good option for the short term fix. This is most especially when you have got to really fit in that dress for a particular event. However, the best option is to embark on a weight loss journey. This can be done by dieting well and exercise regularly to see life-long benefits.

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