How to look skinny and slimmer on an occasion

How to look skinny and slimmer on an occasion
  • PublishedFebruary 18, 2020

There is no magic pill to drain the fat out of you overnight. But rather a series of postures, choosing the right clothing and other ‘illusions’ to make you look skinny. In many cases, we need to look slim maybe for an occasion, party or a date. The hustle comes to how to look skinny in just a few hours or overnight.  With the belly fat, face fat and general body size which we may want to disguise in order to gain our confidence.

In short, how to look skinny on an occasion is by creating an illusion. It’s a matter of what you wear, how you behave and other dos and don’ts.  After reading this article you will be able to look slimmer on the occasion the next day if you follow a few things.

How can I look skinny in one day?

One day is not enough to turn to a weight loss diet nor do some fat burning workouts. This when the human instincts come to help look thinner yet you actually aren’t. It helps a lot with looking smart for an occasion, getting epic photos and helping you gain confidence. It’s a series of dos and don’ts in order to achieve a slim look.

  1. Body shapers.

Body shapers or body wear offer a quick and immediate way to appear slim. How the body wears make you look skinny is amazing.  They are worn under the dress to give a slimmer and hourglass-shaped figure.

There are many types of bodywear like waist trainers, thigh slimmer, shaping top, minimizer bra among others. But the bodysuit may help you deliver since it covers the whole body making you look generally slim.

Body shapers can be found on online stores like Amazon below a price of $50 and here are the latest Amazon prices.

2. Avoid clothes that are too big or small and wear fitting clothes.

Make the right choice when selecting clothes to wear for the occasion, interview or whatever event you may want to look slimmer on. Clothes that hug too tightly or those that are very loose will make you look bigger than you actually are.

Tight clothes create emphasis on the body mapping out all its structure showing all the fat rolls and lines.  Loose clothes will also make you appear as though you have more body fat than you actually do.

Wear clothes that fit and hug lightly as these will make you look perfect and make you gain confidence.

3. Get fitting undergarments too

Having a fitting yet not bulky bra can change much on how you appear. When your breasts are held in one place, you will look thinner and better than when they aren’t.

When the breasts are properly lifted, they will create a difference between your torso and waist. But when they are left to hang, they create a big volume in the mid-section thus making you appear even bigger.

Good bras can be got from Amazon at a price below $30. Check out the latest prices from Amazon.

4. Wear dark clothes.

how to look skinny
Image by Irina Gromovataya from Pixabay

I guess you have heard that wearing black will make you look thinner. It does. Wearing a black or dark top will work out fine in making you look slimmer the whole torso area, arms and whole chest since dark colors don’t highlight your body.

5.Tan your skin for a darker complexion.

Roasting in the sun may seem a harsh solution than grabbing a tanning spray. Making your skin darker with a tan spray will make you look leaner and longer. Tanning the skin will even hide other flaws like stretch marks. It is an advantage and this will make you more confident during that special occasion.

6. Stand or sit up straight.

Correct posture will make you look slimmer than you actually are. Standing or sitting with your spine in a ‘c-section’ shape will make all the body fat drop and sag revealing how big you are. Slouching will make fat rolls appear in the sides of your tummy enlarging your back and make you look even bigger.

A straight posture whether sitting or standing will make the body fat stretch along with the posture making you look thin. Practice this, make it a habit and you will always appear the way you want in public.

If you getting a hard time correcting your posture or you keep forgetting, get a waist trainer it will make you sit and stand straight.

7. Choose your hairstyle wisely.

Certain hairstyles will make you look slim others just the opposite. Talking to your hairstylist about your needs will get you a hairstyle that hides the face fat or fat around the neck.

A ponytail or related kind of hairstyles will make you look fat around the head and such hairstyles should be avoided. Below are some of the ways your hair can make you look thin if done in the right way;

  • Choose a wavy or curly kind of hairstyle. Long and loose curls will make your face appear thinner.
  • Long hair that covers around the ears down to the neck will help you look thinner since it hides the part of the cheeks that would have made you look fat.
  • Up-do styling of the hair will work the trick out. Styling your hair in an upward format and letting some hair hang will give you a thinner face.
  • part to the side also makes your face look thin. Combining it with long curly hair, it will give off a perfect illusion of making your face appear thinner.

Here is the full article on how to best style your hair to give you a thinner face appearance.

8.Face contouring.

Makeup by face contouring can make the face look slimmer. By contouring your face with a darker concealer or powder some of the fat face features can be hidden.

Also, use a highlighter in areas where you want to look bold or brighter and this is done with a lighter concealer than your foundation color or powder while contouring for a slim face.

9. Wear high heels.

how to look skinny
Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Wearing high heels won’t only make you look smart but also a lot thinner than usual. High heels will give your body an elongated effect that will stretch the body fat along making you appear slimmer.

10. Wear lengthening clothes.

Having a cardigan on, wearing long necklaces or scarf will give off a lengthening illusion to your design. This will make you look thinner and taller without adding much bulk to your body.

Some accessories like bracelets will draw the attention away from you in comparison to your other body parts. Having bold accessories like earrings, high waist and belts will help you put much focus away from your overall body.

11. Show off your best parts.

how to skinny
Image by himanshu gunarathna from Pixabay

Playoff with your best body parts. If you have a cute face make the best out it an apply some good make up to make you stand out. Whether it is huge hips or butt then show it off, this will turn the attention off your imperfections and people will not notice how fat you are.

12. Learn to pose for photos.

how to look skinny
Image by Beatriz Meneses Bautista from Pixabay

When you are taking pics, adapt the model poses that make them look cute and slimmer. Here is a little tip turn your body sideways as most celebrities do. This makes everyone look thinner no matter their body size.

Try the hand on hip pose as this will help you not look stacked or piled up into something huge.

Here is a full article on how to pose for photos or selfies.

13. Watch the foods and drinks you eat.

The foods you eat will influence how you look the next day. Don’t eat foods that will add gas to your body and a bloated tummy. Beans, peas, lentils, wheat, carbonated drinks, broccoli, barley, dairy products, garlic, sugar alcohols are some of the foods to avoid because they will cause gas in your tummy making it look bigger.

14. Workout the day before.

how to look skinny
Image by Irina L from Pixabay

Sweating will cause you to lose some immediate fat though it won’t be much it will be better than none. Cardio or yoga will tighten your muscles without adding on bulk to your body. Don’t hesitate to workout

Is there an app to make yourself look skinnier?

Yes, there are lots of applications that help you take pictures looking slim or just editing them to look thin. By just downloading a camera app, a lot can happen with cameras able to give you a slim waist, chest and overall body.

There are applications that allow you to edit your photos to reshape your body to the size you want. Examples are perfect me, retouch me, body tune, spring are some of the best photo editing applications to make you look thinner.

How can I get to look skinny in a month?

Getting skinny in a month is a lot better and it is achievable than looking slim in just a day. Within a month’s time, you can work out and check your diet until the day of the occasion.

How to look skinny in a month is simply following a few guidelines. But before we look at the tips here is a healthy weight loss target to lose weight in a month.

Aim to lose about 5-8 pounds in a month. It’s possible with a proper diet and effective workouts, you can achieve a slim and permanent body.

1. Focus on your diet.

how to look skinny
Image by Deborah Breen Whiting from Pixabay

Eating weight loss foods will help you lose fat and prevent the formation of more fat. In order to achieve a weight loss, you should consume foods that are highly nutritious yet they are low in calories. To lose weight a woman should consume 1200-1400 calories per day to drop off the one pound of weight in a week.

2. Work out.

Doing weight loss exercise, cardio or yoga will help you lose weight by burning calories and fat. Working out increases the body’s metabolic rate. By starting with simple walks, engaging yourself in workouts will help you lose a couple of pounds in a month.

3. Adapt weight loss habits.

There are lots of dos and don’ts when you decide to lose weight. It’s a matter of adapting some habits and dropping some in order to achieve weight loss.

Here is an article about how to lose weight permanently. This article will help you identify the habits you should drop and those that you can adapt for weight loss.

With an effective workout, weight loss diet and healthy habits, you will be able to lose weight. Adding on the tips of looking thinner, you will look perfect on a special occasion.

The bottom line;

It is possible to look skinny but it will not take away the fact that you have bodyweight on you. The best approach is to work out, eat a weight loss diet that’s when you will achieve a real slim body.

Take commitments, set goals and work to achieve that slim body you dream of. If you need help in making realistic weight loss goals, then read this next blog.

How to make realistic and achievable weight loss goals.

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