Tired of face fat? learn how to lose face fat fast and naturally.

Tired of face fat? learn how to lose face fat fast and naturally.
  • PublishedMarch 13, 2020

What’s your first response when you look into the mirror and notice there’s a certain increase in your face weight? For most women, this is a cause of overdrive stress. To most people, the face is everything -with companies having some of their employees called the “Face of the Company”, and most especially women, face fat can cause a lot of alarm. How to lose face fat will now be your mind. But I would say I ain’t difficult to lose face fat.

Your face fat has a direct connection to your overall weight gain. Therefore, Your face fat has a direct connection to your overall weight gain. Therefore, how to lose face fat. can be answered by following healthy weight loss habits, dieting and exercising. In this article, we shall discuss the causes and how to lose face fat.

What is a moon face?

This is usually when someone begins to have a rounded appearance of a face because fat has accumulated on the sides of their face. Doctors and other people in the medical discipline, tell us that the moon face is associated with obesity, which could be from crushing’s syndrome or steroid treatment.

The question always arises whether the moon face will go away eventually. Normally if someone is to roll over the area it will massage the fat although it may not solve it permanently. This moon face is usually a temporal thing.

What is the cause of facial fat?

We usually notice that we are putting on weight judging from the clothes, and very common from our fat face. You will probably not need a doctor to tell that you have put on weight when you notice this face fat most likely in your dressing mirror.  Generally, Face fat is most noticeable in rounded, less-pronounced facial features people. There are a number of things that could possibly contribute to face fat, say the hormonal factors, and well there are also a number of life-changing habits that can help one lose weight.

Face fat is usually caused by poor diet, aging, lack of exercise, and genetic conditions thus allowing fat to accumulate more visibly in the cheeks, under the chin, jaws, and neck. This (weight gain or face fat) could also happen especially when extra fat accumulation forms around the sides, and gradually continue to do so.

How to lose face fat?

Weight loss on its own can be much of a challenge, how about concentration on a particular part of the body. The face is one of those body parts that will stress out any woman, then handling extra fat will definitely be frustrating. Don’t lose hope. There are strategies and tips on how to burn facial fat and slim your face. Here are ways to lose facial fat;

Consult your Doctor

This is perhaps the most important step that you ought to take before deciding on what exactly to do. The doctor will help you figure out the cause of the facial fat then you can embark on fixing it. This could be a genetics issue,  medical reactions, or probably some big health issue. therefore it is vital to have a talk with your doctor or physician to ascertain this. They can also give you the best advice as regards to the best line of action to take in dealing with facial fat.

Your daily routine should have Cardio exercises.

how to lose face fat

Most of the excess fat in your face is usually due to the extra general body fat. losing weight can incredibly help you get rid of the face fat as well. Doing cardio is one of the known ways to lose body fat.

Cardio (at times known as aerobic) exercises are basically those activities the increase your heart rate. Most of the gym work activities fall in this bracket as well as other activities like running, walking, swimming and many more. These, when done on a regular routine, can burn fat and slim your body and face in the process.

Facial Exercises

When facial exercises are done with a great level of dedication, they can give you a better facial appearance, and make you look younger with stronger muscles.

Here are some of the exercises you can do for facial weight loss.  There’s limited proof, but facial exercise could build muscle tone and thickness in your face as well as rejuvenation. It is very important to note that research is still lacking to back the effectiveness of facial exercise on fat loss. Regardless, it is now known to have been observed on different occasions that facial exercises can tone your facial muscles, make you look slim and appear more beautiful.

Have a massage

Like all other body parts, the face also has lymphatic fluids under the skin causing puffiness over the time period. Therefore, if you are to have a manual facial massage, this can flush away that fluid, most especially that fluid under the jawline and lymph-rich area. This will eventually give a slim face even though the results will only last longer if you make the commitment and take care of the overall body.

Surgery should be the last option

When you get older, its more especially advised not to have this facial fat removed since this could distort the structure of your skin resulting in an oddly aging. If this is the option to take, please do enough research on the surgeons and the exact part of the face which harbors this fat. There have been successful stories registered, but us at Forever Super Slim we don’t recommend surgery unless it remains the only option considering the situations and options at hand.

Do exercises for the face really work?

For obvious reasons, the face in most cases is usually the first point of contact for beauty hence there’s always a great concern when the facial outlook isn’t that appealing. Furthermore, it has become a growing need to maintain taut, smooth skin which tends to become a center of stress as one grows older.

Then the idea of facial exercises comes in play with a significant role to play. Countless information has been put out there on the benefits and remarkable results of facial exercises from celebrities, books, websites to different product reviews, but little research has been made from a clinical or medical view to support the effectiveness of the exercises.

Facial exercises will definitely strengthen your muscles, but in case you are after slimming your cheeks, then the rhythmic smiling alone won’t score the goal for you. Experts emphasize that concentrating on an area of the body to lose weight, doesn’t usually pay off. Hence recommend the overall weight loss practice which can be achieved through proper diet and regular exercising as a way to reduce facial fat.

Regardless, some researches have shown women of 40 years and above have shown results of looking 3 years younger after a period of consecutive facial exercises. This can be regarded as an indication that there could be benefits to facial exercises when a dedicated time is given to it daily.  However, if your goal is preventing wrinkles, then you could try staying hydrated and moisturizing the face because this can go the right way.

How can I lose face fat without exercising?

Here are some of the things you can do without necessarily doing any exercise to have the facial fat dealt with.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

how to lose face fat
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You could be among the many that enjoy a bottle of beer or a glass of wine after dinner. But consuming a lot will definitely increase your facial fat and most likely bloating as well. There’s a misconception that some alcoholic drinks actually facilitate weight loss. The reverse is very true as alcohol has a high intake of calories and is very low in valuable nutrients hence enabling weight again.

Excessive alcohol will lead to dehydration hence forcing the body to retain the water, thus having facial fat. Therefore, it is highly advised to have a check on the taking of alcohol to prevent alcohol-induced bloating and gaining weight including facial fat increase.

Drink more water to stay more hydrated

Water has an essential contribution to losing weight generally, overall health, and it’s no different to lose of facial fat. In support of the various researches conducted, I have felt very full every day I take not less than 4 glasses of water, and most especially if I did take 1 or 2 glasses in the morning before my breakfast.

The calorie intake for drinking water is said to be very low hence supporting fat loss in the face areas during the course of the day. To another advantage, this forces a reduction of fluid retention preventing bloating and puffiness in your face. Therefore, drinking water should be a must-do for you in the effort to lose facial fat.

Have Enough sleep


Generally having ample time to sleep is attributed to a lot of health benefits and among them is weight loss. Lack of enough sleep can eventually increase your stress hormone which comes along a number of side effects including facial fat gain. Lack of sleep can also induce a high appetite which obviously leads to weight gain and slowed metabolism. Usually, a person who has been deprived of sleep may eat more and could consume foods rich in calories. If you could, aim to have 8 hours of sleep every night to help in your efforts of facial fat reduction.

Check your Salt intake

An excess intake of salt (sodium) can result in bloating and as well as facial puffiness and swelling. This is simply because the increment in salt (sodium) intake facilitates fluid retention, most especially to those with the effects of salt.  Have a strict consideration of limiting your salt (sodium) intake to have a slimmer face.

Cut out refined carbs fro your diet.

It’s advised to cut on refined carbohydrates such as cookies, white rice, and crackers as they are known culprits of high calories. They are usually heavily produced and stripped of their nutrient contents. This makes them low in nutrients yet they are high in calories and therefore should be included in foods to avoid for a weight loss. Try whole grains or fresh whole foods instead of refined carbs.

Can chewing gum reduce face fat?

Most importantly to note; Chewing gum is a good practice that will not only freshen up your breath, but also help you fight over the cravings for cigarette smoking, improve your memory, and as well help you lose weight. Researches and studies have indicated that regular chewing of gum will enable one to manage the cravings, hunger, and also support weight loss.

Nevertheless, don’t get carried away thinking that chewing gum alone will win weight loss for you. You have got to have a proper diet plan and exercise regularly to help you cut down on plenty of calories. The best reward to chewing gum is actually to always choosing to reach out for a stick of gum instead of having anything else with more calories say like candy. If this is done over a long period of time then it will result into weight loss generally and facial fat disappearance will follow.

Even though chewing gum can cut on your calorie intake, please don’t go overboard with this as it can have side effects such as chronic diarrhea. No matter the benefits noted here is more advantageous to chew raw vegetables like carrots, sugarcanes, and others for the best facial appearance.

The bottom line.

Face fat wouldn’t appear if you are following a weight loss routine. When face fat appears, this will be an alarm that you are gaining weight. Instead of trying to lose only face fat, focus on losing general body weight.

Losing bodyweight shouldn’t be hard if you follow this article ; Guide on how to lose weight faster naturally

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