Guide on how to lose weight faster naturally

Guide on how to lose weight faster naturally
  • PublishedFebruary 15, 2020

Depending on your perspective, losing weight can be hard or simple. Here is why, losing weight requires dedication, patience and hard work. It’s dropping this habit and adapting to another, eat this don’t eat that and a lot more dos and don’ts. So if you are trying to lose weight, you should be ready to dump some habits and grab some new ones to help you achieve a slim body naturally. Have you ever looked at somebody then envy her a little. She doesn’t care about her eating habits, doesn’t go to the gym yet she is slim from January to December. It is her daily habits that can help her achieve that stage in life. It can be achieved too. And here comes the million-dollar question, how do you lose weight faster naturally?

How to lose weight naturally

Drink plenty of water

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Have you ever been told that water is life? If so, then you may probably know the reasons. Water is a calorie-free drink that will help you curb weight in plenty of ways. Weight loss experts say taking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal will help you reduce the amount of food you eat which will help you consume fewer calories. And also staying hydrated throughout the day will make you feel less hungry and thus kick away time to time snacking. Snacking is a habit we can’t completely turn away from if we have been doing, take a glass of water when the urge to snack hits you.

Concentrate and eat mindfully

If you have ever eaten while watching Tv, you may have probably eaten a lot than you would if you weren’t in front of the Tv. Eating with a distracted mind will cause someone to eat a lot since all attention is not put on food. We were always told to sit down and eat food, the parents were right. Eating while walking will make you eat a lot of food without you notice which will cause weight gain due to plenty of calories consumed. Mindful eating is sitting probably on a table and eating slowly paying attention to the food you eat. It is a weight loss strategy that will work try it.

Eat food on a small plate

The mind will adjust to whatever you give to it. If you eat on a large plate, your mind will be set to finishing that food. You will not feel full until the food is finished. But what is this causing to you? Think, the more the food consumed, the more calories. And so, opting for a smaller plate will help you consume little food but then feel satisfied just by playing a little trick to your brain.

Getting a good night’s sleep.

how to lose weight naturally
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In a 7 hours’ sleep, our bodies are able to burn about 400 calories which is equivalent to a half an hour of jogging. A lot of body processes will increase your metabolism and that’s why you may find many people sweating in the night. There are plenty of weight gain activities that happen to us if we don’t get good sleep. Being awake will raise your hunger and cause you to eat more and more adding to your days’ calories. And also being not well-rested will make you weak throughout the day making you physically weak and you won’t be able to do actives that can boost your metabolism to cut weight.

Add hot spices to your meals.

Adding hot spices like chilli and jalapeno will boost your body’s metabolism. Capsaicin a compound found in hot spices is known for increasing the body’s metabolism thus burning fat. And also since hot spices can cause a kind of burning sensation in the mouth, many people tend to take water as they eat to tame the sensation and in the process, they get to feel full earlier since water will take a large portion in the stomach thus consuming less food.

Eat a satisfying breakfast

Skipping some meals may work for you but with breakfast, think again. Breakfast is the most important food of the day skipping it will make you tired and moody all day long. This will make you weak to do calorie-burning activities that can aid in weight loss. Eating a healthy protein-filled breakfast with foods like eggs, oats, porridge will have a long-lasting feeling of being satisfied. This will curb the urge of grabbing a snack in between those hours to lunchtime. And so, it’s a smart move to eat a healthy breakfast to avoid the feeling of snacking and give you the power to do calorie-burning activities.

Eat foods rich in fibre.

Having foods rich in fibre in a meal will help you feel satisfied for a long period of time. These are mostly foods that are rich in carbohydrates they have a fewer calorie count. Foods rich in fibre are probably whole grains and they include brown rice, whole wheat, millet, whole rye, whole grain and buckwheat. And these fibre rich foods are high in nutrients yet low in calories.  Consuming a lot of curbs leads to weight gain, so subtitling whole carbs with fibre-filled foods will deliver the purpose yet making you stay within the calorie range.

Stay stress-free

how to lose weight naturally
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Stress is one of the major weight gain cause. When some people are stressed they tend to gain weight excessively. This is due to stress eating they turn to in order to calm the stress. A hormone produced by the body in stress called cortisol will increase the person’s appetite and cause overeating. This will lead to more calories consumed thus weight gain. Try to stay happy by hanging out with friends, doing workouts, joining support groups and  a lot more. Staying happy while laughing is said to burn calories. Laughing for 10-15 minutes a day will burn to around 40 calories. And so, find a reason to laugh every day so as you lose weight naturally.

Track your weight and calorie intake

Keeping track of the calories you consume per day will help to know when to stop eating, what to eat and how to tame your calories intake. Knowing the calories you consume and burn will help you plan your weight loss goal. With plenty of tracking apps or online trackers, keeping records of calories you consume and burn will help you a lot in work out and diet planning.

Reduce on the sugary foods and drinks intake

Sugary foods and drinks are very common in our daily diets today. Most of the sweet sugary drinks have a high-calorie count. For example in 250ml of soda, there are 150 calories, in 250 ml of fruit smoothie, there are 135 calories and a lot more drinks. So by staying away from such drinks will help you stay within calories that don’t cause weight gain.

cakes, cookies and other pastries have also a lot of calories. Take an example of a 100gm of a fruit cake contains 324 calories, in a 100gm of a sponge cake there are 297 calories. And so by consuming these cakes and related pastries, you are adding plenty of calories in your diet. So when you are thinking of adding a cake as dessert on your meal, try to opt for fruits.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

how to lose weight faster naturally
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Fruits and vegetables have got a lot of health benefits. In addition to being healthy, they have a lot of nutrients, fibre and they are low in calories. This makes them be eaten in large servings without adding too many calories on your meal plan.

Interment fasting

This is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It is eating at stated times of the day while other times are restricted. Interment fasting I a great way of curbing snacking as a habit from your daily life. It has got many benefits like the body turning to use stored fat in the body. Interment fasting is a good weight loss strategy as it burns fat and curbs calorie intake

Do some cardio

Jogging, cycling, hiking or swimming and other forms of cardio are great fat burners which will help the body to burn fat. Apart from burning calories and aiding in weight loss, cardio has a lot of other benefits like improving the mood to calm stress and anxiety, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Stock healthy snacks

Since snacking may be hard to push out of your life, stock healthy snacks which are low in calories yet nutritious. These type of snacks will help you get along without exceeding your calorie requirements. Examples of healthy snacks include plain yoghurt, whole fruits, hard-boiled eggs, kale chips and many others. It is also a smart move to substitute those ‘unhealthy snacks’ with fruits. Taking apples, kiwi, bananas, and many others will tame your hunger yet effective in providing nutrients and they are low in calories.

What natural foods help you lose weight

After looking at things that lead you to weight loss, it’s important to have a list of foods that can help you with losing weight. Because diet is very vital in weight loss, it should miss while answering your question of how to lose weight faster naturally.


Eggs are must-have on most people’s breakfast meals. They have plenty of proteins and fats which will absolutely aid weight loss. Some researchers have proved that people who ate eggs on their breakfast will go on for the next meals, within 24hrs, and eat less than before, and less than those who didn’t take eggs. The people who ate eggs would feel less hungry, limited change in their blood and insulin levels after a couple of hours after their breakfast. The fact that eggs can subdue your appetite, then it’s a real meal tool for weight loss.


These include Beans, peas, chickpeas etc. They at times referred to as pulses

These foods are very high in proteins and fibre, and because of their impact on a person’s satisfaction, they aid weight loss. Diets that include legumes have been found to result in weight loss over a short period.

3.Leafy greens

Kale, Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage Turnip greens, Endive, Romaine lettuce, Microgreen, Swiss, chard and Brussels sprouts are some of the healthy leafy greens for weight loss.

Greens comprise of a range of characteristics that place them in the pool of weight loss diet. Most leafy greens are found to be low in calories, rich in fibre and with essential nutrients to aid in losing weight.

Having greens on a meal can increase the quantity of your meal without the addition of calories.  This will make you feel satisfied without the worry of exceeding your calorie intake. And the fibre present in the leafy greens will make you feel satisfied for longer periods of times.

Leafy greens are so nutritious with a high content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which all are key to weight loss.


Salmon. Mackerel, trout, cod and sardines are some of the healthy examples of fish you can eat and achieve weight loss.

These have few calories and are so satisfying which would keep anyone full for long. This fish comes with proteins (and of the highest quality of proteins), fats and many other notable nutrients say like iodine (common with seafood). These have an effect on your metabolism in regards to its optimum performance.

Salmon fish is well known for possessing omega-3 fatty acids which are very much responsible for inflammation reduction, and a major player in obesity. All these nutrients make it a must-have on the meal during weight loss.


Almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts and brazil nuts can make perfect snacks for weight loss.

It was studied that a group of people who included Nuts in their diet for weight loss were found to have notably lost more weight compared to their counterparts who had a Nut-free diet. Nuts have proteins, fibre, fats and other nutrients that aid in weight loss.

Nuts are high in calories and so eating them in unreasonably huge amounts might just add on weight rather than aiding to lose it.


how to lose weight faster naturally
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This is a must-have on your weight loss diet because of its ability to aid weight loss and as well boost brain activity. This fruit has a high level of fibre, nutrients and other vital fats.

Scientists have discovered that people who ate avocados more remarkably were found to have lost weight than others who didn’t have any. They also discovered that these people who ate more avocados had a more increased interest in the consumption of fruits, fibre and vegetables than the other group.

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

How to lose weight faster naturally has got to be achieved with a regular or repeated involvement in certain physical activities. Here are some you ought not to miss out;

  • Running or walking
  • Vertical leg crunch
  • Burpee
  • Bicycling
  • Reverse crunch
  • Mountain Climber
  • The bicycle exercises
  • Exercise ball crunch

Here is a detailed look at how to lose belly fat faster 

Can you lose 10 pounds in 3 days?

Losing 10 pounds in 3-days is something you shouldn’t dare to do. The healthy weight loss period is about a week and losing 1 to 2 pounds during that period. So losing 10 pounds in just a space of 3-days is very unlikely.  because losing just a pound will involve a daily reduction on your intake of five hundred calories or less. This is already harder to achieve and later, you may have a dangerous scroll on your body. We highly advise that you work out a longer period of time to have permanent results.

How to lose weight faster naturally can be an easy stone to step if you follow the right guidelines. Its as well better to seek a doctor’s or physician’s option on the subject. For most people, it would be better to hire a trainer for the physical exercises because they will give you the right push to get through it effortlessly. From the team at Forever Super Slim, we shall be delighted when we read the comments below about your progress in weight loss.

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