How to make money in the weight loss niche

How to make money in the weight loss niche
  • PublishedMarch 1, 2021

From a sum of about $72 billion spent annually on weight loss from just the Us alone, getting a share on that huge sum is many people’s wish.  When you search the internet for answers about how to make money in the weight loss niche, you will find many misleading channels. 

Forget the get quick money schemes that will expose you to scams or make you the scammer.  Earning from the weight loss niche is easy but requires a bit of work and an audience.  social medial influences, bloggers, and people who own successful YouTube channels related to weight loss can earn easily.

The legit ways one can earn from the weight loss niche are;

  • Selling your own products such as eBooks, cheat sheets, video tutorials, and so on
  • Selling affiliate products in the weight loss industry.
  • Own a blog that covers weight-loss topics. (my best recommendation).
  • Become a Fitness coach
  • Become a Weight loss consultant
  • Meal planner.

Let us look at the legit and easy channels you can make money from the weight loss niche.

1. Selling your own products.

A lot of products from the weight loss niche can be sold. These range from physical or digital products. Among the physical products, one can sell workout gear, exercise equipment, fitness books or magazines, weight loss supplements, and the list is endless. To sell physical products, one will have to own the products and most times a physical shop.

They can be products you made by you or your company. Alternatively, you can purchase those products from a manufacturer at a relatively lower price and sell them at a higher price to earn a profit.

Digital products such as eBooks, video tutorials, cheat sheets, recipes, and so on can be sold. These don’t require a physical address or store but they call for a social media platform or website. There are sites such as ClickBank, Digitalstore24, and others that post your digital products for sale.

To be successful while selling physical products, you will need a large audience or traffic. You can use social media, paid ads, organic traffic, or YouTube to promote your products.

2. Selling affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission when you promote other people’s or company’s products and services. Affiliate marketing is easy, you find a weight loss product you like, promote it to your audience and earn a share from each sale that you make.

Both digital and physical products can be promoted for affiliate marketing. You will have a wide range of products to promote such as e-books, workout gear, weight loss recipes, workout equipment, courses, and many more.

Many of our articles contain affiliate products that we earn commissions from when our audience makes a sale. One of the products we promote is a weight loss package. Check it out here.

Affiliate marketing can be done on your social media platforms, YouTube or you can choose to start an entire website dedicated to it. Good marketing skills and strategies are needed in order to be successful at affiliate marketing.

A large audience whether from an email list, social media, or organic traffic is an advantage if you aren’t willing to invest in paid traffic.

This strategy is profitable and stress-free since it can pay up to 80% in commission depending on the product you are marketing and you don’t need to worry about the quality or delivery of the product you leave all that to the owner of the product.

The platform you choose can also determine your earnings, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are good choices but the best channels to do affiliate marketing are YouTube and a blog.

To start a blog, you can reach an agency such as Billionaire Surge that will help you set up a fully functional website at as low as $250 with hosting included.

3. Fitness coach.

To be an excellent fitness coach, you should understand the difference between what a client wants and needs. You will be entitled to help people achieve weight loss by guiding them through workouts that help burn calories as well as keep them fit.

It requires skills and good communication to be an excellent fitness coach. You can choose to join a gym and physically train people or be an online fitness trainer that trains people online through video calls or apps.

Many successful fitness trainers own YouTube channels, social media, or websites that they use to reach their audience and clients. Branding is very necessary in this line of work since you have to be exposed and beautifully designed in order to stand out in a crowd of thousands of fitness trainers.

Although you may have a great audience on social media or popularity the right branding is the one that will give you credibility and success.

4. Become a weight loss consultant.

A weight-loss consultant advises people on weight loss workouts, diets, and healthy living in efforts to promote healthy weight loss. A lot of money can be earned but you will need more than skills to be a great weight-loss consultant.

You will need weight loss nutrition and workout knowledge. When you are a weight-loss consultant, you can create courses, programs or choose to be an online consultant who advises people online. Alternatively, you can get a physical location, set up an office, or team up with a weight loss institute such as a gym or group.

The most important step about being a weight-loss consultant is branding. Branding your social media platforms or website will help you get the attention you need.

5. Meal planner.

A weight loss meal planner has only one task, to put together meal plans that will help one lose weight. These meals range from breakfastlunch, supper, and even snacks. Although this might sound like not a big hell of a  popular job, meal planners are paid handsomely. 

When you choose this course of work you will have options like being a meal consultant, selling recipes, and even making a course about meals. The potential is limitless since many people struggle with diets and meals, your services will be evergreen.

It will however require a large audience and great branding to get your services known.

In the part of branding, you will need social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. YouTube will also be a great channel to show your knowledge on meals and get clients.

6. Models.

Having a great audience is a great advantage when you choose this model. Many people with successful Instagram profiles and YouTube channels are usually reached by weight loss companies to promote their products. The products range from workout gear, equipment, courses, recipes, and others. 

Models are sometimes paid before the promotion or affiliate marketing where they earn commissions on every sale.

TikTok is also another channel that is popularly raising with great opportunities of getting deals from weight loss companies.

7. Weight loss blog.

Among the best channels to earn from the weight loss industry is the blog. With the blog, you will write content regarding weight loss. Your content may range from weight loss tips, diets, workouts, and a lot more. 

With a website or blog, the potential is limitless since it will attract a large audience of people interested in weight loss. 

To these people, you can sell courses, recipes, do affiliate marketing, drop shipping, or offer services such as weight loss consultancy, meal planning, and many others.

With a website or blog, you will get organic traffic which is free as long as your content meets the standards of search engines.

How do you start a website/blog?

To begin with, a blog is a website that mainly thrives on written content called blog posts. Starting a blog focused on weight loss is not hard as many people think it is. It requires a bit of technical work which a freelancer or Branding agency can do for you.

Steps of setting up a website.

Step 1: Pick a section in the weight loss industry. 

Weight loss is a huge industry and the first step is choosing which part of weight loss you will cover.

You can choose from weight-loss diets, workouts, tips, mistakes or you can choose to focus on a certain group of people for example women alone, men over 50 years, and so on. Take an example of this blog, it focuses on weight loss for women.

The deeper you choose the area to cover, the better it gets.

Step 2: Choose a domain name. 

A domain name will be the address of your website on the internet. A domain name is usually got from the name of the business. For example, the domain of this blog is

Step 3: Getting a hosting package. 

With a lot of hosting companies out there, getting a hosting package from the company of your choice is the next step. A host stores your content and files online and makes it easy for users to find your blog.

It’s at this step that you choose a platform that your host will operate on. I recommend WordPress as it is easier to use.

Step 4: Select a theme and design your website. 

After the installation of WordPress, you should select a theme and start designing your website. Set the colors you want your blog to be and the pages you would want to appear on your website.

The use of a page builder will help you design faster. Elementor will get you the job done faster and much easier.

Step 5: write content. 

After your website is set up, it’s time to write content in form of articles. Writing quality content will get your blog to rank higher on search engines.

If setting a website and choosing a section in weight loss, a personal coach and branding agency can help you figure out the weight loss course you will follow and earn from.

Reasons why the blog may be the best channel to make money.

  • With the blog or website, you will get organic traffic that is reliable and free. 
  • You can also add other weight loss services such as consultancy, meal planning, online fitness coaching, and others with ease.
  • You can combine many modes such as drop shipping, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, and others.
  • The blog or website can easily be sold to earn a huge profit which is not possible with social media platforms which are most times personal and belong to a certain individual.
The bottom line.

How much money you can earn from the weight loss industry is huge and if you play your cards right you might own a big share of the billions of money spent towards weight loss.

If you are having a hard time with starting up, reach an agency such as billionaire surge to help you get started. Here is a discount on online branding by Billionaire surge.

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