How to make the best coffee; 10 methods

How to make the best coffee; 10 methods
  • PublishedJuly 23, 2020

In this article, you will learn how to make the best coffee. You will also learn what the best coffee should be like.

I have also included the best coffee brewing methods and answered some other popular questions about the subject.

If you have been reading our articles, especially about weight loss, you know we have mentioned coffee. Coffee is famous because of caffein which has proved it’s self to aid weight loss. This article gives you a lot more about how coffee can aid weight loss. See it here.

What is coffee brewing?

Coffee brewing is simply making a cup of coffee. Today, this is done using different methods.

All the coffee brewing methods have different tastes for their brew, especially depending on your level of experience and the quality of coffee used.

The most immediate answer to questions on how to make the best coffee is the commonest and most effective coffee brewing methods. For example an espresso machine, a French press, and the use of a Chemex coffee brewer.

The above are just the commonest coffee brewing methods, however, there are many others that I mention in this article. You might want to try some of these especially those that don’t need you to have that much experience.

How to make the best coffee: The major categories

There are about three major categories under which all the methods of coffee brewing will fall. These include;

  1. Using pressure

There are different methods that use pressure to make that perfect cup of coffee. These include; the Espresso coffee machine, the Moka pot, and the Aeropress.

  1. By steeping/soaking

There are various methods under this which are; using a French press, coffee bags, and using a vacuum pot (also called siphon coffee)

  1. Filtration/dipping (Also called pour-over methods)

This has methods like the famous Chemex brewer, the Hario V60, and the Kalita wave brewer.

All the ways on how to make the best coffee will fall into the three broad categories above. Over the years, filtration has proved to be the most cost-effective way of how to make the best coffee. Equipment is cheaper, takes less time, and less expertise. It is the best place to begin if you have been asking questions like how to make the best coffee at home.

10 methods that will give you the perfect brew.

  1. Espresso machine

These machines can range from cheap to expensive, depending on your needs. Choosing a machine can be quite a task. This is where such guides like this one from Home grounds come in handy. You can see them by clicking these links; Portable espresso makers, semi-automatic, and automatic here. These are the best and most detailed guides I have come across.

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