Easy Ways To Make Losing weight after pregnancy Faster

Easy Ways To Make Losing weight after pregnancy Faster
  • PublishedJanuary 16, 2020

I got in a tight situation as my wedding was scheduled just 4 months after giving birth. Yet I never wanted to extend it because I wanted to get married on the same day as my mum. I know it sounds silly, but it meant a lot to me. Throughout the entire pregnancy, all that was on my mind was; how can I make losing weight after pregnancy faster. I needed to fit in my wedding gown, look slim and I never wanted pics as a big belly bride. I read articles online, consulted with doctors like my life depended on it. My efforts paid off, I had the knowledge I needed to burn those extra layers of fat. After getting healed that was 8 weeks, I set my weight target. Those who knew me wanted to know the secret recipe and so I wrote this blog.

What is the fastest way to lose weight after pregnancy?

In the battle to get in shape, with these tips below, you will make losing weight after pregnancy faster.

  • set realistic  and achievable goals
  • Get enough sleep
  • Get support from your husband
  • keep a healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Avoid some foods and drinks like alcohol
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • By consulting your doctor, know when to start weight loss exercises.
  • Start out slow with exercises like walking
  • Do postanal yoga
  • Never get discouraged or compare yourself to other moms
  • Keep track of your calorie intake
  • Stay happy

Breasting feeding for weight loss

The first on the list and an easy one is breastfeeding. Talking of breastfeeding, it has a lot of health benefits tied to it. Breastfeeding helps the mother burn calories and with the body making milk, it requires extra energy and it burns calories in the process. More so, It’s very healthy for the baby. A happy and healthy baby will, of course, make the mother proud. Being happy is a known strategy for natural weight loss. It’s a chain of weight loss reactions a mother can try out.

Other losing weight after pregnancy strategies and ideas.

1.Set realistic and achievable goals

We all want to lose weight fast but sometimes we end up making difficult and body harming goals.  Be realistic to yourself despite the advice you read online or see in magazines. People are different with different commitments and sizes. And so the advice being given may not be appropriate to you.  Just take it slowly set a goal of losing like around a pound and a half which is safe and achievable. And if you don’t manage to hit it, don’t feel bad just revise your actions and correct where you went wrong.

2. keep a healthy and well-balanced diet

Losing weight after pregnancy
Image by stokpic from Pixabay

A healthy and well-balanced diet is a must as part of your postnatal nutrition plan if you are aiming to losing weight after pregnancy. Don’t skip meals it will cause more harm than good. Starving yourself may get you really quickly to your weight goal but it’s very harmful. Being a breastfeeding mother, your body needs food as fuel to make milk, heal and repair your body. A calorie deficit in your diet will lead to low milk supply and a slowed healing of the body. This will affect both you and your baby. Nutrition should be handled with care as it’s kinda sensitive. Eat foods rich in fibre, proteins, fruits and vegetables yet you watch your calorie intake.

3. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water

losing weight after pregnancy
Image by Zaccaria Boschetti from Pixabay

Drinking water is a great way to keep your body hydrated as it’s the healthiest drink. Water being calorie-free, it’s one of the most recommended drinks for people who are trying to losing weight after pregnancy. It’s also very important to breastfeeding mothers as it’s used in milk formation. A simple indicator of being well hydrated is your urine. If it’s light yellow then you are on the safe side.

How to lose weight by drinking water

4. By consulting your doctor to know when to start weight loss exercises.

Don’t rush immediately into exercise as it will injure you.  Working out soon after delivery will lead to injuries and permanent damage. Consult with your doctor and don’t lie just to get to exercise. Knowing when to start exercise is very vital. It’s safe to start exercise after six weeks to eight weeks when you are fully done with a postnatal check.

5. Start out slow with exercises like walking

Walking is a quite easy exercise routine which you can do as you completely heal. It can be done a few days after delivery probably a week. But don’t walk for long distances on the go and check with your doctor before you can completely work out for weight loss. Start slow and make it a gradual workout.

6. Get enough sleep and get well-rested

losing weight after pregnancy
Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Getting well-rested and good night sleep will get you losing weight compared to when you don’t get enough sleep after pregnancy. As a fact, as we sleep, our body doesn’t completely come to a state of rest. Much happens like the repair of cells and tissues, improving the immune system, metabolism all which are calorie burners. It’s estimated the body burns around 440 calories within a 7 hour’s sleep. And that’s about calories that are burnt in 50 minutes of jogging. And so sleep is well efficient in weight loss because as you sleep you won’t be snacking or adding on extra calories to your diet in a day and it repairs and rests the body for women after childbirth. But lack of proper sleep will do just the opposite, affect your weight negatively.

7. Get support from your husband and other moms.

It’s kinda impossible or it gets boring working out alone that’s why involving your baby father in the workouts could possibly help. But how do you manage to get him interested in your workouts? That’s an answer you probably have to figure out yourself. This won’t only help you lose weight, but it will also tighten the bond between you and your hubby. And also getting support from fellow mothers will also do the magic and lighten your moods. An extra tip hanging out with fellow mothers is so educative as they have lots of weight loss advice and hacks for child care. Mother power or whatever you may call it will do the magic don’t hesitate if you are invited into a moms group.

8. Avoid some foods and drinks like alcohol

A healthy diet is a must but careful with the selection of foods and drinks. Some foods will ruin your weight loss plan and rather than doing the good which is reducing weight, it will just add onto it. Disaster! Garlic, saturated fats, refined sugar, coffee, carbonated drinks, sugary drinks, alcohol, oily foods and highly processed foods will ruin your weight. Whenever possible, substitute them with vegetables, fruits, meat and low-fat dairy products, legumes, seeds and nuts. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine they will affect your milk formation and they will affect the baby.

9. Do postanal yoga

losing weight after pregnancy
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Many benefits are tied to doing yoga during and after pregnancy. Yoga will strengthen your body, help burn fat, relieve stress, correct your posture and also increase flexibility. By doing the right yoga, you are making losing weight after pregnancy faster. Plus, it’s better to do some certain difficult yoga poses when you are completely healed.

10. Never get discouraged or compare yourself  to other moms

Never compare yourself to celebrities, other moms or models who get in shape a few weeks after childbirth. Here is what you should know, being in shape by celebrities and models is their job and so they will do whatever it takes even through deadly procedures. Some will have plastic surgery which will work real quick. And also they have huge amounts of money whereby they can employ professional trainers who can guide them well to their weight loss needs. And considering weight loss diet, the celebs and models can really afford the best diet money can buy. So don’t get disappointed seeing Beyonce or Kim Kardashian cut weight in just four months after giving birth. Just stick to your workout plan and shut all the negative thoughts and advice out.

11. Stay happy

Image by 2081671 from Pixabay

Stress, depression and anxiety have been known to induce weight gain in some people. And it’s also the same for moms after delivery. But for any reason, it may be, try to stay happy. Seek help, hang out with friends or family or join a support group. You will burn calories for every minute you are happy. So don’t keep the moody face on grin, smile and laugh.

12. Keep track of your calorie intake

Knowing calories consumed within a day can help in your weight-loss strategy. This will help you plan and know if you are getting the required amount of calories for a person on the postnatal diet. And it’s a measure to limit excess calorie intake when the goal is reached.

How much weight do you lose immediately after giving birth?

Many moms will feel relief after stepping on the weight scale after birth. And some might feel disappointed after hoping to lose less weight than they expected. If it echoes in your mind how much weight you will lose after giving birth, all I can tell you is there is no magic number. It all depends on the weight of your baby then all the fluids that come out. Just know, you will lose quite a number of pounds off your weight.

Does pumping burn as many calories as breastfeeding?

For whatever reasons you may choose pumping over breastfeeding, it will pay off. Pumping mimics the process of a bay suckling onto the breast and this will, of course, help to lose weight as it does with breastfeeding.

The bottom line, losing postnatal weight should be taken seriously with the same commitment as any other weight loss plan. Just don’t involve in activities that can turn your life or baby’s life into danger. Some of the possible strategies you may regret is skipping meals which will lead to low milk production for your baby. And so don’t put your baby over your weight desires. Be a good mom.

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