Reasons why you should lose weight.

Reasons  why you should lose weight.
  • PublishedMarch 2, 2020

”I have no motivation to lose weight.” Is lack of motivation holding you back from embarking on a weight loss journey? Many people have been through this due to a lack of desire or just fear. But think of what you will achieve, look at the results and get just that spark to ignite your desire for weight loss. Let me inspire you with reasons why you should lose weight.

There are many reasons why you must lose weight. They will be categorized into personal, motivational and healthy reasons to lose weight.

Personal reasons to lose weight

reasons to lose weight
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Never be held back by anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Stop running from things you are afraid of or those that make you uncomfortable, face them. On the road to losing weight, there are tough choices to make, tough habits to drop and commitments to keep up to. But how you overcome this fear and lose weight will define you. You can’t always run or keep postponing the time to start losing weight.

The best time to start is now, kick out the fears and start out slow. Believe in yourself that you can accomplish anything. There are lots of success stories of people who were overweight and obese but managed to lose weight to a slim size. Just don’t be held back by weight, stand and face it and fight.

Earn money as prizes for losing weight.

Many apps and websites pay you when you complete weight loss challenges. For example, the Healthy wage website pays up to $10,0000 when you bet on yourself to lose weight. Other apps even just pay when you reach your daily walking challenge.

If other reasons aren’t solid enough to make you lose weight, think of making money through losing weight.

To look great in front of the camera.

For some people, being fat makes them camera shy and worst of all looks horrible in group pictures. In moments where you have to keep photos for memories, don’t be held back by your weight.

This may seem minor among reasons to lose weight, but being confident in front of the camera and probably look better in pictures will make a big difference to your life. Drop a few pounds off your weight by starting to lose weight today.

You will be able to breathe controllably.

Climbing two sets of stairs, walking through the park or doing some exercise will make you breathing uneasily and heavily while you have a lot of weight. Losing weight will make you able to breathe normally without difficulty since your body will be able to use oxygen effectively.

Dragging along that body full of fat is a hard task and so much tiresome. Free up, lose some weight and you will have full control of your body. You will get relief from all the hard breathing you experience when you sit, sleep or do daily work. Workouts that you will do during your weight loss program will increase your stamina and fitness. You will be able to walk long distances or stairs without tiring, sweating and heavy breathing.

You will gain more confidence.

Overweight makes many people inferior and afraid to stand and speak up. It is seen in classes, public gatherings and everywhere around the community. It is due to our society of how people who are fat are received in a not so much a friendly manner and this leads to inferiority.

But this can be changed by just losing a few pounds. Embarking on weight loss will bring back your confidence whether with dating or feeling comfortable while with others. Measuring pounds lighter will make you more confident knowing you are making your life better with results to prove it.

You will be able to avoid unnecessary attention.

Being very fat or overweight will attract unnecessary attention while you are in public. Guess you know the feeling of walking in with a feeling of ‘all eyes on me’. I just wish our society wasn’t like that but sorry it isn’t. Therefore you have to just work upon your health in order to fit in the public without attracting unnecessary eyes staring at you.

You will make new friends.

If you have been a loner who spends much time indoors with the internet being your friend, then it’s time to change a bit. In your weight loss journey, you will be able to meet new people who will become your friends. These are people with whom you will share the same goal and workout.

Making new friends will help you spread your circle and get more social. You will also be able to join support groups in order to be surrounded by people with the same goals to help you achieve weight loss.

You could make a career out of it or become famous.

Narrating the processes and hardships you went through while losing weight could make you a career. I have seen people who recorded videos and progress of how they managed to lose weight and they freaking earning from it.

They have become public figures, inspirational speakers and are even offered contracts to make adverts. It’s crazy, right? You can also use your weight loss journey to inspire and earn from it. Making a YouTube channel or a blog could actually make you rich and famous.

You will be able to save money when you embark on losing weight.

As much as you add on weight, you will need new clothes as the smaller ones won’t fit. It also happens that overweight comes with disorders and diseases that will need you to see the doctor. This will cost you a lot of money. But here is a simple option, lose weight to save money!

There are many ways to save money with the weight loss journey. While on a weight loss diet, you will avoid fast foods such as pizza which would have cost you money. Staying slim also will take away the need for changing your wardrobe often and thus you will save money in such a way too.

Health reasons to lose weight

You live a long, healthy life.

Losing weight is linked to many health benefits to the body for example;

  • Decreased risk of diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease.
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Fewer chances of stroke
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improvement in symptoms of osteoarthritis

With all the above, if you care about your health, then weight loss should be taken seriously in order to live a long and healthier life.

Weight loss improves your sex drive.

Overweight and sex drive never go along well with overweight leading to bad sex. Being overweight is known to dampen your sexual drive, performance, stamina and desire. Don’t let overweight ruin your marriage or deny you an interesting sex life.

It’s a solid reason that would personally get me to lose weight. Research shows that even losing just 10 pounds will change a lot towards your sex drive, performance and desire.  Drop a few pounds and you will see a big change towards your approach to sex.

To fight obesity.

Obesity and overweight are linked to many disorders and diseases. cardiovascular disease like stroke, diabetes, cancers like breast cancer, prostate ovarian and many other forms of cancer. Being obese comes with a lot of uncomfortable situations like being unable to walk properly, sit in a proper posture and sweating.

Losing weight will help you live an obese free life which is rather a comfortable life. If you haven’t reached the obese stage, don’t wait till then start working out now.

Losing weight helps overcome stress and depression.

If you are going through hard moments, stress will make you gain more weight. It will be a chain of weight gain and more stress.

One of the simple options to overcome stress is weight loss. Workouts are able to elevate your moods to make you feel better. Even the sight of weight loss progress will lift your moods since you will have achieved something.

No need for medicine.

If you are taking medicine for high blood pressure, heart disease and many other diseases caused by overweight then try a change. Why don’t you start losing weight so that you can be free from those diseases and medicine? Even though you haven’t got those diseases yet, just lose weight to be on the safe side. I would say an hour in a gym is better than taking expensive tablets every day.

Overweight is linked to more sweating than normal.

Fat acts an insulator in the body, this means the more fat you are, the less heat loss and the more you will sweat. People with excess fat tend to feel hotter, sweat a lot and take a longer time to cool down. Sweating feels uncomfortable and it comes with a bad smell.

Lose weight to take control of your sweating and live a more comfortable life.

reasons to lose weight
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You will be able to try out new and healthy foods.

When you are on a weight loss diet, you will be able to try out new foods that will widen your exposure. Eating fast foods like pizza proves to be boring, but trying a weight-loss diet which is probably homemade food will spice things up.

You will get to know new recipes, tastes, foods and a great change in your diet. A healthy diet leads to a healthier life. ‘You are what you eat’ literally if you stuff yourself with junk foods which are full of unhealthy oils, they will make you sick in the long run. Therefore a weight loss diet will help you to leave a healthier life by the foods you eat.

Motivational reasons to lose weight

A good example for family members as an inspiration.

Have you ever been the black sheep in the family or school? It’s time to change your story, lose weight to inspire your family and friends. Your weight loss decisions will motivate them.

Losing weight will inspire your family and friends to lose weight too. If you have a family member you would like to lose weight, embark on the journey and your family will follow.  Your family and friends will be able to sync with your eating and other weight loss habits. Guess who will be a good girl when everyone at home has managed to lose weight.

How do you actually lose weight?

You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. This is achieved through dieting and weight loss workouts. There are many strategies used to meet a calorie deficit so as to lose weight.

You can lose weight naturally by following these ideas; 

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Concentrate and eat mindfully.
  • Eat food on a small plate.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Add hot spices to your meals.
  • Eat a satisfying weight loss breakfast.
  • Eat foods rich in fiber.
  • Live a stress-free life.

Here is a detailed article about Losing weight naturally.

Is weight gain bad?

Gaining weight may not be bad in some situations. Bad may not be the best word to use but rather unhealthy sounds a lot better. Think of the dangers of being overweight or obese that’s what makes weight gain unhealthy.

Gaining weight is not bad in the following situations.

  • Pregnant: When you are pregnant its very normal and healthy to gain weight. In this situation, losing weight is what should keep you worried.
  • When on a malnutrition diet: For people on a malnutrition diet, gaining weight is actually their main goal.
  • When it is normal: when we eat more calories more than we burn, our bodies store the extra calories as fat and this leads to weight gain. It is not bad, it’s just a sign that you are normal and a reminder that you need to lose weight.

The bottom line,

With whatever that is holding you back from losing weight, try to overcome it. Think of what you will achieve in the long run and use that as fuel to help embark and stick to losing weight.

I know weight loss is hard to keep up to but I wrote a blog about it after reading you will realize that it’s actually easy to lose weight.

The Ultimate guide on how to lose weight permanently.

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