You will be amazed by these running sneakers for women

You will be amazed by these running sneakers for women
  • PublishedFebruary 4, 2020

Running or jogging is said to cut plenty of calories if done correctly. On average, 100 calories can be burned per mile and its picking popularity as a weight-loss strategy. But to achieve the best results in running, you should be equipped very well. Having the right gears on will make a big difference than running in fake gears. The gears include a sports bra, yoga pants and running shoes. In this article, I will be talking about how to choose the best running sneakers for women.

Before you get to own a pair of running sneakers for women, you should consider a few factors. Put in mind the surface you will be running upon and the kind of running you will do. Then your style and budget can come in. Choosing the best running sneakers for women will take quite a time and don’t rush into choosing a shoe because it looks cute but consider other factors too. Below are the factors you should consider while choosing the best running shoes for women.

1. Consider the surface you will be running on

running sneakers for women
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When running on different surfaces, different types of running shoes are needed.

  • If you are running on flat terrain, trend mill, sidewalk, track or court designed to be flat and offers grip as you run, then you won’t need extra traction on your shoes. Running shoes for tracks or roads are lighter and require less traction.
  • On-trail or uneven grounds, you will need a pair of shoes that have support, traction and cushion for uneven grounds. These shoes will have a deep tread that offers a better grip and ankle support as they protect your feet from wet and muddy weather conditions. They are also firm and won’t twist easily, this will help stabilize as you run over roots, rocks and uneven grounds. And if these shoes happen to be used on tracks, they will feel uncomfortable and will wear down quickly.
  • And if you are doing both track and trail running, a pair of hybrid shoes will do for this purpose. The hybrid shoes work well on tracks and trail roads since they have a balanced mix of grip and contraction.

2. Comfort should be top propriety.

Make sure the shoe chosen is comfortable. A shoe too tight will leave you with bruises or strained ankles after running. And never get a pair of shoes which is too big for you as you spend the whole running dragging them about. Setting size aside, runners have different tastes of how they want to feel the ground. This will guide us on how to choose the right cushioning.

  • Maximum cushioning: this is for runners who prefer the comfort of thicker, softer foam underfoot as they run.
  • Moderate cushion: this is preferred by runners who a balance of a foam soft cushion and a thin or no cushion.
  • Minimal cushion: these are preferred by runners who have a desire to run while feeling more of the ground.
  • Barefoot shoes: With a little as 3-4 mm of sole, these types of shoes give you that feeling of running barefoot yet protected from the ground.

3. What kind of running will you do?

Don’t just buy shoes for running but think of what kind of running you will do. There are many categories of shoes like athletic shoes, walking shoes or training shoes that will be used for sprint, cross country, long-distance running, track and indoor running. You should make sure the shoe you choose accommodates your running style.

Running sneakers for women under $50

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  • Made with a non-slip durable outsole that is wear-resistant, high elasticity and adapting to the ground for stability ensuring safety as you run or walk on a slippery surface.
  • Breathable softy fly-knitted design gives your feet stability and the right aeration when working out.
  • Made light and comfortable to give off a good workout.
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Adidas Women’s Solar Boost Running Shoe

Are running shoes good for walking?

running sneakers for women
Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

You may be tempted to use your running shoes for walking as part of weight loss or for any other reason. I would say go ahead, there is no much difference in walking and running shoes. It’s appropriate and really applicable and you won’t get injured if you use the right shoe. But watch out don’t rely on one pair of shoes for all the jogging, running and walking workouts. Switch things up or else you will be replacing your worn-out sneakers often.

Should running shoes be a size bigger?

Before we go to the answer, here are a few facts about running and the feet. When you run, the increased blood flow and swelling of the feet during and after running make the feet to expand. This means the feet will get a bit wider and longer. This is a call for you to get a wider shoe to accommodate the expanding of your feet during workouts.

Do shoes make a difference in running?

Whether you are running to lose weight, as a hobby or marathon, shoes will be the foundation of your progress. They will protect you from injury and help you achieve more. With the right running shoes, running will be much enjoyable and stress-free. Without the worry of injury or skidding, shoes obviously make a very big difference in running.

Other gears needed while running.

In running, a pair of sneakers won’t be the only gear you will need. To fit perfectly into running, include these gears too.

Sports bra

This will give your breasts a firm grip and comfort as you run. Getting a sports bra will also make you stand out and give you confidence compared to a normal bra. In running, if a sports bra is missing your workouts will not be effective due to the discomfort. And they don’t cost a fortune on Amazon. Check out the sports bra price on Amazon listing.

Yoga pants

You will need yoga pants to feel confident and comfortable while running. Don’t pick any sweatpant you find in your closet as it will make you uncomfortable when you sweet. Yoga pants are able to absorb sweat making you feel fresh as you run or jog. You can get them on Amazon below $25. Check out the latest prices on Amazon

I wrote a full article about the sports gears needed for a workout: The best workout gear for women with style.


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