Must read! The peloton bike review?

Must read! The peloton bike review?
  • PublishedApril 9, 2020

The peloton bike review: What made me curious was to see my neighbor cycling in her garage, but the bike was stationary and was not making any movements.

The bike had close to 21 inches HD mounted screen display and on top of that, she seemed to be interacting with whoever was on her screen during the spinning sessions. She later told me that it was an indoor exercise bike called the peloton bike.

I kept on asking myself whether riding an ordinary mobile bike could yield more exercise results compared to the peloton bike that I had just learned about from my neighbor.

To answer the many questions in my mind, I interacted with a number of peloton users and owners both at their homes and in the gym, and here is what I found out.

What is a peloton bike? 

The peloton bike review

In the peloton bike review, we define the peloton bike produced by Peloton Company; as a high-quality indoor exercise bike that comes with a Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen tablet, that connects you to live and on-demand workout classes for instructors or trainers to motivate you.

The peloton bike also allows riders to compete with each other through providing performance metrics by way of a real-time leader board. This ranks riders based on output or energy expended.

The company boasts of close to one million member community which includes; home riders, app subscribers, commercial riders, and studio riders.

One can become part of the peloton community through any of the following ways

  1. Buying the peloton bike ranging from $2245 to $3000, with a subscription of $30-$40
  2. Buying peloton treadmill ranging from $4295 to $5000, with a subscription of $30 to $40
  3. Subscribing to the peloton digital and access online fitness classes for $19 to $20

In our peloton bike preview, let us look at what to consider when buying the Peloton bike

When it came to the question of what to consider when buying a Peloton bike, apart from the very high cost of procuring the bike and the monthly subscription costs, all the responses I got were general. That is to say, the key issues one should consider when buying an indoor exercise bike. These include;

  • Resistance Levels

    The best indoor exercise bike should have more and magnetic resistance levels. Poor quality modes come with fewer resistance levels and more so friction resistance which is liable to wear and tear.

  • Strength and construction

    Indoor exercise bikes are normally very strong and well-built, more so the commercial gym-standard bikes with a cost of $1000 and more. But this may not be the case with some models, so take note of this when picking on any exercise bike.

  • LCD console

    Most people find this unnecessary for an indoor cycling bike. This is mainly because they only use the machines for a certain time period, or because they perform the spins in time of music.

  • Adjustable seat and handlebars

Choose a bike that has both the seat and handlebars adjustable to accommodate various fitness needs and priorities from different users

  • Dimensions

    Before buying any indoor exercise bike, consider the space at home where you want to put the exercise bike. You may need to customize the dimensions depending on the space that you have.

  • Flywheel

    Although larger wheels are expensive, they are smoother and efficient to use compared to the small wheels. With the larger wheel, one feels like a road bike experience. 

  • Pedals

    When buying an exercise bike, consider pedals with toe cages to avoid accidents in case of any slippage. If it means adding extra coins, please do, it’s for your safety.

  • Transport wheels

    for those of you who intend to keep the exercise bike in one place or position inside your house, transport wheels should not be of great concern. However, if you expect to move the bike from room to room then consider buying one with transport wheels.

  • Warranty

    This factor being the last does not mean it’s least important. High quality and most expensive brands have a longer warranty. This is because they are comfortable their brand will give you maximum satisfaction. However, once in a while you may find a moderately priced brand that may give you a longer warranty.

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 Can you use a peloton bike without a subscription?

As we discussed in the first section of the peloton bike review, the bike works without a subscription. However, without a monthly subscription, you lose access to live and on-demand workouts with instructors’ guidance, performance-tracking metrics, and real-time leaderboard.

What is great about the peloton bike?

Among the key aspects that would make me pick on peloton over other types include;

1.Brings a fancy spin class right inside your home

Unlike most stationary spin wheels, the bike comes with a 22-inch sweet-proof screen that turns your house into one of the best upscale cycling studios

 2. Peloton bike always has your schedule

If you are a type of person with a busy schedule or just by default you miss out on an exercise class, worry not. Peloton has got you covered. The riders have access to 14 live classes scheduled throughout the day with 45 minutes each. Therefore there will always be your class if you happen to miss out on any.

 3. The competitive nature encourages endurance

The peloton bike has a real-time leaderboard that ranks riders depending on the energy expended. This allows some healthy form of competition among the riders hence boosting the workouts and endurance.

 4. Online instructors to take you through

Peloton has one like instructors that help the riders all through the work out sessions this still promotes endurance and consistency in our workouts

 5. The machine won’t take all your space at home

The bike frames measure 4 by 2 feet, and 5.5 feet tall from the screen top to the ground. This is small enough to be at your house without inconvenience.


The bike comes with a limited warranty of at least up to one year. This covers issues to do with pedals, touch screens, bike components, and labor.

 7.Quality and durability

 The peloton brand boasts of high quality and durable indoor bikes.

The peloton bike review

 What are the possible alternative ideas in the peloton bike review?

Since the Peloton bike is quite expensive plus the monthly subscriptions, we managed to source some cheaper options but yet effective and durable bike to meet your fitness needs. See our recommendations below.

1.  Ancheer Indoor cycling stationary bike

  • It supports up to 330lbs
  • Thick steel frame provides a stable ride
  • Transport wheels to take the bike to any place of convenience within your home
  • Multiple adjustable resistance system to meet your needs
  • Comes with a heart rate sensor to monitor your pulse at any time
  • High-quality exercise bike with high-quality after-sales service

2.Merax indoor cycling exercise bike

  • Constructed with upgraded heavy-duty steel frame capable of intense indoor cycling workouts
  • Supports 330lbs
  • Built-in transport wheels for easy portability
  • Comes with LCD monitor which displays time, speed, distance and calories expended to keep you motivated
  • Verticle and horizontal up-graded racing style saddle ensures a more comfortable long-time spin
  • Comes in 41″L x 21.3″W x 42″-48″ which are perfect dimensions to allow indoor cycling

3.ShareVgo Bluetooth Folding exercise bike

  • Supports 250lbs
  • Durable sturdy frame
  • Easy to assemble both in the office and at home
  • Comes with 100% customer satisfaction
  • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance system with backrest
  • Large adjustable and comfortable seat for users from 4″11 in to 6″1 in
  • Provides social ranking via ShareVgo fitness app which keeps you motivated

GYMAX Magnetic Exercise Bike

  • Supports up to 33olbs
  • Quiet magnetic resistance controlled by five cobalt-nickel magnets
  • The triangular body and a wide base makes the bike more stable on the ground
  • Equipped with LCD data screen for real-time feedback on distance, pulse, time, and calories burnt
  • Hand pulse sensor to observe your performance and progress
  • Comes with two wheels at the bottom for easy portability
  • The handlebar and the seat are adjustable to meet different peoples’ needs in terms of height





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