Types of bellies and how to get rid of them

Types of bellies and how to get rid of them
  • PublishedOctober 16, 2020

Knowing a disease or problem is half the cure. The same applies to know what type of belly you have as this helps you find a solution to slim down your tummy.

 What are the different types of bellies?

Bellies are categorized by their causes and appearances. Below are the most common ones; 

  1. Stress belly.

A stress belly is a type that has fat concentrated around the belly button and the belly is usually thick and hardened instead of being loose. The stress belly is formed when cortisol (stress hormone) and adrenaline are released in large quantities. This causes a flight or fight response making the body release glucose into the bloodstream to encounter the threat.  

The body will store the excess glucose that isn’t used by the body as reserve energy in form of fat. The excess glucose is usually stored around the belly thus forming a stress belly. 

Causes of the stress belly. 

  •  This type of belly is generally caused by stress and related conditions. 
  • Stress-related eating disorders such as sugar craving or sweet foods and binge eating. 

 How to get rid of stress belly. 

  • Calm your stress levels by getting involved in your favorite hobbies, engaging with family, and other activities that can make you happy. 
  • Control your eating by watching your diet and practicing mindful eating
  • Practice yoga as it will not only help you calm stress but also help with weight loss as it burns a lot of calories. Yes, yoga can burn calories, read on the best calorie-burning yoga poses here. 
  • Get enough sleep since sleep deprivation may be a major cause of stress. Sleeping for around 8 hours a night can greatly help you lose belly fat and weight. 
  • Engage in general weight loss routines by burning more calories than you consume. If it means restricting calories or working out 7 days a week, do it. 

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  1. Beer belly.

beer bellyA beer belly is formed when fat is stored around your belly area. Contrary to its name, a beer belly is not directly caused by beer but it is the consumption of too many calories which may still be found in too much alcohol. 

When a person takes a lot of alcohol especially beer, he/she is more likely to get this type of belly. Since beer and wines have a lot of calories yet people may consume more than 2 bottles.    


Causes of a beer belly. 

  • Beer and wines have a lot of calories and when these calories aren’t fully used by the body, they are stored as reserve energy in form of fat leading to the formation of belly fat and weight gain. 
  • Alcohol and beer can also interfere with fat-burning since the body burns alcohol before anything else such as glucose from carbs.  This leaves a lot of unused glucose that the body stores in fat form. 
  • Beer bellies are also caused by a slowed metabolic rate which is more common in older people.  This is the reason why you will find beer bellies more in older people. 
  • Genetics also plays a role in the formation of beer bellies. A person from a family that has a history of beer bellies is more likely to have one than a person with no family history of beer bellies. 
  • Men are more likely to develop beer bellies as they store fat around the belly whereas women tend to store fat in the thighs, arms, and back.

 How to get rid of a beer belly. 

  • Cut on your alcohol consumption to a few shots once in a while. A beer once a week can be a healthy solution to cutting your alcohol consumption and a beer belly. 
  • Watch your diet by avoiding foods that are high in calories. If you are thinking of calorie restriction, go for it or you can simply try to avoid junk foods and eat whole foods instead. Junk foods are usually high in calories and whole foods are low in calories yet nutritious. 
  • Eat more protein as they are more satisfying and take longer to be digested. When you eat a meal with sufficient proteins, you will take longer to feel hungry thus fewer cravings. 
  • Get active on calories burning activities. You may not engage in weight loss workouts but doing activities that can make you sweat will help you burn calories and fat. These can be outdoor hobbies, climbing stairs, walking, swimming, and others.  
  • Don’t skip meals and always have a healthy breakfast. Skipping meals will make you feel hungrier making you over-eat. 
  • Get quality sleep as enough sleep can help you lose weight.  
  • Practice mindful eating for it will help you cut on your calorie consumption. 
  1. Mommy’s belly.

mommy bellyA mommy belly will never happen to men as it is a type that women usually have after giving birth.  It makes a woman appear that she is still pregnant. A mommy belly will not just disappear as it can stay long even to when the kid grows to adulthood. 

Causes of a mommy’s belly. 

 A mommy’s belly is caused by the separation of abdominal muscles during pregnancy. This widens and stretches the belly in response to the force of the uterus as the baby grows. 

After pregnancy, it will take time for the uterus to go back to normal, and with addition to baby weight gained during pregnancy, a mommy’s belly is very common among mothers. 

How to get rid of a mommy’s belly. 

  • A mommy’s belly will hang around up to after a period of 6 weeks. This is the time it takes the uterus to return to normal. You should be patient with yourself. 
  • Have a healthy and balanced diet instead of thinking about starving yourself. A healthy diet made of whole foods than junk will help you lose the mommy’s belly.  
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water and other healthy drinks. Learn how to drink water for weight loss here. 
  • Don’t rush into working out as this can harm you. Wait till your body heals. Start working out after six to eight weeks. 
  • Practice yoga poses that will help you burn and tighten your tummy. 
  • Do Kegel exercises. These types of exercises can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum.  These kinds of exercises will help you get the uterus in shape and flatten your mommy’s belly. 
  1. Bloated or inflated belly.

bloated tummyThis a type of belly formed due to a bad diet, intolerance of some foods, or allergies. This is a seasonal kind of belly where the stomach is flat in the morning but appears in the afternoon because of the too many gases in the intestines. 

Causes of a bloated stomach. 

  • Food allergies may be the cause of a bloated belly. 
  • Sluggish bowels or slow digestive processes. 
  • Excessive gas. 
  • Irritable bowel syndrome may also be a major cause of an inflated belly. 

 How to get rid of an inflated belly. 

  • Avoid eating foods that don’t go well with your body.  
  • Eat more fresh vegetables, meats, and foods over junk foods. 
  • Don’t foods that you are allergic to.  
  • Practice mindful eating. 
  • Avoid foods that build gas in your stomach. 
  • Take stomach calming medications to get rid of the inflated belly. 
  1. Low belly.

This a type of belly that even appears in slim people.  The belly might be slim but with the lower belly protruding. 

What are the causes of a low belly? 

  • Doing the same workouts over and over again. Exercises such as crunches and the use of an ab wheel. 
  • Monotonous diet. 
  • Spinal curvature 


How to get rid of the low belly. 

  • Eat a healthy diet that is full of fibers and is low in calories. These are usually green leafy vegetables and whole-grain foods.  
  • Stop doing quats as when incorrectly done exert too much effort on the lower back aggravating spinal curvature making your belly prominent. 
  • Avoid doing the same exercises that exert effort on a single part of the body. 
  • Drink more water as it has a lot of health benefits. 
  • Get enough sleep. 

How can I flatten my stomach naturally?

Losing fat around the belly area can be a battle but a few strategies can help you get a slim tummy. 

  • Cut on your calorie consumption. 
  • Engage in stress calming activities. 
  • Practice mindful as it will help you control your eating habits and disorders. 
  • Eat more foods rich in fiber. 
  • Include cardio in your daily routines. 
  • Eat more foods rich in proteins. You can also add protein shakes to supplement your protein intake. 
  • Go slow on carbs especially refined carbs. Eat whole foods carb sources instead. 
  • Engage in outdoor sports more regularly. 
  • Drink more water. Water has a lot of weight loss benefits. Read them here. 
  • Get enough sleep. 
  • Cut on your alcohol intake. 
 The bottom line.

Spot reduction is not generally an effective way to lose fat. It is important to embrace strategies that involve the entire body when it comes to weight loss.

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