12 Weight loss hacks that will make losing weight much easier

12 Weight loss hacks that will make losing weight much easier
  • PublishedAugust 6, 2020

Most times I feel like I need the lazy man or woman’s guide. Whatever it is called, I am too lazy to find out its real name.  Working out for weight loss is a little bit of …. can I call it a burden? Working out 5-7 days a week surely isn’t my thing. Just like every girl’s wish to eat as much as she wants without getting fat or watch Tv all day without exercise and still lose weight. 

This article is not about how to lose weight without working out or dieting, but it is about weight loss hacks that can help a lazy person achieve weight loss. People always get a bias towards weight loss when they think about commitments, workouts, and food restrictions. 

First, forget about diets, restrictions, and workouts. let’s focus on how to ease weight loss with hacks. 

Weight loss hacks that will make losing weight much easier. 

1. Practice mindful eating. 

Taking time to eat your food slowly without distractions can help you lose weight. A practice called mindful eating involves eating at specific times, slowly while listening to your body. The minute you feel satisfied you stop eating.  

The practice of eating at any time, rushing into eating, and eating a lot of food in a short time is called binge eating. Binge eating can cause weight gain and make losing weight hard. Therefore, try kicking it out with mindful eating and see how weight loss becomes easy. 

2. Get enough sleep. 

Quality sleep of about 8 hours a day can help you achieve weight loss. There are many health benefits for weight loss attributed to sleeping for about 8 hours each night. 

When you get quality sleep, your resting metabolic rate increases. Resting metabolic rate is the number of calories your body burns during total rest such as sleep. Sleep suppresses appetite and an obvious one, you will not crave for food while you are asleep. 

Do you realize that when you get the quality sleep, you wake up energized that you run a mile and back without breaking a sweat? Proper sleep can enhance physical activity and increase athletic performance. 

If you don’t believe that sleep helps weight loss, Read this article about Lose weight by sleeping rightly (Includes tips). 

3. Never skip breakfast. 

weight loss hacks

When you eat a heavy breakfast, you eat less at lunchtime, feel energized, and also make healthy food choices all day. There are many ways in which eating breakfast can help control your calorie intake. 

To begin with, breakfast can keep your appetite in check. This means that you will not crave for food compared to someone who skipped breakfast. When you get a heavy breakfast, you will make better food choices,  eat at the right time, and eating just enough during lunchtime. 

However, I missed an important point when starting, it should be a healthy breakfast and not any other. What do I mean by a healthy breakfast?  Read an article I wrote about Everything you need to know about breakfast for weight loss. 

4. Stock your groceries with healthy foods. 

Out of reach will mean out of your mind. Have you ever walked to the refrigerator to a glass of water but come back carrying many other foods you didn’t intend to?  

Try this simple hack of not stocking your refrigerator with junk food, foods with a lot of added sugars, or foods that are very high in calories. No matter much you may crave for it, if it’s out of your reach you will not be able to eat it.  

 Grab fruits and vegetables to snack on. These are usually low in calories and very nutritious which is healthy for your body. 

5. Take enough water during the day. 

Staying hydrated can help lose weight. Sometimes, our bodies can misinterpret thirst for hunger and you may end up eating to satisfy thirst. 

Since many drinks are full of calories, choose to drink water has no calories with a lot of weight loss benefits. 

Water is a natural appetite suppressant that helps keep your appetite in check. When you drink water, the body will notify the brain to stop taking in food. This reduces your calorie intake thus weight loss. 

Drinking water will also reduce your liquid calorie intake. When you’re thirsty, you may grab any drink within your reach which may be full of calories. By drinking water, you will be able to resist the temptation of taking high-calorie drinks.  

The benefits of drinking water for weight loss are enormous. You can get more from the article “Interesting facts about drinking water for weight loss”. 

6. Surround yourself with positive people. 

Being around people that are motivated to lose weight or support your cause can help you achieve weight loss. 

Positive people will encourage you, motivate you, and help you with the weight loss journey.  

On the other hand, negative people will criticize your appearance, diet, exercises, and all your efforts towards weight loss. These are the same people who have stories about people that tried losing weight and failed.  This will make you lose morale towards weight loss. 

7. Avoid over-restrictive diets. 

Diets that are so restrictive are usually hard to follow. Try to choose a diet plan that you will be comfortable with. 

With plenty of diets out there, choosing a healthy weight loss diet plan is not so hard. Among all weight loss hacks, I cherish this one because it gives me the freedom to eat my favorite foods.

Instead of diet plans, why don’t you choose a healthy eating style where you eat whole foods, avoid processed foods and those that are high in added sugars.  

Read the article about “How can I lose weight if I don’t follow a specific diet”

8. Manage stress levels. 

Stress can cause weight gain in quite a number of ways. It can cause emotional eating when one finds eating so comforting and uses it as a measure to relieve stress.  

On the other hand, high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) can increase one’s appetite that’s why you might find many people overeating during periods of stress. 

The best way to avoid stress-induced weight gain is to stay happy or occupied. There are various ways of managing stress such as yoga, time with family, playing with pets, exercises, and many others.

You might call it a hack or not but just try recording your food intake while you are stressed and that when you are happy. You will see a big difference. 

Not forgetting the loss of morale when you are stressed. No matter how much you have been loving your workouts, stress, depression, and anxiety can make you lose morale in almost everything including caring about your weight.  Therefore, to avoid all that, manage your stress levels and you will find weight loss quite simpler. 

9. Get involved in outdoor sports. 

I hate planks, pushups, lifting weights, and almost every workout. However, I chose to do soccer. I joined a local soccer event where we meet every evening for friendlies. Since I joined, my weight has dramatically decreased or should I say improved for the good?  

You can also choose a sport from your list of hobbies to practice every evening. They are known for burning calories which is the main essence behind weight loss. Whether it’s hiking, rock climbing, cycling, swimming, and all you can name, an outdoor sport is sure of getting you sweating and losing calories. 

10. Eat on a smaller plate. 

A large plate will encourage one to serve himself too much food causing overeating. The mind will be set to finish the food that you have served yourself.  

Eating on a smaller and shallow plate will make you consume less food thus fewer calories consumed. 

11. Choose healthy snacks. 

Snacking can be inevitable to some people but the point is choosing them wisely. Healthy snacks can help you eat less on your next meals, and control your cravings for unhealthy foods. 

What do I mean by healthy snacks? These are snacks that are low in calories, low added sugar content and they are highly nutritious. The best examples are fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Although there are manufactured snacks that are still healthy, Eating almonds, apples, homemade popcorn, dried fruits, avocados, carrots, dark chocolate, cucumber, and roasted chickpeas is better.

It’s not a rule of thumb that those examples are the only healthy snacks. For weight loss, choose snacks that are high in proteins, fiber, and are low in calories. 

12. Make use of a weight loss app. 

We sometimes need reminders to help us achieve our goals. Making use of an app that can help you hit your goals. There are many apps with different purposes such as calorie counters, workout guides, reminders, and apps that offer challenges that are all aimed towards weight loss. 

Having such apps on the phone can help you count calories effectively, be reminded to work out, and give you useful information towards weight loss.  

Can you lose weight without dieting? 

It is possible to lose weight without following a specific diet. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just eat whatever food that crosses you. You should still be selective about the foods that you eat.  

When it comes to what you should eat for weight loss, it is always ”eat this, avoid that.” In this case, too, you should eat foods that are rich in proteins and fiber. Choosing whole foods over processed foods is highly recommended if you want to limit your calorie intake.  

Avoid highly processed foods, junk foods, and foods with a lot of added sugars. These types of foods are usually high in calories yet with low nutrients (empty calories). 

With that type of eating accompanied by weight loss healthy habits such as the ones above, you will be able to lose weight when you aren’t following a specific diet. 

Read the full article in detail: How can I lose weight if I don’t follow a specific diet 

How to stop food cravings 

Are you struggling to stop that ever-pushing desire to consume a specific food? Its called food craving and it can lead to weight gain if you eat that food more often and more so when it has a high-calorie content. 

In order to tame this desire, drink a lot of water, eat on time, never miss meals especially breakfast, and eat foods that are full of nutrients. 

When you finally overcome it, weight loss will be much easier. (is this a hack too?). 

To learn more about the causes, risks, and how to overcome food cravings, read the article How to stop food cravings. 

The bottom line. 

Let me hope this list of weight loss hacks will help you see a big picture of how losing weight can be simple even when you don’t work out in the gym or follow a specific diet like the keto. 

However, when weight loss hacks are combined with workouts and weight-loss diets, losing weight will be much simpler. 

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