Will weight loss reduce breast size ? Here is what you should know

Will weight loss reduce breast size ? Here is what you should know
  • PublishedMarch 15, 2021

This is a question we always get from our audience who are concerned if weight loss will reduce breast size. While many may want their breasts to reduce along with weight loss others don’t wish so. 

To get the answer to this question let us first look at how breasts respond to exercises and weight loss diets.

During puberty, a woman’s breasts will start to enlarge following many factors such as genes. Some women develop larger breasts that come along with discomforts such as back and neck pain.  

The breasts are made of adipose and glandular tissues that are attached to hormone receptors. Adipose tissues are the fatty tissues that fill the breast while glandular tissues are responsible for the production of milk since they are attached to hormone receptors. 

Fully grown breasts may enlarge due to factors such as  

Effects of exercises on breast size.

Breasts are made in such a way that the majority is fat.   For this reason, regular exercises can shed chest fat underneath the breasts thus reducing their size. 

Cardio and high-intensity exercises that can burn calories and speed up metabolism will help you lose fat around the body. You can do exercises such as cycling, jogging, climbing, power walking, and others. 

Strength training exercises can tone the chest and change the appearance of the breasts. These types of exercise can tone and tighten the chest muscles. 

It should be put in mind that to get excellent results, combine cardio with strength training exercises. Spot reduction may not give you results. 

Weight loss diet effect on breasts.

Diet plays an important role and affects the amount of fat stored in your body and breasts too. Your overall body fat is a factor that will affect the amount of fat in your breasts. 

Keeping a lean body will help you get rid of fat around the body and of course the breast area. This will make you have less fat around the breasts thus a reduction in breast size. 

The body will burn fat and prevent its accumulation when it burns more calories than consumed. This is where dieting comes in.  For someone on a weight loss diet, breast size will reduce due to the reduced fat content in the body. 

Certain weight loss diets such as the keto diet that forces the body to burn fat for energy will get your breast size reducing after the fat around the breast is used for energy. 

Weight loss will reduce breast size since it will reduce the body fat content and of which about 75% of breasts are fat. Breast reduction with weight loss will be much visible when one goes from obesity to normal weight. With this, you will see a dramatic decrease in breast size. 

 Other factors that can cause breast enlargement.

Factors such as hormonal changes, genetics will keep the breasts large no matter how effective your weight loss routine maybe. This is simply because certain breast enlargement is not caused by weight gain. 

Some people are naturally born with large breasts and of which weight loss may not be able to reduce their sizes. 

Breasts grow in response to hormones estrogen and progesterone, most especially in the stages of puberty, weight loss will not help you reduce breast size if they are in the course of developing or enlarging. Weight loss can however reduce fat around the chest area but will not stop their development or growth. 

Besides growth hormones, hormonal changes in a woman’s body may create breast enlargement. For example, when a woman becomes pregnant, the breast size increases, this is not because of weight gain but rather the body is preparing the breasts for breastfeeding. 

Menstruation can also cause a temporary enlargement of breasts which fades off a short period after your periods. 

Other ways to reduce breast size besides weight loss.

Certain foods.

Foods most especially in their natural states (unprocessed) have got hormone regulating properties that help balance the hormones hindering the enlargement of breasts.
Foods such as flax seeds, salmon, tuna are high in omega 3 fatty acids which help regulate estrogen levels which will reduce breast size in the process.


Breastfeeding women will have large breasts simply because they are filled with milk. Breastfeeding will reduce the amount of milk in the breasts thus a reduction in the process.

Proper clothing.

If you have failed to reduce the breast size, choose clothes that will reduce their appearance. A properly fitted bra that has breast support and coverage will help you reduce the appearance of the breasts.

The bottom line.

Weight loss will help you reduce breast size but it shouldn’t be used as a solution towards breast size reduction. Spot reduction is a myth and therefore exercises that are said to reduce breast size may not be effective.

To lose breast size with weight loss, you should aim for a full-body workout.


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