Best workout headphones

Best workout headphones
  • PublishedFebruary 29, 2020

For those of you who take your workouts seriously, you would not like any kind of distraction or interference during your work out sessions so as to be consistent and have a flow. Most parts of the gym are noisy. The noise comes from clanks of weight plates, landing dumbbells, EDM from the gym speakers and the loud groans of the gym-goers. You, therefore, need workout headphones as the best alternative to help you overcome all this gym chaos.

When searching for the best headphones for either gym or high intensive exercises like running, the checklist is absolutely different from that for casual listening. Headphones for working out have to be comfortably fitting so as to stay in your ears, lightweight and sweat-resistant since sweat damages electronics.

Therefore, some of the best workout headphones that we may recommend to you among other include; Jabra elite 75t, Apple air pods pro, Plantronics backbeat fit 6100, Jaybird vista, Beats power beats pro, Bose sound sports free, After Shokz Aeropex, J lab Audio flex sport, j lab audio j buds pro and Anker sound core life p2


What are the best workout headphones?

Let us look at these workout headphones in detail.


J lab Audio Flex Sport

These have up to 20 hours playtime of rock-star vibes all day.

The headphones have moisture-wicking ear pads for comfort and sweat resistance.

High-quality sound drivers to give you the best sound at an affordable price.

Universal mic and music controls for easy use


Jabra Elite 75t

It is wireless to stay out of your way during the workouts.

This is an upgrade of the elite 65t

The smaller size makes users comfortable and fit.

Clear sound and bass definition.

The charging case has magnets inside for easy closing and opening to keep the buds inside.

Jaybird vista

They have few controls at a fair price.

The headphones are light in weight, sweatproof and comfortable

Jaybird vista has a decent sound with up to 16hours of use before charging again.

Bose sound sport free

With a great sound, they are among the best wireless headphones.

They are sweat and weather-resistant

They are comfortable and don’t fall off during intensive exercises.

5hours of playtime

There is the extra power in the case to charge the headphones twice again. This means that they can work for over 15 hours.

Beats power beats pro

Wireless and lightweight to fit very securely.

It is an upgrade from the power beats which has wires

Cable-free to give you more freedom.

Compatible with ios and android.

Volume and track controls on each earbud

Refined curves and a lot softer for comfortability

Apple air pods pro

This is an upgrade to the air pods.

The in-ear design makes them a secure fit.

They come with water and sweat proof for extra hard work.

Air pods pro has active noise cancellation.

Plantronics backbeat fit 6100

They are soft, flexible, secure-fit earloops that offer comfort and stability.

Rich powerful sound and noise isolation

A perfect blend of the surrounding and music with awareness mode and sound mix

Sweat and waterproof design

It has up to 24hours of a single charge.

Jlab audio j buds pro

The earbuds fit comfortably in your ears

2year warranty and 30days guaranty

Up to 6hours playtime of mind-blowing sound.

Designed to block sound from the surroundings to allow you to listen to music without interruption

They are comfortable with over-ear clip and cloud foam tips

After Shokz Aeropex

Water-resistant of up to I meter depth for 30 minutes

Completely sweat and waterproof

Wireless and delivers sound through check bones

They have a comfortable fit

The open hearing design allows you to hear the traffic song as well as what is happening around you for safety

Anker sound core life p2

Wireless headphones

40hour playtime with a single charge of 7hours while the charging case extends to 40hours

Incredible sound powered by graphene drivers

Water and sweat-resistant

Good sound and noise isolation design making it better for calls

They are cost-efficient

Good ear fit making them excellent for running

How do we choose the best workout headphones?

Headphones are one of the gadgets that impact the quality of life. We use them in our day to day activities like running with them on, we wear them on trains and planes and some of us eat, drink and go to bed with headphones on. However, most users find it hard to get the best headphones.

Let’s cut through the confusion and help you to narrow down your choices. Below are some of the key aspects to help you pick on the best workout headphones.

Sweat and water resistance

Always pick on the headphones that are water and sweat resistance. During workouts, sweating is inevitable and in most cases, sweat and moisture damages electronics.


Choose headphones that stay on and out of your way. If the headphones bang against the head, fall off often, they made working out hard for an individual.

 Easy to use

Good headphones have controls that you can easily use without much effort and disturbances. For example, you don’t need to first remove the headphones in order to play the next track as well as adjusting the volume.

The price of the headphones

There must be value for money. The price must reflect the performance and features of the headphones.

Noise isolation

For some of you who want to have headphones that allow you to hear traffic or to know what is happening around you, choose headphones with an open hearing design like After Shokz Aeropex.

Air pods pro has active noise cancellation for those of you who wish to ignore any kind of noise so as to maximize your workout session.

Sound quality

The sound should be clear and non-distractive. You won’t enjoy your music if either the bass or the pitch of the sound is not well-tuned.

Call quality

Headphones should enhance quality and a quick call during a workout.

Brand reliability and warrant

Consider a brand which when anything goes wrong, the company can take full responsibility to stand for its product.

What are the dangers of using workout headphones during workouts?

Much as headphones may be of great advantage, there are concerns that come along with using headphones. these include;

Prone to ear infections

Headphones can be a breeding ground for bacteria. When ear wax builds up on the headphones, it can bring about oral hygiene and this may lead to infections. Therefore you are advised to always clean the headphones, store them in their own case and don’t share them with your friend.

Headphones may cut off the sound around you

This may be very dangerous if you say you are working on the road with traffic. This puts you at risk of accidents because you are unable to clearly observe vehicles and pedestrians using the road. We, therefore, advise you to use low volume or run on the walkways if you are working out on the road.

Loud music may affect your balance and hearing

With loud music, the vestibular system in the inner ear responsible for balance may be affected over time. Exercises such as running and cycling can put you at risk if the body balance is compromised.

The headphones are distractive at some point

The music can capture your attention. Instead of focusing on your workout, you may end up spending almost a quarter of your gym time tuning on the right track.

Restricting body movement

If the headphones are wired, they may in one way or the other restrict the free movement of the body during a workout. For example with wired headphones, you may not freely turn your neck.

Does sweat ruin over-ear headphones?

As a matter of fact, the moisture created by excess sweating damages the headphones. Since sweat is corrosive, it breaks down the cushion material on the cans, wrinkles and cracks them down to look old.

Sweat can damage the electronic components of the headphones once it gets in contact with these components. When the wires are cut, the sound will stop immediately.

How do I keep my workout headphones from sweating?

There are many ways how we can keep the workout headphones from sweat. Let us discuss the most common below.

Swap headphones with earphones

This is the easiest option if you have a problem with moisture damaging your headphones. They are cheap and easy to carry. Earphones are not highly exposed to sweat like in the case of headphones.

Stop exercising with the headphones

This is yet another sure way of stopping the headphones to get damaged with sweat. You can either keep them in your car, in the gym bag or the rocker.

Use earplugs

These are sweat-resistant covers that are put over workout headphones cushion. They come in many designs, machine washable and anti-bacteria. This means that you don’t have to worry about bacterial infections, acne on the face and the bad smell.

Wipe the headphones after use

You can choose to clean your headphones with an anti-bacterial wipe to reduce the risk of carrying bacteria on your headphones. This will prevent the unpleasant smell as well as protecting you from exercise-induced acne.

Buy replacement cushions

Some headphones have replaceable cushions. Brands like Sennheiser Headphones allow the user to change the cushion. In fact, replacing the cushion is cheap and easier compared to buying new headphones.

Are bone condition headphones safe?

Bone condition is hearing through sound vibrations in the jawbone and the skull. The sound waves travel through bones in the jaw and the skull. The waves are then sent to the cochlear, not through the eardrum. Bone condition headphones rest on the cheekbones rather than ears like in the case of regular headphones. Therefore bone condition headphone is safe because the technology has been used since 1970 to develop hearing aid devices. However, like other headphones, we only caution you on loud sounds.

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When searching for the best headphones to listen to your tracks, it is important that you identify the purpose as to why you are procuring the headphones in the first place. The checklist for workouts like running, gym activities and swimming is totally different from that of just casual listening. Make sure you pick the right headphones for the right job.

For workout headphones, much as we do not want distractions in order to have a flow, some times open hearing designs are very important. This will let you know of whatever is happening around you for safety in case you are working out on the streets with traffic and pedestrians.

For other workout places like the gym, look out for features such as;

Noise cancellation to cut off some outside noise

Battery life so that you don’t get caught in the middle of a workout and have your headphones go off

Wireless nature to get out of the way and allow perfect body movement without interruption from the wires

Pick on collapsible ear cups for easy storage

Sweat and water resistance to avoid damage in order to last long

Having said that, our readers must take caution and avoid very loud music as this can damage the ears.


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